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    We were extremely happy with our experience with this agent. He was friendly, helpful, and approachable. We felt respected by this agent and felt comfortable with how our purchase was handled. He was fantastic at communicating with us at every point of the process, always cheerful and with a genuine sense of customer service. We would be very happy to recommend him in the future.
    Review by Batgirl for Grant Maskill Dowton from Raine & Horne
    This agent's expertise was a real positive in his sale but also his success. A great guy who really knows real estate, knows how to sell homes, reliable and very easy to talk to and deal with. We had a fantastic experience with Raine and Horne and this agent of course. I would recommend them too anyone looking at buying or selling.
    Review by Randy Rozema for Grant Maskill Dowton from Raine & Horne
    Simply excellent service from GMD. He was very informative, easy to contact and professional. He had overseen the whole process of buying the property extremely well and it had been a very pleasant experience. I have no doubt in giving him top marks.
    Review by Kapliy for Grant Maskill Dowton from Raine & Horne
    This agent has worked with us as we sold our property then purchased a new property. We couldn't ask for a better agent. He was friendly, professional, always available and an absolute pleasure to work with. He listened to our needs and helped us secure our ideal property. This agent will always be our first choice in future property dealings.
    Review by Cath Snitch for Grant Maskill Dowton from Raine & Horne
    Thanks to this agent for his hard work in selling our rental property. The dedication shown by this agent in obtaining a suitable negotiated price was exceptional and shows his market knowledge of the Bathurst area. He continually provided quality feedback during each stage of the negotiation thus reducing the amount of stress during the selling process. This agent was committed to the vendor thus showing the qualities of a professional real estate agent.
    Review by Brad Hock for Grant Maskill Dowton from Raine & Horne
    This agent made purchasing our home stress-free and we were really happy with how easy it was to go from making an offer to moving in.
    Review by Samantha for Grant Maskill Dowton from Raine & Horne
    We were told when purchasing our first home to expect the real estate agent to be our best mate until the contracts were exchanged, on the contrary; this agent provided support throughout the entire process. His happy, friendly and professional demeanor meant we were comfortable to approach him with questions we felt as first home buyers may have had other real estate agents rolling their eyes. He made what is normally a stressful process an enjoyable and exciting one. Can't speak highly enough.
    Review by Kristy Welsh for Grant Maskill Dowton from Raine & Horne
    A very big thank you to this agent for guiding me through the buying process. We are extremely happy with this agent's communication and knowledge of the property market, reassuring me when I was in doubt. Would recommend this agent to any prospective buyers. Thank you.
    Review by Jane & John Stewart for Grant Maskill Dowton from Raine & Horne
    Huge thanks to this agent for his sincere, professional and friendly support during the purchase of our property. This agent always responded immediately and professionally with any of our queries regarding the property and the area with us being always out of town, this was a great help to us. This agent also appeared to have a great relationship with the vendors which helped us to gain access to the house on several occasions and it also helped us get to a great negotiated purchase price at the auction. Overall, we were thoroughly pleased with this agent's assistance throughout the whole process and wouldn't hesitate to recommend his service to anyone looking for an honest, capable and friendly agent.
    Review by Wayne and Rachel Morgan for Grant Maskill Dowton from Raine & Horne
    This agent provided an excellent service offering professional guidance and advice in the marketplace regarding sale of our property. This agent did not waste our time or time of his clients and pre-selected appropriate interested buyers to view the property. This agent's knowledge of his market and a very credible and respectful connection with his client base enabled him to match the right person with our property in a very efficient time frame. We were impressed with this agent when we met him five years ago as we, ourselves were purchasing a property in Bathurst and so pleased to see that in those five years until now, he has matured, gained significant promotions and retains a very professional manner and personable demeanour and no doubt deserves the excellent reputation he has built for himself. We would commend this agent to any discerning buyer or vendor who wanted to optimise their selling or purchasing experience.
    Review by Jane for Grant Maskill Dowton from Raine & Horne
    This agent helped us purchase the right home in the right area. We are extremely happy with the service and professionalism he provided to us. We have undertaken home purchase pressures twice in the past year and on both occasions, we entrusted our specific needs in this agent. He delivered a thorough and knowledgeable service to us and made us feel our needs were important. He showed patience and persistence for us for which we are extremely grateful.
