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    This agent worked to attain a great price, no stress and very, very upfront and honest. This agent knew the local market and provided insights and advice regarding marketing my home.
    Review by for Peter Gordon from Cobden and Hayson
    Our property sold quickly for at more than $50,000 over our reserve. This agent did all the legwork as we were not living in Sydney when the sale went through. She organised absolutely everything very quickly and professionally.
    Review by Jack for Renae Dickey from Bresicwhitney Estate Agents
    It was a terrific result. The property sold for the asking price after only one week. Thanks. - Brian
    Review by for Peter Gordon from Cobden and Hayson
    Your advice was spot on, communication excellent and the result speaks for itself. Thanks. - Stuart and Anna
    Review by for Peter Gordon from Cobden and Hayson
    We wanted to write and thank you for achieving such a terrific result in the sale of our home in Balmain. It goes without saying that the price that you negotiated for us was well above our highest expectations and the entire sales process was very smooth – clearly due to your tireless efforts, honest advice and regular communication. We still do not fully understand how you negotiated a result at the asking price of $690,000 but the fact that you did speaks for itself. We can now see how your suggestions regarding the presentation and furnishing of the home and the pricing of the home have really paid off and we would be pleased to do business with you again in the future. Needless to say, we would recommend your services unreservedly to anybody looking to buy or sell property in the inner west and we wish you all the best for the future. Many thanks again. - Deborah and Kerry
    Review by for Peter Gordon from Cobden and Hayson
    Now that we have exchanged contracts on our house, we would like to express our gratitude for the professional and friendly service that you provided. As you know, we are simultaneously purchasing another property and therefore we have also seen the operation of several other real estate agents. In comparison, your service was excellent. Thank you on a job well done. - Trevor and Wendy
    Review by for Peter Gordon from Cobden and Hayson
    You did a great job. I really appreciate you considering my request and preferences. The result exceeded my expectations and I suspect may have even surprised you. Thanks.
    Review by for Peter Gordon from Cobden and Hayson
    John and I wish to thank you for doing such a wonderful job in selling our unit. We were very pleased with the outcome, even though we were selling at a difficult time. Your approach was very friendly, and we were impressed by the professional presentation and your weekly summaries, that kept us up to date with potential buyer’s comments. Thank you. - Dianne and John
    Review by for Peter Gordon from Cobden and Hayson
    I am writing to express my sincere appreciation for the thoroughly professional manner in which you negotiated the sale of my property, particularly having regard to the current rather difficult real estate market. I was really impressed with your friendly approach and advice throughout the marketing process, and the way you kept me informed of what was happening at each step along the way. With best wishes and many thanks to the team at Cobden & Hayson, but most especially to you, this agent . - Ron
    Review by for Peter Gordon from Cobden and Hayson
    My partner and I recently purchased a property through your real estate, Cobden and Hayson. We were very impressed with your sales representative this agent . Our experience with real estate agents in the property market had not been pleasant and it was with great pleasure and delight that we were able to work with this agent in securing the property. His attention to detail, professionalism, patience, honesty and ability to keep us informed at all times was very much appreciated and made such an experience positive and memorable. Liaising with this agent played a factor in our final decision to purchase the property as we were less stressed with the process of liaising with the real estate agent and vendor. We will be recommending Cobden and Hayson and specifically this agent as a sales representative to our friends and family. - Chinyin and Christopher
    Review by for Peter Gordon from Cobden and Hayson
    We wanted to write and thank you for achieving an exceptional result in the sale of our much loved home. Not only did you sell it for the asking price, but it did so in less than two weeks. You were spot on not only with the price of our house but also with the whole marketing campaign. Your professional service, honest advice and regular communication with us was fantastic. We also greatly appreciated your genuine interest in our own feedback, regarding the sale of our home. Needless to say, we would recommend your services without hesitation and we hope we can do business with you again. - Marianne and Adrian
    Review by for Peter Gordon from Cobden and Hayson
    We would like to express our sincere appreciation for your professional assistance in selling our townhouse. Right from the start we felt that Cobden and Hayson took a realistic, down-to-earth approach. In valuing, we thought you recognised our property for what it really was, rather than using a mechanistic method of valuation which did not take into account the unique features of our townhouse. We found it hard to believe that the difference in valuations from various agents could extend to over $600,000. We were also impressed by your marketing plan, which we felt was oriented towards getting a favorable result at the least cost to us, in the shortest time frame. It was a marketing model designed for the customer rather than for Cobden and Hayson. As the representative handling the day-by-day details of the sale, this agent ’s approach was impressive and professional. Not only did he keep both ourselves and potential buyers constantly informed, but also at key moments in the sale process he would canvass the various options with us and make a recommendation, which invariably turned out to be correct. The sale proceeded exactly as predicted, and the sale price was exactly the value you had placed on the property. What could be better than that? - Alan and Sandra
