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    I first met Mich'l when I decided to sell my townhouse. From our very first meeting, I felt very comfortable about trusting Mich'l. He explained every detail of the sale and even though I had a higher sale price in mind in the beginning, he agreed to this. Advertising presentation was very impressive and after the first week, I felt completely at ease with Mich'l's guidance. He was continually in touch by phone and text regarding progress after our first meeting and this continued after each open house. He would provide a verbal report followed up by written comments from interested parties. After a couple of weeks with no positive offers, Mich'l suggested we might change our marketing strategy and test the waters. It proved to be a wise decision and after the third open house, it was sold. Might I add in the middle of this, I had a birthday and who should arrive with a bunch of flowers but Mich'l. This was very unexpected but demonstrates what a caring person he is. Mich'l maintained constant contact while the settlement progressed and this was very supportive as I am a single person needing to make important and sometimes difficult decisions on my own. I would have no hesitation recommending Mich'l to family members and friends in the future. - Lyn
    Review by for Michael Larkings from Location Real Estate Sales and Consulting
    My husband and I attained the services of Mich'l Larkings to list our property for auction. We selected Mich'l over other agents as we were very impressed with his professionalism, honesty and overall campaign strategy. During our four-week campaign, Mich'l didn't let us down. He was extremely courteous and professional throughout and kept us well informed at all times. Our house was sold prior to auction and we were very happy with the sale price. Both Jeff and I would not hesitate to recommend Mich'l to anyone wanting to list their house for sale. We would certainly use Mich'l again if selling in the future. - Rhonda and Jeff
    Review by for Michael Larkings from Location Real Estate Sales and Consulting
    We first met Mich'l some three years ago when we were buying a property. Although we didn't purchase from Mich'l, he always left us with the impression that he had provided all the information we needed to make an informed decision about the properties he had shown us in their respective markets. When deciding to sell our home in Lilli Pilli we wanted an agent who we felt comfortable with, who was a good communicator, honest and most importantly someone who we could work with on this life changing step in our lives. The first person we thought of was Mich'l, we had only previously dealt with him as a buyer but immediately thought that he had the qualities we were looking for. He had always exceeded our expectations when we were buying. Mich'l sold our property in Lilli Pilli in a completely adept manner. He guided us throughout the advertising quandary, scheduled the campaign in line with our personal commitments, kept us informed and updated during the campaign, gave a comprehensive commentary on possible bidders, acted as a sounding board when we set the reserve and helped run a very professional auction day which was held in our house on an extremely rainy day. Mich'l also provided exemplary service and support right through the process to post settlement. We would recommend Mich'l to anyone considering buying or selling a property. - Gr'me and Pam
    Review by for Michael Larkings from Location Real Estate Sales and Consulting
    I would like to extend my sincere thanks to Mich'l for all the help and advice during a very challenging time for me. Mich'l took me through the whole process of going to auction with a calm and professional manner. I was going through this alone and I valued the advice he gave me. I followed his advice and I am very happy with the results. I found Mich'l to be open, honest and friendly. He definitely goes the extra mile to achieve the best results for his vendor. Mich'l even assisted me in finding me a property to buy. Negotiating with another agency on my behalf. I am happy to confidently recommend Mich'l to others planning to sell their property. I would certainly use Mich'l again if I needed to sell or buy. - Victoria
    Review by for Michael Larkings from Location Real Estate Sales and Consulting
    We first met Mich'l when he was acting on behalf of a vendor whose property we eventually purchased. We were impressed by the way he was able to tread the fine line between representing the vendor's best interested and establish a good relationship with us as the buyer. It was Mich'l's easy yet professional manner that led to us appointing him to act as the agent to sell our property. Mich'l presented a clear strategy for the sale and listened attentively to all of our concerns. He communicated with us very effectively throughout the entire campaign, telephoning immediately after every open house or contact with prospective buyers. In fact we grew so accustomed to the daily discussions our days felt strangely incomplete after the property had sold. Like most vendors, we sought feedback from friends and neighbours who attended the house inspections and without exception all reported favourably of the way Mich'l presented the property and engaged with prospective buyers. Mich'l's appraisals at all times, including the valuation, were realistic and honest. The final detailed report provided just prior to the auction date clearly demonstrated that his advice and handling of the entire process had strategically placed us in a position where we could truly secure the best outcome that the market could offer. Again, Mich'l's conservative estimates was that there would be at least six registered bidders, on the day there were twelve. By the time auction day arrived, Mich'l had made sure we were prepared for the worst but feeling cautiously optimistic, given the response to the marketing campaign. We were very pleased with the auction result, achieving the exact value of the highest estimate in a softening market. We would have no hesitation in recommending Mich'l to any vendor seeking a professional agent who would represent their best interests. - Rob And Margaret
