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    This agent immediately showed from the start a distinct passion to sell our property and achieve an amount way above our reserve. His marketing plan and team were most effective and efficient and this agent's negotiation skills with the successful buyer were at the highest level. Thoroughly recommend him.
    Review by for Dib Chidiac from Raine & Horne
    This agent provided a very professional and experienced sales service to me. He is extremely knowledgeable and was able to assist me in all aspects of selling my home.
    Review by for Dib Chidiac from Raine & Horne
    We were very happy with this agent.
    Review by for Dib Chidiac from Raine & Horne
    this agent demonstrated over a period of 1 year since first contact with him to sell my unit: consistency; professionalism and most importantly, trustworthy and genuine support through selling process. The result was far beyond expectations and we are still in shock as it sold for 80k over reserve. A record for complex. I would recommend this agent and R&H to anyone.
    Review by Marie Prior for Dib Chidiac from Raine & Horne
    It was a real pleasure to do business with you and share in your energy and enthusiasm for our journey in selling our off-the-plan apartment in Breakfast Point. Beginning with the end in mind and making activities a priority was instrumental in your success in finding our buyer. You negotiated hard to close the deal and earned our respect for the maturity of your approach. Paul & I would not hesitate to recommend you as a proactive agent who maintains communication throughout the sales cycle and it dedicated to achieving the best possible result for your clients. Once again thank you for a superior experience.
    Review by Anne & Paul for Dib Chidiac from Raine & Horne
    Just by chance we contacted this agent as a result of a letter box drop (one of many that one receives). This was the best “chance” we have ever taken. At that time we were not ready to sell, but were interested in getting an appraisal and information about the current market. this agent spent some considerable time with us, offered a lot of advice and answered every question we posed entirely to our satisfaction. When he departed that night, we said that whilst there was no urgency on our part to put our home on the market, he would be the sales agent we would contact when that time came. this agent did not at any time put and pressure on us, and a few months later we did indeed contact him to take charge of the sale. If you are looking for a sales agent with absolute honesty and integrity, coupled with superb communication and negotiating skills, this man is the one. We cannot speak more highly of him.
    Review by John & Margaret Tomko for Dib Chidiac from Raine & Horne
    In my opinion, this agent 's main strategy is unbeatable: above all he is honest. Followed by dedication, confidence, and knowledge of the market and people. His communication is thorough and his methods are transparent throughout the entire process. He conducts himself professionally yet seems like a friend. He always makes himself available for any query and is willing to provide support any time of day. His negotiation skills with all parties involved are exceptional and always ethical. No wonder he's ranked Concord's number 1 agent.
    Review by Gina Sorensen for Dib Chidiac from Raine & Horne
    Hi this agent My husband and I would like to thank you and your team for obtaining such a wonderful result for us on Saturday. You made selling our property a pleasure rather than a stressful chore. You were such a pleasure to deal with. We would recommend you to anyone selling their property. Thank you again Grace and Gianni
    Review by Grace Previti for Dib Chidiac from Raine & Horne
    Great service thank you ;)
    Review by Claudstar for Dib Chidiac from Raine & Horne
    We would highly recommend this agent to any of our family & friends who were in the market to either sell or buy property! We had the pleasure of dealing with him on both selling our property and also buying our new dream home! this agent 's intense knowledge of the market and his honest opinion and drive is only a few of the reasons why we choose him and his team at Raine & Horne Concord. Truly a professional and outstanding real estate agent!
    Review by Lee & Adelaide Matenga for Dib Chidiac from Raine & Horne
    I would highly recommend this agent.
    Review by Sharon for Dib Chidiac from Raine & Horne
    I enlisted this agent to sell our beloved family home that belonged to my grandparents. this agent made himself available to me at all hours any day or night answering all my questions with professionalism and understanding. His knowledge of the Market and the area is spot on and in depth. Although i knew my reserve was somewhat high, this agent assured me it was attainable and ran a fantastic campaign for us which not only saw us achieve the reserve but go over the reserve as well!. Our relationship has continued to this day with this agent providing us with extra support well and truly after the sale heading towards settlement. I have no hesitation what so ever recommending this agent ........ He IS the best agent in the Inner West. Anyone who uses anyone else to sell their home is risking not getting the maximum for their home! Many Thanks this agent ..... You're driven, motivated, honest and an absolute gun! You may be young but you're already a winner! Good luck with all your future endeavours, thank you for making what was a sad parting for us a positive experience :)
    Review by Teresa Parisi for Dib Chidiac from Raine & Horne
    We are very happy that we chose this agent , it was a delight to work with him. this agent is a great negotiator, and a very professional and enthusiastic agent. He gave us lots of feedback throughout the process, and we felt he was very trustworthy and open.