    Review by for Peter Gordon from Cobden and Hayson
    We would like to thank you for all that you did in selling our property. At the first open, there were thirty-three groups, our neighbours couldn't believe it, of which the buyer was one. Within the week, the property had exchanged. We put our success done to your professionalism, your open and clear communication style, your commitment and most of all, your sheer hard work. We both felt that we could completely relax in the knowledge that you were on top of everything regardless of the time of day. When we needed advice, it was always clear and sensible. We really appreciated your patience when we asked you the same questions multiple times. And most of all, we appreciated always being kept in the loop by phone or email, whenever there was something to report. Not having to ring you to find out what was going on made a huge difference. I am happy to act as referee and talk to any potential customers about the great service we received from Cobden and Hayson. In addition, we are happy for you to quote any of this on your website. Thanks again. - Jo and John
    Review by for Peter Gordon from Cobden and Hayson
    "this agent , With a growing family, Louise and I needed a larger property so decided to sell our home and buy something bigger. When we were looking for a new property we met this agent on a number of occasions and his genuine and friendly approach appealed to us. Both of us work in marketing, so had high expectations as to how a good marketing campaign is run. this agent did not disappoint. In fact, all of the team at Cobden & Hayson were very professional from the moment we approached them. Their advice on how to present the property was great and the way they ran the campaign ensured our house was sold in a very short period of time for a price that was above our expectations. this agent kept us informed right through the campaign so we knew what was going on the entire time. His proactive and open communication style helped us achieve a great outcome. Louise and I would not hesitate in recommending this agent and the team at Cobden & Hayson. - Andrew and Louise
    Review by for Peter Gordon from Cobden and Hayson
    this agent , I wish to confirm my personal gratitude for the way you have handled the marketing, communication and auction sale of my mum’s property. The need for me to secure the best market price was paramount, as it is a recognition of my mother and father's life work. The house was their only material possession in the world, but it was the gathering point and common link for us and our large extended family. Your handling of the prospective bidders and the sometimes difficult communication path with my family, laid the foundation for the success. Please also pass on my congratulations to Matthew and the rest of the Cobden & Hayson team. - Tom
    Review by for Peter Gordon from Cobden and Hayson
    I just missed you at home last night, so I wanted to say a quick thank you for your great work on the sale of our property. The whole process has gone virtually exactly as you planned, with the exception being that it actually happened much faster than expected, with much less hassle for us than expected, and with a much better price result than expected. I don’t know how it can get any better than that. Anyway, it is much appreciated, and Kathy and I are very happy. If you ever want to use us as a referral or whatever, please feel free to ask. Thanks again. I hope your year continues on the way it seems to have started. - Graham
    Review by for Peter Gordon from Cobden and Hayson
    When I decided to sell the property, I spent an awful lot of time looking for an agency that used a strategy that I thought would give me a fair result without an excess outlay on marketing expenses. This is what I had learned selling three previous properties. As you know, I have been tracking the trends in the real estate market in our area for the last couple of years. I had read a number of books about the art of selling real estate including Neil Jenman’s. Cobden & Hayson really caught my attention a couple of years ago, when you began advertising properties as For Sale and more importantly, actually dared to put a sale price against that property. This was unusual and a real point of difference as the trend in our area was for everything to go for auction. It seemed that real estate agents were not able to quote a realistic figure, or demonstrate a property’s worth. You acknowledge that there is only a very specific target group for each property, and therefore the scattergun approach doesn’t yield results. I also liked that C&H had a database of clients and were able to match my property to those who were looking for my type of property. I also liked the use of the database as it meant I wasn’t getting hordes of idle onlookers coming thru my home, which in some ways protected my privacy and security. I liked that we did a couple of viewings to your exclusive database in order to test our pricing. Finally, I am really happy with the system of private treaty sale because once I had crunched my numbers and decided how much I wanted for the property and was realistic, I set you the task of getting that. We were both very clear about what I wanted you to achieve and that’s what you did. It also meant that it reduced the number of times I had to have the house meticulously prepared for the open for inspection. This method meant that I was able to tightly control my advertising and marketing costs. On previous occasions, I have had these costs blow out by thousands without the required return on investment. Testimony to this strategy working well was that it really took just over two days between showing the property to the market for the first time and me having four written offers, well above the price anticipated. The rest as they say is history. It was the most painless and cost effective house sale I have ever been through. Thank you again this agent for doing so well in selling my property. I am a true convert to the Cobden & Hayson method of selling real estate. - Fiona
