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    We were very happy with this agent and his associates. Everyone was very friendly and efficient. This agent worked very hard to make sure we got the best price for the property. He kept us informed every step of the way. We highly recommend this agent.
    Review by for David Greig from McGrath
    This agent is an experienced agent who knows how to communicate with people on all levels to achieve the desired result, a fantastic sale. She guided us through an emotional sale of our family home my parents built 45 years ago. She was empathetic at all times yet was able to find a way to speak up where she thought certain elements were crucial. We recommend this agent and her wonderful team to anyone selling.
    Review by for Donna Etchells from McGrath
    Andrew and I would like to thank again and again the professional advise given to us by this agent Etchell at McGrath Real Estate, Sylvania Waters. The thorough process is a strong testament to the great result we achieved recently. The great result is a combination of the fantastic staff this agent has working with her including Suzanne Barreca and Farrah. We felt very confident selling our home to a wonderful and enthusiastic team who worked extremely hard to achieve such a great result.
    Review by Susan and Andrew for Donna Etchells from McGrath
    No hesitation in recommending this agent and her team. Thank you this agent and your team for making an otherwise very difficult and emotional sale experience, an extremely positive one. You had your work cut out for you with the challenges of the property and also the numerous family members involved. You handled yourself with grace and professionalism at all times. You balanced all emotions and personalities so professionally to ensure the job done and all parties were happily in the position to sell for the right price. Sue and Farrah were integral parts of the process and always on hand to answer questions and keep things on track in the background. I would not hesitate to recommend you and your team to any future vendors and look forward to us working together again in the future. Thank you again for all your hard work, patience and unbelievable skill as an agent. We are forever grateful and now means we can all move onto the next phase of our lives.
    Review by Sarah for Donna Etchells from McGrath
    Integrity, Communication, Customer Care and Results - this is what the McGrath reputation is built on. It is what you get in abundance from this agent , Sue and the team at McGrath. A very smooth and easy auction campaign with a great result. I will only use this team to sell any future properties and would highly recommend them without hesitation. They are not just my real estate agents, they have become our family friends.
    Review by Martin for Donna Etchells from McGrath
    I cannot thank this agent and her team enough. Their attention to detail throughout the whole process was second to none. Come auction day, they made us feel at ease and the outcome was fantastic with our house selling well above reserve.
    Review by Lyn and John for Donna Etchells from McGrath
    Just a quick note to thank you for the sale of our property at Palazzo in Sylvania. We were delighted with both the time frame with which the property sold in and the result achieved. You helped make the process seamless whilst continuing to seek out the most desirable outcome. Once again, thank you for your time and effort.
    Review by Peter and Angela for Donna Etchells from McGrath
    this agent is a thorough professional and all the advice we were given was spot on which showed great results. I totally recommend this agent and her team.
    Review by Murray and Sam for Donna Etchells from McGrath
    Thank you, this agent , for the professionalism that you, Sue and your team showed. You helped to market and sell our home. My husband and I felt very comfortable that you kept us informed with the progress of each week of our campaign, despite the weather. All in all, well done.
    Review by Leonie for Donna Etchells from McGrath
    this agent and her team were very professional and committed throughout our sale experience on all levels and we would highly recommend using them.
    Review by Tracy and Lyndon for Donna Etchells from McGrath
    this agent impressed us with her local knowledge of the local market, her enthusiasm and confidence that she would sell our home and get the best price for us. She particularly impressed us with her attention to details and she literally babysat us every step of the way. We feel that we chose very well in using McGrath as our agent. Their database of clients, marketing tools, advertising and brand name is so strong and is second to none. - Tania and Nick
    Review by for Katrina Wright from McGrath
    It was most surprising to get such a serious offer on my house just two days after I signed the deal with this agent . The sale came from the company’s database of potential purchasers. There was no need for advertising. this agent proved himself of his own words that he has the most accurate and vast data base for the area. After buying two properties from this agent and now selling two properties through this agent I would have no problems in recommending him to anyone. - this agent
    Review by for David Greig from McGrath
    While it is true that you achieved a sale of our home that far exceeded our expectation, it is not specifically what we wanted to thank you for. As you are well aware, selling your home is a stressful and emotional journey, especially when you have put as much work into the house as we had. From your initial visit, you gave us real and positive feedback about how a sale of our house would go. We believe that it was from you firm understanding of the local market that we were guided as to when and how to put our home up for sale that achieved this remarkable result. What impressed us most of all though, was that you were always available to talk to us through any stage of the sale process and gave immediate feedback after the open houses. This made the process of auctioning our house so much easier to bear. - Greg and Sharon
    Review by for David Greig from McGrath
    We are writing this letter to express our deep appreciation for the excellent service provided regarding the sale of our Kangaroo Point residence and the purchase of our new residence located at Sylvania Waters. From our initial discussions you clearly demonstrated a highly professional approach regarding our requirements involving the changeover of residence including pricing considerations. Your enthusiasm and making your time available meant a lot to us. You made a tireless effort to assist us which we believe was beyond the call of duty. Your team stands apart from other companies we have dealt with over the years. Your team are committed to ensuring that they deliver what was promised. Thank you this agent , for making what can be a nightmare experience into a very enjoyable one. - Chris and Sue