    Review by Sisters Of Charity for Dib Chidiac from Raine & Horne
    We are so glad we decided to use this agent as our agent. As first time sellers from the get go we found him: helpful, positive, informative and easy to communicate with. The assistance with preparing our unit for sale was fabulous it made the process so much easier and smother. All the tradespeople recommended by this agent who worked on our unit worked to a high standard and were reasonably priced. Throughout our marketing campaign this agent & his team kept us well informed with the property feedback and and the written reports we received were great. Come Auction time the Raine & Horne offices were a pleasant place to hold the Auction. Discussions around tactics and advice for setting our reserve was given drawing on his previous experience and market knowledge, and with the team in action we achieved a great price. Our instincts were right this agent is a great agent, he works really hard to get you the best price and to top it off he really is a nice guy to deal with.
    Review by Natalie Murphy for Dib Chidiac from Raine & Horne
    After dealing with bad agents for over six months it was an absolute pleasure to work with this agent . He was professional, honest and got us an incredible deal in less than a week. I would recommend this agent to anyone looking to sell their home. He will get you the best price be it a four bedroom house in Concord or a one bedroom flat in Ashfield. You will be 100% satisfied, we were!
    Review by Ann And Vic for Dib Chidiac from Raine & Horne
    this agent , was very professional was the first time I met him, always very respectful of my needs and wants as a seller. I would recommend this agent to anyone who was thinking of listing there home for sale, his knowledge of the greater Concord is second to none. He tried to get the best price for us right to the last minute.
    Review by Oris Squadrito for Dib Chidiac from Raine & Horne
    I write with appreciation for the efforts of this agent . The property turned out to be a difficult one to sell with complications due to Westconnex and local council historical regulations. So while the property did not sell initially at auction, it was this agent 's persistence, backed up my Michael Carbone's efforts, which proved crucial to selling the property. Even after I had decided to take the property off the market for a while and reconsider my whole strategy, this agent reformulated the strategy and techniques and persisted in bringing potential buyers to the house. His persistence enabled us to sell the property and happily move on. At all times, in spite of the difficulties and frustrations associated with selling the property, he was always professional and courteous. this agent never gave up in his resolve to sell my property. It is a quality I admire in him and one that was crucial to selling the property. This guy will never give up so if you need your property sold, he will sell it!
    Review by A.L, for Dib Chidiac from Raine & Horne
    We recently sold one of our properties with this agent from Raine and Horne Concord and we couldn't be happier with the end result. Our property was undervalued by two local real estate agents, and this agent came out on top exceeding our expectations and sold the property within 3 weeks! We would not hesitate to use this agent again for all of our Real Estate needs & have and will continue to refer him to anyone looking at selling or buying. this agent truly works for his clients making sure he provides the best service as well as price.
    Review by Norm0 for Dib Chidiac from Raine & Horne
    We are very happy about the result that this agent achieved for us!
    Review by Jun Gu for Dib Chidiac from Raine & Horne
    We cannot recommend this agent highly enough. No aggressive approach and just professionalism. Knows the market and works towards maximising the opportunity. Great Job.
    Review by Colin Mcalister for Dib Chidiac from Raine & Horne
    Motivated salesman. Excellent negotiation skills!
    Review by Anne Chang for Dib Chidiac from Raine & Horne
    if you are thinking of selling this agent 's the man for you. He has been fantastic from day one. No pressure, always available, extremely patient and always professional and courteous. Yes he got a great result for us but he also made the whole experience a positive one.