    Review by for Peter Gordon from Cobden and Hayson
    Just wanted to say thank you for everything you’ve done, your professional attitude has been outstanding. You’ve definitely helped make the process of buying our unit less stressful than it could’ve been. - Vince
    Review by for Peter Gordon from Cobden and Hayson
    Just wanted to say a big thanks for your role in the sale of our property. In an industry not normally known for honesty and transparency, it was a breath of fresh air having you manage the sale. When we first started looking for real estate agents, although we were open-minded we were of the view that we would probably go with the traditional four week marketing + auction route. Talking with you and reviewing other recent sales results made us change our view on this and we are very glad we did. We really believe that your approach achieved a better result all round: improved price, reduced time on market and reduced advertising cost. Your advice on how to present and market the property proved to be very accurate which ended up saving us thousands in advertising costs whilst achieving a fantastic result. We were also impressed with your communication skills which meant that not only could you competently and confidently handle all our questions, but even more importantly paid dividends once the property hit the market and you were able to provide us with regular and detailed updates of the progress and communicate and negotiate with multiple potential buyers to achieve a great result. - Emma and Grant
    Review by for Peter Gordon from Cobden and Hayson
    Even before you had sold my house, I had been recommending you to anyone who would listen. Of course, since you achieved a very quick sale I have continued to recommend you without any reservation whatsoever. Some of the reasons for my recommendation are: 1) The calm confidence you exuded when discussing how you would sell my house, which was initially backed up by a professional, reasoned presentation. 2) Your preparedness to listen to my need for a very stress-free, low key campaign and to incorporate that need in your sales strategy 3.) Your honesty and clarity when discussing the price and best strategy for the sale. This honest open approach left me feeling completely relaxed, confident and supported throughout the whole process. 4.) Most importantly whenever I emailed or phoned with a question or request you answered almost immediately and always provided more information than I required. 5.) I liked the fact that you are a member of a supportive team who are interested in each other’s successes. This fact by itself makes your service and that of Cobden & Hayson stand out. 6.) When it came to the actual sale, which occurred only a few days after the house went on the market, I appreciated your skill in negotiating with the buyers to achieve an excellent result. this agent I will continue to recommend you unreservedly and will not forget how your quiet confident manner helped me through this process and of course how you achieved such an excellent result as well. - Phyl
    Review by for Peter Gordon from Cobden and Hayson
    The sale of your property can often be a stressful time however this agent did a fantastic job in advising us on the local market and method for sale. His flexible approach, professionalism and understanding of our requirements made us feel relaxed and comfortable with the process. Cobden and Hayson''s attention to detail and affordable marketing campaign added to the fantastic result this agent achieved. I would have no hesitation in recommending both this agent and Cobden and Hayson.
    Review by Rod & Michelle for Peter Gordon from Cobden and Hayson
    My partner and I have recently sold our home at 56 Foucart St, Rozelle and we would highly recommend our real estate agent, this agent of Cobden and Hayson Real Estate to anyone selling their property in the area. We first met this agent during the sales process of our neighbour’s home and were very impressed with his professional manner and friendly approach. We were even more impressed when this agent sold her home, negotiating well above the asking price. When the time came to sell our own home, we had no hesitation in asking this agent to be our agent and didn’t even consider interviewing any other agents as this agent stood out as the right choice. Being a real estate agent myself a few years ago, I was well aware of the qualities I was looking for in an agent, i.e. someone who was honest and trustworthy, easy to talk to, experienced, and knowledgeable of the property market prices in the local area. this agent was able to give us a realistic appraisal so we decided to put the house on the market immediately. Our property was cleverly negotiated with a buyer this agent had on his contact list at a sale price above our expectations. The whole sales process was quick, easy, stress free and most importantly gave us a great result!
