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    Our next door neighbours listed their home with this agent and no sooner was their sold sign being put up. Not only did this agent affect a quick sale but she also achieved a record price for the street. This got us thinking about selling. We had this agent in for a chat and that was that. Our home was sold 3 weeks later. this agent is a classy operator. She is professional yet very friendly and approachable. this agent communicated with us daily and blew us away with her service levels. It was truly a personalised experience. As our sale occurred so quickly, we were nervous about finding a home to live in. However, never fear as this agent was on the case. She helped us find a new home and although it was not her listing, she offered her advice and assisted us with the negotiations and put us in touch with pest and building contacts and so forth. this agent provided us with a real estate experience that will be hard to top!
    Review by for Paula Taylor from One Agency
    this agent is well-known in our area and when we were thinking of selling, our neighbours told us to look her up. Friends in the area had nothing but fond things to say about this agent . We were delighted to meet her and quickly learned what the fuss was all about. this agent is a lovely lady. She was very warm and friendly and made us feel comfortable from the start. this agent had our home sold in 2 weeks and ensured a smooth process from the signing of our agency agreement with this agent through to settlement. this agent achieved an outstanding price and displayed utmost professionalism throughout the entire process. We can see why she is highly regarded by so many.
    Review by for Paula Taylor from One Agency
    We listed our home with this agent just before Christmas. We were warned this is typically a quiet time for the real estate industry and to hold off on campaigning until February. On top of this we wanted to achieve a premium price. this agent had our home sold in 3 weeks and achieved a record price for our street. Despite the sale occurring over the Christmas and New Year period, this agent was available all times and conducted regular face-to-face meetings to keep us fully informed and involved in the process. We found the experience to be very swift and professional and we highly recommend this agent 's services.
    Review by for Paula Taylor from One Agency
    We were referred to this agent by the retirement village we were moving in to and we were so very glad for this recommendation. this agent was wonderful. While we did not achieve the price we were initially hoping for, which was not attributed to this agent but rather the market conditions at the time. this agent persisted with negotiations on our retirement villa to soften the loss we were making on our home. These negotiations were drawn out and it was a long process before we were in the position to move forward with the sale of our home but this agent was patient and persevered until we got the result we wanted. Not many agents would have conducted such negotiations on our behalf or withstood the period of time it took to get both deals over the line. this agent 's dedication, hard work and professional approach was truly remarkable. Thank you, this agent .
    Review by for Paula Taylor from One Agency
    this agent lived next door to us and had looked after the sale of many other neighbours' homes in the area. We often saw this agent 's sold signs in Green Point and so it was only natural that we called her in to list our own home. this agent 's service was truly outstanding. She arranged for a landscape gardener to manicure our front and backyards and a home stylist to re-configure furniture and suggest decor changes. In no time, our home was transformed and appealed to a wider market. We appreciated her honesty in letting us know that our home needed these changes. Having lived next door for a number of years, it would have been easy for this agent to rest on our already formed relationship and perhaps not service us to the same extent of her other vendors. However, this was not the case. In fact, the very opposite occurred. this agent popped in regularly before and after work to touch base and keep us well informed of the progress of our campaign. She did a great job and we have no hesitation in recommending her services to friends and family.
    Review by for Paula Taylor from One Agency
    We had our home on and off the market for 6 years with a number of different agencies. We listed our home with this agent and had it sold in 6 weeks! Our home was very unique and suited a very niche group of buyers. We found this agent to be very passionate about matching people with their dream home and from the outset this agent was determined to find that one person for our home. The service we received from this agent was second to none and having listed with many agencies, this is not a statement we make lightly. After having been let down time and again over the years, this agent exceeded our expectations to no end.