    Review by Kerry Budding for Dib Chidiac from Raine & Horne
    We looked in the area for some time. this agent was a stand out amongst agents we contacted during this time as he was guenuine, efficient and certainly went that extra mile. If I was selling I would want this man leading the charge, as I know from first hand experience he would get the best results out of the market. I was impressed with this agent going that extra mile for example: We scheduled a building inspection at extremely short notice being after 5pm for 11am next day, this agent made it happen and it wasn't a problem. He even followed up after business hours and continued to correspond. As a buyer I liked this agent as he wasn't pushy but professional, friendly and very helpful. In closing, I would highly recommend this agent to sell. As a buyer he delivers excellent customer service and ticks all the boxes. Further, well after the auction this agent maintained his friendly professional discourse. Well done this agent .
    Review by Ken L for Dib Chidiac from Raine & Horne
    this agent provided un-matched service when it came to selling this property. He exceeded all our expectations and managed to secure the sale before the auction! I would recommend him to anyone that is wanting to sell their property.
    Review by Pierre for Dib Chidiac from Raine & Horne
    this agent is very professional & lovely agent. He does very good job for clients. He cares what you think, acts what you ask, tries his best to help us out. Highly recommend for everyone.
    Review by Guowei for Dib Chidiac from Raine & Horne
    We found this agent to be honest and open in his dealings with us, and particularly considerate, when our circumstances deviated from the norm when Foo suddenly needed serious urgent surgery. He was always punctual and full of energy, and delivered what he had predicted he could, in selling our property. We would have no hesitation in recommending this agent to others, and have done so already. A young, energetic, hardworking young man of integrity - a rare find today. We wish this agent well for what looks like being a long, successful career in his chosen field.
    Review by Foo & Cathy Wong for Dib Chidiac from Raine & Horne
    Having spent the good part of 2014 looking for an investment property, I was beginning to give up. this agent was assisting me and didn't give up. He is very tenacious and focused but balances this with the highest levels of honesty & integrity. His expert knowledge and up to the minute awareness of 2137 & 2138 property markets is without equal. I would recommend him strongly to buyers or sellers in these markets.
    Review by Andrew Philpotts for Dib Chidiac from Raine & Horne
    this agent has to be one of the most hard working agent in concord, and drives to see you get the best possible result, I would recommend DIB to anyone!!
    Review by Charlie for Dib Chidiac from Raine & Horne
    We are so glad we went with this agent in selling our family home. He was very knowledgeable and always put our interests first. There were no phone calls ingnored, in fact there were many times during the campaign when we were having conversations with this agent at 10pm. We were lucky enough to receive a very strong pre-auction offer that we almost accepted, but with this agent 's professional advice, we decided not to take it and resulted in us achieving an auction result well beyond that initial offer - this really demonstrates how great an agent he is. Trust this agent , as we did because he knows his stuff, whilst never being too pushy. He is so full of enthusiasm and has a very easy going persona, which makes the selling process that bit less stressful. But when it comes to crunch time, he is the utmost professional and will really guide you to the ideal outcome. this agent is worth every dollar we paid him. We highly recommend him to anyone looking to sell in Concord. Ten out of ten service, thanks again this agent !
    Review by Val And Peter Loi for Dib Chidiac from Raine & Horne
    Very pleased with advice and service from this agent overall. He managed the whole process well, and got us a deal within the timeframe we needed, at a good price. Thank you.
    Review by Rhuang for Dib Chidiac from Raine & Horne
    We recently purchased a home in Concord, which was managed by this agent . Our experience with this agent and the Raine & Horne team at Concord was a pleasant one. this agent is an insightful agent and was very helpful throughout the entire process, making it quite a seamless experience for us. We would recommend this agent at Raine & Horne Concord to anyone looking to purchase or sell a property.
    Review by Charlie and Amanda for Dib Chidiac from Raine & Horne
    Last April my husband Robert and I were considering selling our home. We spoke to this agent as he had just sold the property next to us for an outstanding price. We were very impressed with this agent and his whole approach to selling the property. We were ready in October and again this agent was there for us! For five weeks this gentleman guided us, encouraged us and took us step by step through the whole process. No stone was left unturned, completely thorough and professional every step of the way. this agent ’s knowledge and guidance was unsurpassed, he had our total confidence and trust. Auction day arrived and a great result, $215,000 above reserve!!! – Thank you this agent ! During this process we were also looking for a home to buy. From the beginning this agent offered his help and going the extra mile, he was instrumental in helping us to acquire our lovely new home by bidding at auction for us. My husband Robert and I have nothing but praise for this young man who will always go the extra mile and a half. this agent is such a gentleman! Raine & Horne Concord you are very fortunate to have this agent on your team. We would never hesitate to recommend this agent to any buyer or seller and never hesitate to call on him again in the future. this agent is simply the best!