    Review by for Michael Larkings from Location Real Estate Sales and Consulting
    My husband and I first met Mich'l Larkings when we went to view a house he had listed. We were thinking about moving our Sylvania Waters house. We were about to be put on the market with another agent and we were seeing what was out there for us to buy first off. In the days after our initial meeting and further contact, we were impressed by how Mich'l was always on time. We would always returns our calls and was very courteous and sensitive to the fact that we had a six-month old baby. When he offered to come over to view our house as we hadn't actually signed anything with any agents as yet, we were interested to see what he thought. We told him what we wanted in price and he told us we could get that. Because the agents we were originally going to list the house with were the local guys and also friends of my husband's, we told Mich'l a few days later that we felt we had to go with them. He said he understood and thanked us for our time. By now, I had started to really trust Mich'l. He was different from the other agents I had met and I felt terrible that we had to tell him we were going ahead with selling our house with someone else. Mich'l remained in contact with us, as he knew we were also looking at buying a house. Then he called us to say that if we hadn't already signed up with the local agent, it could be well worth our while if he could have just one day to bring some buyers to the house. We agreed to let him show the interested parties through. He then said he would have the house sold that night if we would let him come back through with both interested parties, once more. So it was a Thursday night and my husband, our baby and I left the house and when we returned, Mich'l had indeed delivered on his promise. He had sold our house for the exact price we wanted and he had them sign that night. We were in a state of shock. It had all happened so fast and we had not advertised anywhere. When we told the other agent who we were about to be listed with, that we had sold without advertising for the amount of money we wanted, no negotiating back and forth and had signed already, he said that even he could not have gotten that price, especially without advertising. Not only will we continue to do business with Mich'l, we will genuinely recommend him to anyone we know considering selling or buying a property. - Tennelle and Matthew
    Review by for Michael Larkings from Location Real Estate Sales and Consulting
    It is our pleasure to be able to write this testimonial for Mich'l Larkings. We chose Mich'l to act as our real estate agent to sell our home even though his agency did not have representation in our area. The decision to ask Mich'l to represent our interests was made after interviewing most of the well-known real estate agents in the area. Mich'l related very well to us and we had no doubt about his integrity and determination to achieve the best possible result for the sale of our home. Even though housing market conditions were extremely difficult, Mich'l at all times kept the integrity of the property foremost in his mind and provided regular and immediate feedback to us as to what the market was indicating to him. We had in excess of one hundred different parties inspect the property over the initial three month period. Our home, being classical sandstone, is not a home that will suit buyers who want the modern new minimalistic property. It required a buyer who saw it and fell in love with its character, high ceilings, sweeping French wrought iron staircase and period features. Certain parties discussed price with Mich'l and some indicated prices that were well below a price we would consider. At no stage did Mich'l attempt to talk down the price in order to meet the pricing level that people were discussing with him. He in fact went out of his way to protect the property's integrity and to act in our best interests. After ceasing all forms of advertising, Mich'l still persevered and looked for potential buyers for our home. His persistence certainly paid off when he found a buyer who fell in love with the property and Mich'l was able to negotiate to a price that we agreed to. Judy and I developed a close professional and personal relationship with Mich'l during the time that we have known him. Mich'l has always made himself available and he kept in constant contact with us at all times. We certainly do highly recommend Mich'l Larkings as a person of high integrity and empathy. Mich'l has a never say die attitude and always focuses on the positives. He will certainly deliver on what he undertakes to deliver for his clients. - Keith and Judy
    Review by for Michael Larkings from Location Real Estate Sales and Consulting