    Review by Michelle for Grant Maskill Dowton from Raine & Horne
    We looked at many properties over many months in Bathurst, and from the first encounter with this agent found him both very approachable and sound in his knowledge of the area. All other agents either didn't really care about what our needs were or were more interested in getting whatever houses were on their books, off their books. This agent took the time to better understand where and what we wanted and helped us to buy our first home. We would only use this agent as our agent in the future after this experience and would highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell a house in the Bathurst area. We couldn't speak more highly of him.
    Review by Slp Drum for Grant Maskill Dowton from Raine & Horne
    We recently purchased our first house from this agent. We are from Sydney and were looking around Bathurst for our house. This agent was wonderful from day one, kept us in the loop at all times, called to check in, helped with advice on schools for our children as well as local areas. This agent made the whole process very easy and enjoyable and we felt more like a friend than a client. I would highly recommend this agent and if I'm ever in the market for a house in the future I would not hesitate to give him a call.
    Review by Steph for Grant Maskill Dowton from Raine & Horne
    We enjoyed having this agent work with us to sell our home. He is a good listener, has a sense of humour and got the results we wanted. Loved his work.
    Review by Klgb for Grant Maskill Dowton from Raine & Horne
    The most professional, honest and friendly agent you could ask for. I would highly recommend this agent to anyone looking to buy or sell.
    Review by Mel for Grant Maskill Dowton from Raine & Horne
    This is the third property that I have purchased through this agent and I can not rate him highly enough. I have found this agent to be helpful, knowledgeable and professional. Any questions or concerns have been listened to and dealt with quickly and efficiently. His happy and outgoing nature always make him a pleasure to deal with. This agent manages to provide advice without seemingly being pushy or overbearing. His confidence and optimism are infectious, turning what could be a stressful time into a wonderful and stress-free experience. Each time I deal with this agent, he genuinely strives to understand my needs and what I am looking for in a property. Once again, I thank you for all your time, patience and help.
    Review by Leanne for Grant Maskill Dowton from Raine & Horne
    This agent has assisted me with the sale of two homes now. I can't recommend him highly enough.
    Review by Rae for Grant Maskill Dowton from Raine & Horne
    This agent went out of his way to help us purchase the home. This agent went well beyond what you would want and help to clinch the deal. A great and honest salesman.
    Review by David & Jefferson for Grant Maskill Dowton from Raine & Horne
    You kept me informed and discussed all aspects of selling the house with me. You kept me informed and were flexible with Open House times. You negotiated a price that I was pleased with while presenting reasonable arguments. Thanks to this agent. If I sell or buy a house again you will be the first person I call.
    Review by Liz for Grant Maskill Dowton from Raine & Horne
    This agent was my sales representative from Raine and Horne, who acted promptly and efficiently, with care and diligence to all areas of the sale. I am absolutely delighted to have met him, and he should be commended on his efforts, as he is truly an invaluable asset to your team. I cannot thank him enough for everything, and I will definitely be working with this agent in the future. Thank you to everyone involved, as it is not easy being a 21 year old doing something like this on my own.
    Review by Bece for Grant Maskill Dowton from Raine & Horne
    My husband and I are very pleased with the outcome of our dealing with this agent and Raine and Horne. This agent was aware of the type of property we were looking for and was professional, knowledgeable and friendly at all times. We highly recommend this agent as an agent.
    Review by Elizabeth Quinn for Grant Maskill Dowton from Raine & Horne
    This agent has great communication skills and thoroughly listens to his clients to understand their requirements when searching for a new home. This agent has fun and does his job well, whilst still remaining professional. It was a pleasure dealing with this agent, we would definitely recommend him to friends or family.
    Review by Lyndal for Grant Maskill Dowton from Raine & Horne
    This agent has been my agent of choice in the sale of my last two properties, I will recommend this agent to anyone looking to sell a property. He tailors his sales approach to suit the vendor, as a couple with one person working on shifts, it's not always easy for an agent to work around this but he does it so well. Both my homes have sold in a few days, this shows that he knows his clients wants in a home purchase and knows the right property to show them.