    Review by Robert & Ann Calilhanna for Dib Chidiac from Raine & Horne
    this agent is a passionate professional, who loves what he does. We appreciate him going out of his way to make the purchase transaction simple & speedy. Thanks this agent !
    Review by Andrew & Emma Piccione for Dib Chidiac from Raine & Horne
    I would highly recommend this agent if selling a house in the Concord area. The sales process was quick and stress free. this agent is personable and understands peoples individual needs.
    Review by Angela Losurdo for Dib Chidiac from Raine & Horne
    He is a good property agent.
    Review by Cherryi for Dib Chidiac from Raine & Horne
    The whole process of selling was professionally and efficiently managed by this agent and his team. From my initial discussions to the conclusion of a very satisfactory result I have been most impressed with their professional service. The initial advice on marketing was targeted and accurate. The advice on presentation and timing and methodology of the sale was well considered and importantly throughout the process the overall management was professionally and efficiently handled with regular feedbacks and briefings. It was a seamless exercise which went smoothly and concluded successfully.
    Review by Mohammed And Rabia for Dib Chidiac from Raine & Horne
    I can highly recommend this agent as a top agent in Concord! He is young, fresh and really enthusiastic. I have been trying to look for a property over the last year which had been very stressful. this agent is very dedicated to his job and to his clients and for that reason, he will go to extreme measures just to find you the right property. He is always very friendly, personable and easy to communicate with which makes the process less stressful. The sale was settled within a couple of weeks due to his efficiency and impeccable record of returning calls if at anytime questions needed to be addressed. He is great at what he does and I will definitely go through him again if there was ever another opportunity. Thanks for all your help this agent !
    Review by Daniellee for Dib Chidiac from Raine & Horne
    this agent is a well recognised face around Concord these days and rightly so. We often here about individuals excelling in their fields but hearing and experiencing first hand are two entirely different things. Working with this agent on our sale was an absolute pleasure. We truly felt that he was selling our family home in the same fashion that he would sell his own. With the same dedication, and integrity that we would expect of ourselves on such an endeavour. The energy that this agent put into our sales (and seemingly all of his work) far exceeded our expectation and a direct outcome of this energy and time was a fantastic result that also exceeded our expectations. We truly felt that this agent was able to get find us the highest price in the current market and would highly recommend his services and his work to anybody who is looking for an agent to represent their best interests. Regards, A very happy vendor
    Review by Wasseem for Dib Chidiac from Raine & Horne
    Once again it was a real pleasure dealing with this agent - this is my third transaction with this agent . I bought the house through auction and this agent made the process so easy and always kept in touch. Honest, reliable, courteous, and excellent after sales service – I would strongly recommend this agent to anyone buying or selling in the area.
    Review by Coder for Dib Chidiac from Raine & Horne
    Dear Michael and this agent , We would like to sincerely thank you for the excellent and professional manner in which you two conducted our sale of 1 Medora Street Cabarita. Your determination and strive throughout certainly paid off, with much appreciation. We were delighted to have achieved a record price for the street. Our experience of selling our very much loved home was stress free due to your professionalism and always keeping us informed of prospective buyers, vendor meetings and always available via phone or email with prompt attention. We are confident you will do your very best to help us in our search for our next property. We wish you both all the very best for the future, and we would highly recommend you to anyone who is buying or selling. Looking forward to dealing with you again. Sincerely Cos and Regina Carbone
    Review by Cos and Regina Carbone for Dib Chidiac from Raine & Horne
    this agent is simply the best! From my first contact with this agent , I was impressed with his level of professionalism and how helpful he was. this agent ’s assistance was vital for us in the process of buying and selling. this agent took us though the journey of selling our apartment in Breakfast Point and we felt confident and comfortable all the way through. this agent found the right buyer in the first opening resulting in a sale prior to auction. Not only did this agent sell our apartment quickly, but he also achieved a record sale in the building!!! We are very happy with the result and we cannot recommend this agent highly enough! Thanks this agent !
