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McDonald Real Estate has 4 agents listed on OpenAgent. They have 6 offices. Over the last 12 months they have received 1 verified reviews and have sold 18 properties.

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    Mich'l forsakes personal achievement and success to ensure team achievement and success. He is a very approachable and fair person. He is reasonable and will hear opinions, thoughts, and ideas working with the team to implement or negate dependent on situation. Mich'l is a wealth of motivation and spends loads of his time encouraging and supporting his staff.
    Review by for Michael Choi from iSell group
    Mich'l constantly works to better himself, the office and the team in every aspect. He is open to others' passions and ideas and always expects excellence. He likes to be different in a positive way and encourages that in his team. Mich'l has an undying sense of fun which is carried through his persona into the workplace. He is incredibly unique and I doubt I will come across another such dedicated and focused young man in my lifetime. - Kerri
    Review by for Michael Choi from iSell group
    It's great to work with Mich'l Choi. He really understands how to keep his staff happy and motivated which means we all enjoy our work and the rewards that come from great results. - Paul
    Review by for Michael Choi from iSell group
    I enjoy working at McDonald Real Estate Aspendale Gardens as it has a great work place culture and the level of support I received from Mich'l and the team is outstanding. Not to mention a team that is driven to succeed. - Genevieve
    Review by for Michael Choi from iSell group
    I am extremely lucky to work with Mich'l. The amazing part is his ability to be human. He believes in growing along with all of his team members which is one of his many assets. At the end of the day, I'm very lucky to be in his team. - Dinesh
    Review by for Michael Choi from iSell group

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