    Review by for David Greig from McGrath
    Having recently used this agent to both sell my property and to purchase a new property I experienced his commitment to customer service and his negotiation skills first hand. this agent 's intimate knowledge of the market and his negotiating expertise is in my opinion, first class. In handling my sale, he worked in my best interest at all times and when negotiating my purchase this agent was professional and responsive at all times. In today’s changing market, I have no hesitation in recommending this agent . His personal skills coupled with McGraths high quality marketing services combined to achieve a great outcome for me. - Graham
    Review by for David Greig from McGrath
    We were really pleased with the way this agent and Danni dealt with the sale of our property in a professional and friendly manner. The communication was excellent throughout the preparation of putting house on market through to the selling campaign and we got a fantastic result in selling prior to auction. This was our first experience of selling a property in Australia and a very positive one. - Sam
    Review by for David Greig from McGrath
    We want to congratulate you and Dani for your work on the recent sale of our home in Sylvania. You were both extremely helpful and kept us well informed while guiding us through the process. We really liked this agent ’s friendly, calm and professional manner, which instilled confidence. We were blown away with the auction result, achieving well over the reserve but these results do not come by chance. They require a sound knowledge of the market, the ability to provide first class information and the good judgment as to the best way to market the property. this agent of McGrath Sylvania can take full credit for achieving this great result and we would like to express our gratitude for his efforts. We especially appreciated this agent meeting us outside of business hours. We will have no hesitation in recommending this agent to anyone selling their home in the shire. - Donna and Brian
    Review by for David Greig from McGrath
    We are writing to express our appreciation for the excellent service provided regarding the sale of our mother’s residence. After several real estate dealings with this agent , there was never a question in our mind we would sell my mother’s home with him. From our initial discussions you clearly demonstrated a highly professional approach regarding our requirements. Your enthusiasm and making your time available meant a lot to us. Your team stands apart from other companies we have dealt with over the years. Your team are committed to ensuring that they deliver what was promised. At auction, your ability to work with your highest bidder to maximise the price for us was outstanding. Thank you this agent , for making what can be a nightmare experience into a very enjoyable one. - Chris and Sue
    Review by for David Greig from McGrath
    I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything you did, we are thrilled. As we've previously said, we were underwhelmed by the McGrath agent when we were the under bidders at an auction, and that made us shop around. However I was not happy with anyone else. From the moment we rang you and you came over and we signed up, I was happy. I don't know how you do that week in and week out, but clearly you do it because you love it. When we told people who we'd signed up with, the only response we received was what a great guy you are. It's such a huge thing to sell a house, especially a house like this, it's not your everyday little first home, and we trusted you explicitly. As we trusted you, apart from the actual 5 minutes of the auction itself which was hell, I was surprisingly calm throughout the whole campaign. I felt for you when there was the leak of information from your office, as it had nothing to do with you, but I appreciate how you handled it. Please thank Dani, she's lovely and very efficient. I have no intention of selling another house to hopefully after you have retired, so hopefully I will not require your services again. However I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone, and everyone does know how happy we are. So thank you again. Thanks again. - Jules and Hud
    Review by for David Greig from McGrath
    My home has just sold through your Helensburgh office. I'm writing to tell you how impressed I was with your salesman, this agent ten Cate. this agent was outstanding. Our first interaction was challenging. He was filling in for my chosen salesperson who was on leave when an issue arose. I immediately felt comfortable to discuss my thoughts with this agent . He was very personable on the phone. Most importantly, he jumped into action mode and with hard work, solved the problem. He worked tirelessly on my sale, often after hours. I am very pleased with the result. this agent is an earthy character with a positive approach and a cheeky sense of humour. During the campaign he demonstrated a strong moral code and work ethic. I would not hesitate to recommend this agent ten Cate. - Jane
    Review by for Dirk Ten Cate from McGrath
    You came highly recommended to us by very close friends, and it was during our first discussions that the decision was made to proceed with you even though we had five other agents give us an appraisal. We would certainly recommend this agent to any potential vendor if it is a professional and honest representative you are looking for. - Graham and Lorraine
    Review by for Sean Egan from McGrath
    We purchased our new home through this agent . In purchasing, we experienced the professionalism and knowledge that this agent and his team are renowned for. Because of our positive experience, we shortly thereafter engaged this agent to sell a property for us. We remain grateful to this agent for his motivated and professional approach during the well-planned marketing program and for his understanding of the emotional side of selling. this agent at all times kept us informed of progress and provided honest advice and direction. Without hesitation we recommend this agent to anyone contemplating the purchase or sale of property. - Kara and Mich
    Review by for Sean Egan from McGrath
    We are delighted with the outstanding result you obtained for the sale of our family home in Cronulla recently. Considering the volatile property market, you were able to achieve considerably more than we expected. Your expertise and professionalism in the real estate industry and your high level of communication skills played a vital role in this sale. The fact that the property was only on the market for a very brief period, in itself, speaks volumes on your sales ability and enthusiasm. Many thanks on behalf of the Pagano family. - The Pagano Family