    Review by Gail for Grant Maskill Dowton from Raine & Horne
    An overall amazing experience from the initial contact to the finalisation of the sale of my property - this agent made the whole experience easy and stress-free. I would highly recommend this agent at Raine and Horne Bathurst to anyone looking to sell their home. He really is the best and the team at Raine and Horne Bathurst are incredible. They go above and beyond to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Thank you so much.
    Review by Jenny for Grant Maskill Dowton from Raine & Horne
    This agent was very professional, demonstrated a sound knowledge of the market, possessed excellent communication skills and was timely in response for information. We were very satisfied with this agent's approach and would not hesitate in recommending him to others.
    Review by Paul for Grant Maskill Dowton from Raine & Horne
    My experience in selling my house and buying another with this agent is one I will remember. I found him to be honest, with integrity and with a special skill that took the worry out of the process. He kept me up to date as things progressed and was positive at all times. If I was to recommend a real estate agent, it most certainly be this agent and the Raine and Horne team. Well done.
    Review by Johne for Grant Maskill Dowton from Raine & Horne
    I definitely recommend this agent to anyone wanting to sell or buy a property. I have brought and sold a property with the help of this agent and both times he has been extremely professional, efficient, productive and honest and works hard to produce the best outcome for his clients.
    Review by Renee for Grant Maskill Dowton from Raine & Horne
    I would definitely use this agent again. He has exceptional knowledge of what is going on in the current market and won't overprice your home. Quick sale makes a happy customer. If you want an honest agent who knows his stuff and is highly professional, he is your man.
    Review by Johalloran for Grant Maskill Dowton from Raine & Horne
    I entered the process of selling my town house with a great deal of anxiety. Upon my first meeting with this agent, I felt much more at ease and with every further meeting felt even more comfortable. I found this agent to be extremely helpful and very easy to communicate with. This agent kept me informed at each step in regards to open house, client feedback etc. so I continually knew what was happening. My property sold with 4-5 weeks and the advice and information I received from this agent was extremely helpful and valid. I would recommend this agent to anyone wishing to buy and/or sell without hesitation and cannot speak highly enough of him and his team at Raine and Horne.
    Review by Marg for Grant Maskill Dowton from Raine & Horne
    Thanks to this agent for the outstanding job you, Michelle and the outstanding team at Raine and Horne did with selling our home. I would not hesitate to recommend you or Michelle to anyone thinking of selling or buying in the Bathurst Region.
    Review by Di53e for Grant Maskill Dowton from Raine & Horne
    This agent showed excellent attention to detail, friendliness and communication throughout the whole selling process.
    Review by Anthony & Julia for Grant Maskill Dowton from Raine & Horne
    I can't thank this agent enough. We did look at few houses together and this agent had an idea of what we were looking for. He rang to tell me he had the perfect house for us coming up for sale, well what can I say he was right. It fit all our needs perfectly and we love it. I thank again this agent from the bottom of my heart.
    Review by Sharon for Grant Maskill Dowton from Raine & Horne
    Massive thanks to this agent for the excellent sale result for our property in Bathurst. We live in Sydney and needed someone reliable and trustworthy to handle the matter on our behalf. From start to finish, this agent exceeded our expectations and worked his tail off to ensure we had a successful auction campaign. Nothing is ever too much trouble for this agent. Add in his extensive market experience and reassuring wisdom and you have an unbeatable combination. It's such a leap of faith to really trust in the right agent and we are extremely pleased we chose this agent. Thanks again.
    Review by Tanya LM for Grant Maskill Dowton from Raine & Horne
    Thanks to this agent. Your courtesy, patience and professionalism are much appreciated.
