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Real Estate Agents in Brisbane

It’s no doubt that real estate agents play a crucial role in the buying and selling of a property. That’s why it’s important you don’t settle for just anyone, but rather, find the right agent for you and your property. As well as being personable and honest, some of the things a good agent should have under their belt include local knowledge, relevant experience, current credentials and a proven track record of sales. They should also place a high importance on delivering great customer service. When you find the right agent, not only will they help to alleviate the stress involved in selling a property, but they’re also more likely to sell your home for more.

There are over 8879 agents in over 2693 agencies in Brisbane. Caboolture is one of the most popular suburbs in the city with competition between over 453 agents, this represents a significant portion of the 27769 properties sold every year in Brisbane.

Brisbane OpenAgent Seller Sentiment

The state of property markets across the major metros of Australia looks very different at the end of 2017 than it did at the start of the year. Back in Q1, Sydney and Melbourne were riding big positive sentiment with index values over +6. Sydney has gone a totally different direction to Melbourne since then, with a Q4 index value of +2.8 versus Melbourne’s +5.6.

Adelaide has the most impressive positive sentiment trend among the capitals, with index values rising from +3.4 in Q2 to +4.5 in Q4.  Brisbane dropped from +4.8 in Q1 to a low of +3.8 in Q3 before recovering somewhat to +4.1 in Q4.

Finally, Perth appeared to have turned a corner in Q3 with an index of +1.2, only to drop back to +0.3 in Q4. So at the end of 2017, with the exception of Perth, the other metros have realigned on their relative sentiment, leaving much uncertainty about where prices will go in 2018.

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Real estate agent fees in Brisbane

When you put your property on the market in Brisbane, in addition to the agent's commission, you may have to pay other fees for things such as marketing and advertising. In Queensland, real estate commissions range between 2.5-3.3 percent.

In Brisbane, however, you may find lower rates due to the competition between agents. Often, the more agents there are in an area, the lower the average commission rate will most likely be. Brisbane City, for example, has an average commission rate of 2.62%, while Wellington Point sits at an average of 2.86%. Keep in mind, some real estate agents may also offer a tiered commission structure.

This means, on top of the low initial rate, you may be charged up to 10% more for anything above a certain property value. For instance, an agent may charge you 2.6% on the first $850,000, but a further 6% on any value above that. Though you may be paying more, this practice acts as an incentive for agents to work harder for a higher sale price, meaning more money in your pocket at the end of the day.

For this reason, be sure to negotiate the terms and conditions of your agreement with your agent, as it'll not only tell you what commission structure will be used, but also what fees are covered.


Top real estate agents in Brisbane

More than 27769 recently sold properties in Brisbane are evaluated by OpenAgent to identify the area’s best performing real estate agents. In Brisbane, OpenAgent has over 11117 reviews on 960 different agents to help you make the most informed choice when choosing a real estate agent to sell your home. Have a look at some of Brisbane’s award winning agents below, who are the recipients of OpenAgent’s Home Sellers Choice Awards.

They have been recognised for consistently providing outstanding customer service and achieving great results for vendors.

Leisa Le recently sold a 4 bedroom house at 15 Argyle Place, QLD 4078 Forest Lake

Cheryl Paradise recently sold a 3 bedroom house at 51/380 Nottingham Rd , QLD 4115 Parkinson

Andrew Oostenbrink recently sold a 5 bedroom house at 37 Coventry Circuit , QLD 4152 Carindale

Owen Chen recently sold a 7 bedroom house at 35 Lister Street, QLD 4109 Sunnybank

Pat Barrett recently sold a 2 bedroom house at 90 Beams Road, QLD 4034 Boondall

Nathan Strudwick recently sold a 3 bedroom house at 30 Lisbeth Street, QLD 4127 Springwood

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Brisbane property market

Like most other locations, the Brisbane real estate market is diverse. It shows a steady rise in median house prices in some areas, and a few plateaus and falls in others. However, despite the dynamic market, properties for sale in Brisbane are still significantly more affordable than those of other major capital cities, such as Sydney and Melbourne. This has seen many Australians moving interstate - giving Queensland the highest positive interstate migration rate in the country.

What's it like living in Brisbane?

Brisbane is quickly rising up the ranks as a cosmopolitan modern economy. From the beautiful natural wetlands and the glistening Brisbane river through to the numerous art galleries and burgeoning food and wine culture, you can find everything in the ‘River City’ and more.

The city is becoming a hotspot for interstate migration, due to its growing economy and more affordable housing options. From the New York style lofts in The Valley and Kangaroo Point through to the iconic Queenslander houses that take centre stage across this beautiful city, there are plenty of housing options in an array of architectural styles ready for investors, families and young professionals to snap-up.

There are plenty of great areas to live in - there’s the hip suburbs of New Farm, Teneriffe and West End, and the family-friendly suburbs of Samford, Shorncliffe and Sandgate. There’s also the delightful Sunnybank, a hidden foodie gem that should get a mention on any Brisbane lifestyle list for affordability alone.