    Review by Narelle & Bryan for Peter Gordon from Cobden and Hayson
    this agent , Thanks for everything – I have enjoyed working with you on the sale and I thank you for the excellent advice you have given me during the lead up. I am going to miss my monthly missives from C&H and in a way it’s a bit sad that it’s come to an end. If I ever get rich, I will be in touch!!! Special thanks to your colleagues in the rentals department as well – they have also shown me great support over the last 25 or so years.
    Review by Geoff for Peter Gordon from Cobden and Hayson
    Dear this agent I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your assistance in securing a very pleasing result for the auction of my Rozelle property. Over the past 25 years I have dealt with a number of real estate agents for business and personal services and I have yet to compare any of them with the exemplary service you have provided in this instance. Your professional manner, diligent and timely follow up with prospective buyers and informative feedback to me had provided reassurance and confidence that we would secure the best price in today’s market. Your knowledge and experience of the market has no doubt reflected upon the result we have obtained for my property. I would not hesitate in recommending your services and I would feel your prospective clients would d a great injustice to themselves if they didn’t have you representing their property. I wish you the very best success for the future. Once again, thank you.
    Review by for Peter Gordon from Cobden and Hayson
    this agent , Thank you for your help in selling our Palmer Street property in Balmain. We found you always conducted yourself in a friendly and professional manner. You were able to provide us with sound advice on our pricing strategy and managed to generate a very high level of interest through the marketing campaign with excellent attendance at the open houses. This all delivered a number of serious interested parties, and two parties making good bids. Selling a property is stressful at anytime and especially when we have three kids and to being able to achieve a sale in under two weeks was a fantastic outcome at a price we were very happy with. We would not hesitate to recommend people to use you in the future and feel free to use us as referees. Thanks again
    Review by Jason & Sarah for Peter Gordon from Cobden and Hayson
    Thanks very much for selling our house in Foucart St, Rozelle. Melissa and I are delighted with the final result. Your advice, regular updates and relaxed style made the process far less stressful than we were expecting. Your strategy, local knowledge and drive ensured a strong sale price. Well done. We would be more than happy to provide a verbal reference for you.
    Review by Anthony & Melissa for Peter Gordon from Cobden and Hayson
    Dear this agent , Thanks for your professionalism and confidence in handling the sale of my house. I had rented the house out to tenants for 12 months with Cobden and Hayson and I found their rental service to be absolutely flawless, so when it came time to sell I was happy to sign with you again on an exclusive basis. Again the service could not have been better. Your suggestions on the garden and the furniture maximised the sale price, and the result we achieved at auction was above my expectations.
    Review by David for Peter Gordon from Cobden and Hayson
    A quick note to thank you and your colleagues at Cobden & Hayson for helping us sell our home in Balmain. We greatly appreciated the professional and competent way you managed the sale from start to finish. We achieved our target price within two weeks of going to market and believe you made the whole experience a very positive one for us. We were also grateful for the additional advice you provided us with in the search for our new home. We'll be in touch when it's time to move on again (which hopefully won't be for quite a while).
    Review by for Peter Gordon from Cobden and Hayson
    We first met this agent when we arrived from Vancouver. He acquainted us thoroughly with market and, even though we decided upon a private purchase, left an indelible mark on both us. Hence, we naturally turned to this agent to handle the sale of our own property when we moved this year from Balmain to Blackheath. And, he repaid our trust. - Colin and Moya
    Review by for Peter Gordon from Cobden and Hayson
    Cobden & Hayson and, in particular, this agent , were fantastic in acting for me on the recent sale of my house. this agent 's calm and courteous manner made the whole process relatively stress-free and resulted in a very successful sale. this agent was always punctual and managed my expectations, and those of the potential buyers, in a realistic and honest manner. I always felt that this agent was acting in my best interest and firmly believe that it was his advice at every stage of the process which resulted in me getting, what I believe, was the best possible price on the day of the auction. I would highly recommend this agent . - Alison
    Review by for Peter Gordon from Cobden and Hayson