    We wanted a real estate agent with people ready to buy on the books, local knowledge of the area including sales in the street, high profile and a good name in the area. For this reason, we approached Mich'l about a year before we actually put the house on the market. His enthusiasm, honesty and knowledge made us continually return to him, even though we had friends who were real estate agents and other agents knocking on our door. During the sales process, Mich'l went along with our wishes but also stepped up and advised us when to put the pedal to the metal and market the house properly to get the proper exposure the house warranted and to leave no pebble unturned. The marketing campaign was a huge success and I could not fault one thing. From his creative flair with the advertising text to the quality of the photography, everything was absolutely top class. Mich'l achieved great open house numbers and also conducted several private appointments to inspect our home. We had friends of friends who we didn't know were interested come through the house who spoke very highly of Mich'l's enthusiasm, honesty, knowledge of the house and area. He kept in touch daily to answer any questions from prospective buyers and when it cam to auction day, we had several buyers there to bid. I can genuinely say that in all our experience with real estate agents over some two decades, with sales and purchases of nine properties, Mich'l stands out as the guy we liked most, the guy we felt did the best job, the most honest, hardworking and quick thinking, and the guy who was the best real estate agent. I would definitely recommend him to anyone selling their property and would be happy to be contacted to discuss further if needed. - Paul
    Review by for Michael Larkings from Location Real Estate Sales and Consulting
    On behalf of my siblings, I wanted to thank you for your commendable efforts in selling our parent's house at Caringbah. Not only were we impressed by your fine professional approach, but also by your personal interest in, and commitment to, our parent's unique circumstances. Your genuine concern for their interest, and your understanding of their personal needs helped alleviate much of the anxiety and emotional stress they were experiencing at having to leave the home they have loved for the past twenty seven years. It meant a lot to us that our parents were treated with respect and sensitivity throughout the entire selling process, and that both our father and mother felt comfortable and confident in trusting you to do the best you could to achieve a positive outcome in the sale of their property. You did not disappoint them. So thank you again, for the excellence and thoughtful consideration that has marked your relationship with our family throughout the sale of our parent's home, and thank you too for helping to make this stage of their journey a much easier and positive experience for them. - Julie, David, Annette and Sue
    Review by for Michael Larkings from Location Real Estate Sales and Consulting
    I have much pleasure in testifying to the character of Mich'l Larkings. He has professionally handled the sale of our house in Caringbah in an excellent manner. I found him to be a very pleasant man and helpful in every way. I do not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who desires to sell their property. - Colin
    Review by for Michael Larkings from Location Real Estate Sales and Consulting
    It is my great pleasure to write this testimonial in support of Mich'l Larkings in his professional capacity as a real estate agent. As I have an accountancy practice and have been actively involved with other people in property deals etc. over the last thirty years, I have kept a close watch on property prices to advise my clients etc. When I decided recently to sell a property at Lilli Pilli, I decided to source out what I considered to be the agent that best suited my needs in the sale of that property, as it was tenanted and I wanted reassurance that the property would be presented in the best way possible and least disruption to tenants and not to lose them prematurely if possible. Mich'l and his firm always fulfilled my needs and we were very happy with the professional way he conducted himself during the auction process. He was innovative in coming up with ideas and suggestions and was very proactive ensuring advice and constant updates were given for the duration. I felt at all times he was acting in our best interest throughout the sale process. On the day of the auction, he was genuinely interested in the sale process and I feel that he got a personal pleasure in the fact that the property sold for around the price that he had predicted. Whilst you always wish for more than you get on reflection, we feel we got on the day the maximum that we could have for the property. This was all due to the marketing and Mich'l's strategy on the day, supported by the professional team he had surrounding him. I would recommend Mich'l Larkings to anyone who wished to use his professional services for sale or purchase of a property and would welcome contact that would enable further endorsement of this written testimonial. I wish Mich'l all the success for the future with Highland Property Agents and I have and would continue in the future to recommend him to friends, family and business associates. - Peter
    Review by for Michael Larkings from Location Real Estate Sales and Consulting