    Review by Kevin & Frances for Grant Maskill Dowton from Raine & Horne
    After deciding to move to Bathurst to be nearer my daughter, finding a house was the next logical step. I researched what was around and then made appointments with the local agents. The first day didn't go well, we looked at lots of different houses but none stood out. By days end, I felt overwhelmed and disheartened. The next day started off the same way and I was beginning to feel that the right property wasn't out there. After lunch, it was Raine and Horne's turn, my daughter had suggested from the start that I should contact this agent as she had dealt with him before and had been very impressed. I met this agent at the first property and from the outset, he was polite and cheerful and discussed what I was looking for. After seeing a few properties and finding one that was perfect, this agent got a call about another house that had just come back onto the market. We discussed it and agreed it would be one to see so this agent gave me directions while he drove back into town to collect the keys. That afternoon ended with me having two houses on my short list and by dinner time I had had an offer accepted. Thanks to this agent, you went above and beyond to help me and very soon I shall be in my perfect house. I cannot recommend you enough you made the whole process easy and enjoyable. Thank you.
    Review by Leanne for Grant Maskill Dowton from Raine & Horne
    Our house had been on the market for months with another agency in town. After a few initial inspections nothing else happened. Discussions with the agent resulted in being told that despite following their advice, we should have listed at $40,000 less than we did. We decided to take our property elsewhere. From the start, this agent talked to us about a more realistic price for the property, discussed advertising and made sure we understood and were comfortable with the options he provided us. There was never a time when we could not call him with questions or ask for advice. Feedback after inspections or open houses was timely and honest. At no point did this agent let us feel that we were dealing with this situation alone. His experience and depth of his knowledge and professionalism meant that we got a considered and insightful response to all questions. He is the most competent agent we have ever dealt with, his positivity and confidence are infectious and makes dealing with him a pleasure. Trusting him with our house was the best decision we made. We cannot recommend him highly enough. Thanks to this agent.
    Review by Leanne for Grant Maskill Dowton from Raine & Horne
    From a buyer's perspective, dealing with this agent was extremely positive. I was never in doubt for long about any aspect of the purchase as this agent was both knowledgeable and accessible. This agent's passion for his career is obvious.
    Review by Rowyaboat for Grant Maskill Dowton from Raine & Horne
    I would definitely recommend this agent. He is so easy to deal with and nothing was too much trouble. He was professional, friendly and helpful which made our buying experience stress-free. Thanks again to this agent.
    Review by Leanne for Grant Maskill Dowton from Raine & Horne
    The photos that this agent took of our home were outstanding. Although we were very reluctant to have any open house inspections, due to this agent's assurances that it would create activity did we agree to try this marketing tool. We felt comfortable letting strangers into our home knowing that this agent would be there to oversee the open house. We always received feedback in a timely manner. A big thank you to this agent for being so patient with us.
    Review by Peter & Laura for Grant Maskill Dowton from Raine & Horne
    Since our first introduction to this agent in the purchase of our home, this agent has proved to be a trustworthy professional estate agent who was willing to put our interests first. Always available to take our calls and inquiries and prompt and efficient in solving our concerns. I thanks this agent for all you have done for John and I. Cheers and good wishes.
    Review by Lyn Lane for Grant Maskill Dowton from Raine & Horne
    This agent was approachable, well-mannered and friendly. He listened actively to our needs, promptly answered our communications and made it very clear that our concerns were a priority to him. This agent's knowledge of the local market and area was impressive. He was always prepared to devote time and energy to us. Nothing was ever too much trouble. It is obvious from conversations we have had with others in the community that this agent is held in high regard. He is a man of great integrity. It was a pleasure to deal with him. We certainly would recommend him to others. We found the entire process uplifting, love our new house and found his card and gift very touching. Thanks to this agent.
    Review by Rob & Christine for Grant Maskill Dowton from Raine & Horne
    I have known this agent since he first started in real estate. He is so motivated, energetic and has the most incredible people skills. He has sold our last four properties, a true professional in his field and l recommend him always to anyone buying or selling.
    Review by Jenni for Grant Maskill Dowton from Raine & Horne
    The key to a peace of mind when selling with this agent was open communication. I had seen this agent at many open houses over the years and always found him so personable and friendly. When we first approached him to sell our home, he was very realistic with price expectations and made us at ease with his marketing strategy ideas. There were no tricks, it was all based on his thorough knowledge and interest in the Bathurst market and us as vendors. Through every step of the way, this agent kept us updated and was always available. He was very easy to talk with and nothing was too hard. I never felt the need to hesitate before calling him because he was always so friendly and helpful. I would be very happy to sell or buy with this agent as his integrity as an agent is impeccable. If only we could take him with us to find our next home.