    We recently sold our Balmain property prior to auction, for the price we had anticipated, and with a minimum of stress. For the entire period of the campaign we were based overseas, so the successful sale can be attributed fairly and squarely to the terrific work of our real estate agent this agent . this agent showed great accuracy of market valuation. He provided us with a written valuation that gave us a very clear idea of the optimum price range to achieve quick sale. This meant that from the outset we had realistic expectations and were well-placed to accept an offer early in the campaign, resulting in exchange of contracts prior to auction. It also meant that we were able to make accurate forecasts about our own financial position/buying-capacity post-sale. For the duration and quality of campaign, this agent provided us with several alternatives geared to different budgets and/but also offered useful advice as to which option would best suit our property in the prevailing market conditions. Consequently, we were able to adopt the most appropriate marketing strategy, leading to sale of the property within two weeks of it being placed on the market. During the negotiation and conclusion of sale, this agent ’s negotiation skills are highly sophisticated. He remains calm, he listens well and strives to achieve positive outcomes for all parties. When small obstacles arose, he was able to resolve these quickly and to everyone’s satisfaction, often by taking it upon himself to perform last minute checks, make calls, verify outstanding details, and propose alternative arrangements. This additional time and effort was not billed separately, yet we are convinced that it is this extra effort that brought the sale to conclusion without hiccup. When it comes to communication and attitude, we found this agent to be extremely open, patient and not at all defensive. He was a highly effective mediator between ourselves and third parties including purchasers, tenants, colleagues in his agency and our legal representatives. He returned calls and responded to emails promptly and with pertinent advice or information. Perhaps most importantly, this agent remained professional and courteous at all times. He smoothly arranged the conclusion of an existing tenancy agreement, preparation of the property for market and the exchange of contracts with a minimum of stress for all concerned. We highly recommend his professional services to you. - Julia and Olivier
    Review by for Peter Gordon from Cobden and Hayson
    I wish to personally thank you both for the hard work and focused commitment in the recent sale of my Balmain house. Following my review of three major real estate agencies in Balmain, I decided that your knowledge of the area, awareness of the different selling approaches and personal experience made my decision easy. Just as importantly, I was made aware of the issues to avoid. The open communicative approach, regular feedback and depth of interested parties made the sales process seamless and informative. If you are looking for best of breed property services in the Inner West, I would strongly recommend you see this agent and Danny at Cobden and Hayson. - Stuart
    Review by for Peter Gordon from Cobden and Hayson
    From our first meeting, your calm, experienced and professional approach resulted in all the things we were looking for: - professional real estate advice and integrity - inside knowledge of the area and obvious genuine interest in the Lilyfield precinct - accurate market appraisal of our property to set sale price guide - a streamlined sales process that made the experience easy and enjoyable - contemporary marketing strategy and collateral that achieved cut-thru and brought buyers to inspect – spot on copy and images first time - willingness to be flexible and bring buyers thru at alternatives times – with notice - prompt and professional service: on time and well prepared for all open times, timely insightful ‘after open’ de-briefs, succinct and relevant feedback & advice on buyer feedback/response - spot on advice leading up to and on the auction day And all this added up to a great sale result on the day! Added to this, we felt your low key professional style represented us and our property well (i.e. no heavy sales talk, just real estate knowledge and experience) – your humour also made the process fun and reduced the stress – at a potentially very stressful time. We both agreed that the whole experience was great and all came down to making the right choice of agent up front! Thanks again this agent !
    Review by Michelle & Richard for Peter Gordon from Cobden and Hayson
    this agent , of Cobden and Hayson, acted as our agent in the recent sale of our house in Balmain. this agent brought quality buyers to the table and it was his relationship with those buyers that enabled us to achieve a sale price above what we had expected. His calm and easy manner ensured the whole process was as stress-free as possible and his honest and open communication allowed us to feel comfortable every step of the way.
    Review by Deborah & Mark for Peter Gordon from Cobden and Hayson
    Dear this agent , Christina and I wanted to thank you again for the way in which you handled the sale of our apartment. The result you achieved was well above our expectation and the way in which you managed the sale gave us complete confidence and made for a smooth, stress free process in what could have been very difficult circumstances. As you know we were initially skeptical about the value an agent can add to a sale however your advice from how to present the property through to marketing and sale strategy and final negotiations have totally changed our opinion. We now believe engaging you to handle the sale was one of the best investments we have made. We will be recommending you to friends and family looking to sell in the Inner West and we look forward to catching up soon.
    Review by Greg for Peter Gordon from Cobden and Hayson
    A friendly note to say thanks for your great work with the sale of our house at 2/1 Albert Street, Rozelle, late last year with my husband, Aaron. This is a brief note to say I really feel you handled the sale with care, hard work, wisdom and good advice. We appreciated your top work. Thanks for everything. We recommend you to everyone we know.