    Review by for Sean Egan from McGrath
    So often in this world, we are very quick to complain when a service is not provided but seldom do we take the time to give credit where credit is due. I felt compelled to write and express how pleased Andrew and I were with the sale of our home. From the very first meeting, you were a professional and I felt we were always able to trust your advice as it was always backed up with data. In each conversation we had leading up to the listing of our home you gave us advice that was impartial which is rare in the real estate industry. So often, sellers are told what they want to hear and you never treated us that way. The feedback and reporting was comprehensive and our weekly meetings made the decisions that have to be made at the end, so much easier. I feel our best value came at the negotiating table. Your expertise in this area was the reason we chose you and you delivered. Achieving the price you did for our home is testament to that. I know that when we sell again we want you on our side of the table. Thank you for all the hard work you put in to making the sale of our home the best it could be. - Tanya
    Review by for Sean Egan from McGrath
    this agent is the most real, real estate agent we've come across. We bought and sold our homes through him recently. He worked hard to effect a sale on our behalf following up with feedback and actions after every viewing (friends using another local agent to sell their house had no such service) and updating us at every stage of the process. He is realistic regarding the market, works his database hard and unlike many agents doesn't give up after the third week or just keep asking you to pay more for marketing. We would have no hesitation recommending this agent and having been in sales for twenty years myself, I reckon I am pretty hard to please. - Mel and Jacky
    Review by for Sean Egan from McGrath
    Just a short note to extend out thanks, for the manner in which you undertook the marketing and eventual sale of our property. We both recognize the challenge that we presented you with, when we listed our house with you. Not only was it a difficult property to sell, but we also promptly relocated overseas leaving you with a rented property to manage, market and sell. In addition, your tenacious approach to an interested buyer, your continual negotiation and communication with both the buyer and us was admirable in eventually securing a win-win situation for all. I can say I have ever seen anyone work quite so hard to complete a sale. Under extremely challenging circumstances with roadblocks thrown up at every conceivable point of the completion process, we believe in the end it was your determination that secured settlement. Your phone bill must be enormous considering the calls you put in to all and sundry to ensure that you knew at all times what everyone was up to. In addition, being on the other side of the world meant that for us our only feeling of control came through the information that you provided us with. We can't thank you enough for the continual communication from you and more importantly the honest, no nonsense approach to completing the deal. I would like to say that we will leave you alone in the future, as we recognize the sale of our property presented a number of interesting issues and moments, however, I am sorry we are in for the long haul. When we return from overseas and we are looking to buy you will be our first stop. - Mark and Jennifer
    Review by for Sean Egan from McGrath
    Thank you for all of your efforts with getting a great price for our home. The extra we gained above our reserve will really help. Thanks for addressing our questions, concerns and what if's so patiently. Wishing you all the best for your future developments. - Rob and Mel
    Review by for Sean Egan from McGrath
    Just a note to let you know how absolutely pleased we were with the sale of our home. To say that we were apprehensive and wary due to the fact that we had gone to market twelve months previously without the desired result and at a great cost, marketing contracts etc. was daunting. However, after meeting with you and implementing your marketing strategy, we could not have been more impressed. From the very start you coordinated the sale with distinction. We were amazed at the response from your data base alone before advertising. this agent , you made the process of the sale of our home an absolute pleasure and we can't thank you enough. We wish you and your dedicated team all the very best for the future. - Sue and Rod
    Review by for Sean Egan from McGrath
    For the sale of our Miranda property, we were most fortunate to obtain the services of Mr. this agent . Firstly, we were extremely impressed by the high level of professionalism maintained by this agent and his team at all times. They were more than willing to listen to our ideas regarding the marketing of the property, were highly organised and always kept us very well informed. But above all, we felt that this agent 's intuition during the selling process was both special and the main factor behind our outstanding result. We would highly recommend this agent to anybody thinking of selling their property. - Elizabeth and Stephen
    Review by for Sean Egan from McGrath
    Anne and I received a recommendation about this agent from a friend. We were thinking of moving to the city where our two girls go to school. We were not sure if we should renovate first or would we be able to achieve a good price for the house as is. this agent came to the house and discussed the situation with us. He prepared a market report then said he had some potential buyers for our type of house. Within two weeks, this agent found a buyer at an acceptable price from our point of view. The house was sold without putting it on the market. Most important we avoided messy and costly renovations. this agent conducted all aspects of the business in an exemplary fashion. He did what he said he would when he said he would do it and we could not be happier. Anne and I have no hesitation in recommending this agent to any potential seller or buyer. - Anne and Lee
    Review by for Sean Egan from McGrath
    After interviewing a number of agents, it was recommended that I should talk to you, and I am glad that I did. The professionalism shown not only by yourself, but from everyone that I came into contact with at this agent Property is a testament to the success that you are enjoying. Keep up the good work. - Greg
    Review by for Sean Egan from McGrath

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