    Review by LS and DS for Grant Maskill Dowton from Raine & Horne
    From the outset, we found this agent to be very helpful, friendly, dependable and honest. Some particular circumstances around this sale meant that it was not straightforward, but this agent put in the time and effort that other agents may not have been prepared to do. He stepped up to smooth over every bump that arose, showing admirable professionalism. My opinion is that the vendors were very fortunate to have this agent working for them. It was certainly his work that made the difference, for us as buyers, between proceeding or walking away. In addition to how well this agent does his job, he is also a genuinely nice person to deal with. His helpfulness and friendliness doesn't simply end where the job ends. This agent thoughtfully and cheerfully offered extra assistance to save us many hours of driving. This was not part of his job at all, simply testament to his good nature. I would have no hesitation in recommending this agent.
    Review by Julie for Grant Maskill Dowton from Raine & Horne
    Just want to thank you and Sharon for selling our house for us. You were correct about the market value and worked so hard in a very short space of time to get the selling and sold sign that we wanted so much to see. Thanks for your professionalism, friendliness and optimism throughout the campaign. Well done.
    Review by Chris and Terry Jones for Grant Maskill Dowton from Raine & Horne
    This agent recently sold our Bathurst property. The whole experience was done without fuss. This was an investment property and we do not live in Bathurst so it was reassuring to be regularly informed on the progress of the sale. This agent is a key communicator and a pleasure. We would not hesitate to recommend him or use him again.
    Review by Andrew & Glenys for Grant Maskill Dowton from Raine & Horne
    This agent was organised and efficient at every step of the process. He even offered post-settlement advice and help. He made the the whole process simple with no added stress.
    Review by Aaron for Grant Maskill Dowton from Raine & Horne
    The whole experience of selling a house can be quite daunting, this agent however made the process very simple and satisfying. His market knowledge is exceptional and his communication skills puts both parties at ease with the process. I would not hesitate to buy and sell my next house from this agent.
    Review by Maree for Grant Maskill Dowton from Raine & Horne
    This agent is the best agent one could ask for. I have used him multiple times. He is attentive, professional and motivated. Nothing is too much trouble. I couldn't recommend highly enough.
    Review by Step for Grant Maskill Dowton from Raine & Horne
    We have been looking at a new home for our family for a while now and our dealings with this agent early on were always stand out compared to the other agents in the area. Due to this, when we got serious about purchasing, we decided we would only purchase through this agent. His non-pushy and calming attitude made what was an unknown process to us very easy to understand and he did extremely well keeping us up to date with what was going on and providing advice and guidance in areas that we were not confident with. It's a great thing when you feel like you do not have to chase someone because you're feeling out of the loops or unsure and with this agent, we always felt comfortable and felt we were well-informed. As a result of this, we are going to continue to keep our business of our rental property and any further purchases or sales with this agent. Thanks again.
    Review by Ben Lesley for Grant Maskill Dowton from Raine & Horne

Recent Sold Properties From Raine & Horne - Bathurst

    4 Strathmore Drive , Forest Grove 5 Bedroom House
    SOLD 30/11/2017
    2 Kemp Street , Eglinton 4 Bedroom House
    SOLD 21/11/2017
    2 Hassell Grove , Kelso 3 Bedroom House
    SOLD 17/11/2017
    5/56 Lambert Street , Bathurst 2 Bedroom Apartment
    SOLD 16/11/2017
    14 Ranken Street , Eglinton 3 Bedroom House
    SOLD 13/11/2017
    32 Napier Street , Windradyne 4 Bedroom House
    SOLD 10/11/2017
    929 Dry Creek Road , Lewis Ponds 2 Bedroom House
    SOLD 09/11/2017
    12 Logan Street , Eglinton 3 Bedroom House
    SOLD 09/11/2017
    10 Esrom Street , West Bathurst 1 Bedroom House
    SOLD 08/11/2017
    12/110 George Street , Bathurst 2 Bedroom Apartment
    SOLD 06/11/2017