    Although Mich'l was recommended by a family friend, we selected him over two other Cronulla-based agents to sell our parents' property because from the outset, he displayed a keen appraisal of the market, articulated a clear marketing strategy and treated us in a very courteous and professional manner. The property is a wonderful location but prospective buyers needed to be convinced of the property's re-development potential. Undoubtedly, the advertising campaign showcased the property in the best possible light and Mich'l engendered considerable interest through the various open inspections. He is an excellent communicator who kept us appraised of the level of interest and the various concerns of the interested parties. The auction culminated a very professional marketing campaign. In what was a softening market we were convinced he realised the best possible sale price. My parents had lived at the property for over forty years so selling was quite an emotional wrench. Mich'l was always sensitive to this as he was when an untimely bereavement disrupted the marketing campaign. Mich'l is the consummate professional. On behalf of my mother and siblings, I thank him for his efforts in making the sale process as stress-free as possible. Our trust in him was well-founded. I have no hesitation in recommending him to any vendor. - Bruce
    Review by for Michael Larkings from Location Real Estate Sales and Consulting
    Mich'l's capabilities were recommended to us by a friend. We had known of his presence in the market and we asked him to present his marketing ideas to us on. During his presentation, the neighbourhood children invaded our neighbourhood through the back door. Mich'l's ability continue under the cloud of the children's disorientation was amazing and showed us how calm he was under pressure. We asked a number of major agents to present and we found solace in his capabilities and the Highland brand. The current market conditions mean that the right buyer or buyers and hard to identify and even harder to keep interested. Mich'l identified them, stayed with them and delivered them right to us at the right price. During the sale period and the negotiations which followed, his candour, attention to details and direct action approach went beyond our expectations. If you are looking for an agent to represent you, the vendor, and stand in front of our home to represent it in the way you desire, then Mich'l Larkings from Highland Property Agents is the agent for you. - Ralph and Sharon
    Review by for Michael Larkings from Location Real Estate Sales and Consulting
    Just wanted to thank you again for your support and professionalism throughout the sale and marketing campaign of our property. You really made the whole experience a pleasure and as stress-free as possible. With your relaxed but professional approach, we felt confident from the start you were the agent for us, and having the support of a company like Highland Property Agents makes for a successful combination. By achieving a fantastic result higher than what we expected has given us the opportunity to now re-assess our next step in the future financially. Some of the key areas we noticed through the sale process which we were very impressed with were your communication, flexible approach to tailor to our family requirements and most of all, your honesty throughout the whole campaign. With this said, I would have no hesitation in referring or recommending your services in the future to family or friends alike. The only regret we have Mich'l is not contacting you in the first instance as you are aware this was the third time on the market for us and unfortunately costing us thousands in advertising costs with other agents. We know who to call next time. - Sam and Jackie
    Review by for Michael Larkings from Location Real Estate Sales and Consulting
    My wife and I first met Mich'l Larkings a few months ago, when he showed us through a property as potential purchasers. We were both immediately impressed with Mich'l's personability and down-to-earth presence. His integrity shone through from the outset and he made us feel very comfortable as potential purchasers. We figured that since Mich'l had immediately gained our confidence as purchasers, then who better to represent us as vendors, to attract potential purchasers for the upcoming sale of our Lilli Pilli property. We selected Mich'l as our agent, despite several recommendations from our friends in favour of other local agents. As vendors, we were similarly impressed with Mich'l's performance. It was obvious to us that throughout the marketing process, Mich'l was making great efforts to canvass the prospective purchasers and propel their interests in our property. Mich'l had clearly outlined to us at the outset what he thought would be the best marketing strategy. He stuck to his guns throughout the marketing process, even though at times we found ourselves wondering if his strategy would be successful. Mich'l reassured us along the way and requested that we place our trust in his judgement. We did place our faith in him and it paid off in spades. Mich'l achieved a sale for us at auction that was $207,000 above the reserve. This result was beyond our wildest expectations and was achieved in a softening market. I would once again like to thank you Mich'l for such a wonderful effort and a great result. I would wish you luck for the future but I know that you won't need luck to keep achieving great results. It is clear to me that through your expertise, you make your own luck. I obviously have no hesitation in recommending your services to any potential future vendors. I am happy for you to encourage them to phone me, if they require any further reassurance of my confidence in your abilities. - Steve
    Review by for Michael Larkings from Location Real Estate Sales and Consulting

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