    Review by Alex & Dani for Dib Chidiac from Raine & Horne
    We found this agent 100% dedicated. He is young, hungry and professional in every aspect. this agent was always contactable and kept us up to date daily with what was happening within the campaign. His knowledge of the Concord, Breakfast Point area and his drive to obtain a great result for us surpassed all our expectations. To Denise, Celeste and Michael at the Raine & Horne Office, Concord, who helped this agent along the way a big thank you. To this agent , we would not hesitate to utilise your services again. Thank you so much for selling our lovely home and achieving the result you did.
    Review by Mal And Jill for Dib Chidiac from Raine & Horne
    We would highly recommend this agent because of his professional and knowledgeable approach in selling our family home of the past 10 yeas. It was evident from the beginning that his experience and knowledge made us feel comfortable and confident that he would sell our home. We trusted in him and we where not disappointed.
    Review by Mario Louisa for Dib Chidiac from Raine & Horne
    Fabulous sale with this agent , went the extra mile, sent through regular updates and reports. I felt very much a part of the sale process and had the opportunity to make daily decisions on the sale of our property. The end result was also positive ensuring we achieved our expected sale price. Thanks for making things so easy!
    Review by Paola for Dib Chidiac from Raine & Horne
    We cannot recommend this agent more highly given our recent experience of him selling our unit in Concord. this agent is very consultative, listened to what we wanted to achieve, was knowledgeable and realistic about the market and ensured we understood the marketing strategy to achieve the best result for us. this agent kept us informed of feedback on the process, was honest and informative and kept us aware at each step so we felt he was working in partnership with us. We achieved a block record which was above our expectations so we are very grateful for all your hard work. Thank you again this agent and we will definitely ensure we tell others to work with you in the future.
    Review by Steve & Sarah for Dib Chidiac from Raine & Horne
    From the moment we met this agent we knew he was the right person to sell our much-loved home. this agent has a naturally passionate and warm personality that we found appealing and felt that buyers would also. Once we signed this agent as our agent we spoke to him at least once everyday and was fully updated and had complete confidence in this agent 's ability. He listened to our requirements and exceeded our expectations before and during the campaign to a fast result (we wanted ideally to sell before auction and we did in 2 weeks). It is also worth noting that this agent has a great team behind him who were very communicative and supportive, and thanks goes to Denise, George and Celeste who were equally delightful to deal with. Overall, a very pleasant and exciting experience, contrary to hearing that selling houses should be stressful. Well done, this agent ! We highly recommend this agent as an agent to anyone looking to sell their property.
    Review by Jo And Colin for Dib Chidiac from Raine & Horne
    this agent , Thank you so much for achieving a fantastic record-breaking result for our family home. You were extremely helpful with your marketing recommendations in which helped achieve this top result. We chose you to be our agent because you were enthusiastic, driven and reachable 24/7 that we appreciated the most. We will strongly recommend you to people who ask our opinion. We have nick named you 'The Concord King!' We wish you the best of luck with all your future endeavours. Best Regards The Mosses Family,
    Review by Joseph Mosses for Dib Chidiac from Raine & Horne
    We dealt with this agent on the purchase of a townhouse in Concord. this agent was friendly, approachable and happy to answer all our questions. In a challenging market for buyers, he was fair in his treatment of potential purchasers and told it as it was. Price guides and the state of play for the auction was clear and transparent, while he was happy to ensure any potential queries/concerns were immediately resolved. From our dealings with this agent , I can see why he is well-regarded in the area. Will definitely be keeping in touch with him to keep on top of the local market and would happily recommend him. Hopefully this is high praise from a purchaser!
    Review by Krjr Townhouse for Dib Chidiac from Raine & Horne
    Thank you very much for selling the house for us. You got a very good price at auction. I will recommend you to all my Chinese friends. this agent is best agent!
    Review by Helen Chen for Dib Chidiac from Raine & Horne
    Thanks this agent for the great result you got for us. this agent , your effect and commitment was outstanding. I recommend you to any who is thinking of selling their property as I believe you will get the best result possible. A highly motivated and dedicated sales agent working for the customers interest.
    Review by Jimmy for Dib Chidiac from Raine & Horne

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