    Review by Dana for Peter Gordon from Cobden and Hayson
    We would like to thank you for selling our property on Saturday, contributed largely to your easy going nature, extensive knowledge of the market and professionalism. Given the stress associated with selling a property (not to mention three young children to add to the mix) your constant feedback, trusted advice and down to earth nature ensured the process was smooth and a whole less stressful than it could have been! We look forward to working with you again in the future and have, and will continue to recommend you to everyone who intends to put their property on the market. Thank you again and your excellent reputation continues to provide positive results – we couldn’t be happier with the result of the sale of our house.
    Review by Van & Adam for Peter Gordon from Cobden and Hayson
    We have now sold two local properties through this agent at Cobden & Hayson and I’d never go with anyone else. Both times this agent provided us with an accurate appraisal of current market conditions and a plan to achieve the best possible outcome. Both times this agent exceeded our expectations and his relaxed and confident manner made for a stress free and rewarding experience. I couldn’t recommend him more highly.
    Review by Mathew for Peter Gordon from Cobden and Hayson
    We approached this agent to sell our house after an unsuccessful campaign by another agent. The result was that this agent sold our house (at auction) for a price with which we were happy. this agent ’s marketing plan worked well & it generated a lot of interest from the first open house day. this agent has a competent team assisting him & the feedback provided to us about buyer intentions & comments; pricing level ; presentation was excellent - we felt fully informed during the whole sales process. At the auction this agent ’s understanding of the Balmain property market plus his appreciation of the vendor & buyers positions made the sale a reality. We would certainly have this agent handle any future property sale we require in the Inner West.
    Review by Marcia & Brian for Peter Gordon from Cobden and Hayson
    Just a short note to say thank you for helping us sell our property. We were impressed by your professionalism and hard work during all aspects of the sale campaign and would definitely recommend your team to anyone looking to sell a property in the area. Having the full advertising launched in 3 days from photo shoots as well as securing a property of the week editorial was a great effort. We feel the campaign strategy was very well executed, particularly given the challenging property market and economic conditions at the time. The ongoing feedback provided and your knowledge of the current market activity was also invaluable to us. Thanks again and all the best.
    Review by Jamie & Patrick for Peter Gordon from Cobden and Hayson
    Dear this agent and Rachel, We are so pleased with our decision to engage you both to market and auction our property in Balmain. Your positive and genuine attitude in dealing with us was so refreshing and pleasant. We appreciated your prompt and timely feedback phone calls after every open house, and after every meaningful conversation you had with prospective purchasers. This particular property had several unusual challenges which you would not have been aware of when listing the property. In dealing with those difficult challenges you always applied your energetic work style to work through each issue to achieve a positive result. The coordination of marketing, copywriting, photographs was excellent and attributable to the high work standards that Rachel stands for. The auction sale price exceeded our reserve price by a staggering 29% in a month that was dominated with the most concerning global economic news headlines. Whilst the auction result was outstanding, it was the integrity of this agent and Rachel Cruz that allows us, without reservation of any kind, to be able to recommend them most highly to anyone seeking their real estate services. Congratulations to the both of you on a truly outstanding performance.
    Review by David for Peter Gordon from Cobden and Hayson
    Working with this agent and Dave was a great experience all around. They were straightforward and communicative throughout the entire process of purchasing our new Balmain property. And...this agent ’s unparalleled knowledge of the Balmain market and his deep relationships with his prospective clientele enabled him to sell our existing property before we even listed it, as he knew “the perfect” person for it. That certainly beat all of my expectations.
    Review by Marilynn for Peter Gordon from Cobden and Hayson
    Working with this agent and Dave was a great experience all around. They were straightforward and communicative throughout the entire process of purchasing our new Balmain property. this agent ’s unparalleled knowledge of the Balmain market and his deep relationships with his prospective clientele enabled him to sell our existing property before we even listed it, as he knew the perfect person for it. That certainly beat all of my expectations. - Marilynn
    Review by for Peter Gordon from Cobden and Hayson
    Just wanted to say thank you very much for all your help with selling our house and finding us a new one. We’re really happy with the new place, even though we thought it was pretty weird when we first saw it. Clearly it took a professional eye to see the potential in it and guide us in the right direction. Really appreciate your patience, advice and willingness to help with all the issues that cropped up during the sale and purchase. We also appreciated the quick and professional work of the various trades people you recommended too.
    Review by for Peter Gordon from Cobden and Hayson
    Finally I am in the house I have been waiting for, all thanks to you. Thank you. I would also like to thank David Travers for all his patience, help and advice. You and your staff always assisted me in a professional,courteous manner and I won't hesitate to recommend you and your company to friends and family. Thank you for the gift of wine etc. - Kim
    Review by for Peter Gordon from Cobden and Hayson
    this agent was recommended to me and I could not have been happier with the selling experience I had with him and his team (Rachel and David). this agent listened to my thoughts, offered his own and we came to mutual agreement. this agent and the team were professional, genuine, organised, flexible and understanding. The process was so much smoother and less stressful than I had anticipated all because of this team of three this agent , Rachel and David. I could not recommend them more highly and hope to make a purchase from them in the near future. - Martel
    Review by for Peter Gordon from Cobden and Hayson
    Dear this agent , The memory of your recent very charitable deeds, urge me to drop you a line of sincere thanks. At the time, you had already secured the engagement to sell my Lilyfield property, however, you so kindly rang to inform me of the charity auction at Rozelle Park. Amazingly, I won the auction and secured your professional real estate service at no cost, other than my bid, which you donated to the Children’s Cancer Institute of Australia to aid the research funding for Neuroblastoma. The outcome that you and your team achieved particularly in an economic environment of uncertainty and falling prices, was highly commendable if not brilliant. I cannot thank you enough for achieving my desired outcome, a reference for friendly, diligent and professional service will be readily given to friends and family in all real estate dealings. Again this agent , thank you.
    Review by Monique for Peter Gordon from Cobden and Hayson
    When looking to sell our home, we assessed all of the leading real estate agents in Balmain. Right from the start, this agent of Cobden & Hayson stood out for his professionalism and knowledge. In contrast to others, we developed trust in this agent 's capability immediately. Choosing this agent as our agent proved to be a great decision for us. this agent delivered a strong campaign, provided a high level of communication to us throughout the sale process and most importantly, delivered an excellent auction result. this agent leverages a strong team around him who share his attention to detail. We highly recommend this agent to any prospective seller.
    Review by Martin & Michelle for Peter Gordon from Cobden and Hayson
    Well, that was an amazing morning. For the rest of the day, 1.34 kept going round and round in my head. Relief, stress, happiness all combined I think. Good fortune is one thing but your hard work, skills and management with the assistance of David and Rachel were the key factors in yesterday's result. My brothers and I would like to thank you most enthusiastically for a committed sales program and successful conclusion. We certainly feel we made the right choice of agent some weeks ago. Many thanks again.
    Review by Marika for Peter Gordon from Cobden and Hayson
    We sold our house through this agent and his team at Cobden & Hayson in November 2011. We were very impressed with their service overall and particularly in the following factors. this agent was very good at managing our expectations during a difficult selling period by providing realistic pricing and information and evidence to support his views. this agent remained calm and professional at all times and his knowledge and understanding of the local housing market was evident. this agent has built good relationships with potential buyers, he knows what they are looking for and what vendors are required to do to meet the needs of buyers. this agent also had a great support team in Dave and Rachel, who were always quick to respond to all our enquiries at any time. Dave was excellent at keeping to arranged times for any external people coming to the house, which was very important when planning with little children. He never let us down in this aspect, not once. We would not have any hesitation in recommending this agent and his team as an excellent choice for selling your house.
    Review by Emma & Richard for Peter Gordon from Cobden and Hayson

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    29/2 Pearson Street , Balmain East 1 Bedroom Apartment
    SOLD 27/11/2017
    4/1 Glassop Street , Balmain 2 Bedroom Apartment
    SOLD 24/11/2017
    127 Ryde Road, Hunters Hill 3 Bedroom House
    SOLD 22/11/2017
    42 Harris Street, Balmain 4 Bedroom House
    SOLD 16/11/2017
    7/74 Alt Street, Ashfield 1 Bedroom Apartment
    SOLD 15/11/2017
    43 Mort Street, Balmain 3 Bedroom House
    SOLD 10/11/2017
    9 Cashman Street, Rozelle 2 Bedroom House
    SOLD 09/11/2017
    9 Cashman Street, Rozelle 2 Bedroom House
    SOLD 09/11/2017
    22 Gordon Street, Rozelle 3 Bedroom House
    SOLD 08/11/2017
    20 Toelle Street, Rozelle 3 Bedroom House
    SOLD 06/11/2017

500 Darling Street
NSW, 2041

Other Offices for Cobden and Hayson