    Review by for Paula Taylor from One Agency
    I was extremely nervous about putting my home on the market. I recently retired from work and was considering a move up north to be closer to my family. The whole idea of selling up and relocating was very overwhelming. When I met with this agent , I knew she was the one to list my home. She was warm and open and I felt very comfortable with her. She held my hand through the nerves and calmed my worries. I committed to campaigning my property in the local newspaper as recommended by this agent and after my second open home, I had to cancel the future ad appearances as my home was sold. this agent went above and beyond to help me with both the sale and my move up north, making regular before and after hours house calls to put my mind at ease. this agent was very honest and kept me fully informed every step of the way. I found the whole process to be very smooth and stress-free.
    Review by for Paula Taylor from One Agency
    this agent is a dear friend of ours, so we would not typically mix business with friendship but after having had our home on the market for some time with another agent, we went to this agent for help. this agent said she had the buyer for our home and she followed through with this promise. Our home sold before we could even get it on the market and commence advertising. We found the entire process incredibly smooth and professional. this agent communicated with us every week from our initial meeting through to settlement and the entire selling process was transparent, quick and very easy. this agent is a wonderful agent and we were delighted with our experience.
    Review by for Paula Taylor from One Agency
    this agent is a very genuine, caring person. In our initial meeting she recognised I was nervous about selling my home and acknowledged that I rightly should be. She told me she understands that I am selling my greatest, most valuable asset and it is going to be an emotional time. She is there to help me through those emotions and to ensure the best possible outcome. I appreciated her honesty and her nurturing approach. this agent delivered exactly as promised and achieved a great result in just short of 3 weeks. I was relocating to Sydney for work and was already commuting which was not ideal. this agent orchestrated a quick settlement so I could move forward with my new life. this agent had my best interests at heart and I thank her for the phenomenal job she did!
    Review by for Paula Taylor from One Agency
    We first met this agent at an open home on a search for our next home. We were blown away with her sincere service and attention to detail. We said to ourselves, "if this is the service level this agent provides to every person who comes through an open home, my goodness imagine what she will do for her owners!" and she didn't disappoint. We ended up buying and selling through this agent and found the process an extremely positive experience. this agent offered a very polished and professional service and we can't thank her enough. Long after our property settled, this agent still remains in touch and has become a good friend of ours. How many people can say that about their real estate agent?
    Review by for Paula Taylor from One Agency
    I dealt with this agent on my mother's behalf as she is elderly and was in the process of moving into an aged care facility. It was in fact the retirement home who recommended this agent to me. It was an emotional time for both my mother and myself. As I am based in Sydney, there were times when it was difficult to arrange certain things such as ensuring the house was clean for open homes. But this agent took care of absolutely everything and was an angel during this time. this agent was very nurturing and sympathetic to our situation and to my mother's fragile state and nothing was ever too big an ask for this agent . Unlike most agents, this agent 's care did not stop after the sale was affected. this agent helped my mother make a smooth transition into her new village and arranged for my mother's home to be cleaned and prepared for the new owners. I cannot speak highly enough of this agent and I thank her for her kindness and patience. What could have been a very difficult time for my mother and I was made very easy by this agent .
    Review by for Paula Taylor from One Agency
    After listing our home with this agent , our campaign attracted immediate interest with a number of offers presented in the first couple of weeks. It seemed our home was highly sought and price feedback quickly got to a point we didn't think possible. Unfortunately, our sale fell over on three different occasions due to poor building reports and it became obvious that if we did not do considerable building works to our home we would not be able to sell. As we were not in the position to do so, we made the decision to rent the property out. this agent 's help did not stop here. She arranged for a rental appraisal and put us in touch with a Property Manager. We had tenants in the property in just one week. Again, this agent did not stop working for us. She continued to seek out builder or developer buyers for our home and after several months on, she contacted us with a buyer. We have accepted an offer and couldn't be more thrilled. We were so impressed by this agent 's continuous efforts and superior level of service.
    Review by for Paula Taylor from One Agency
    We purchased a home through this agent in Saratoga and were truly impressed with her services. This purchase was not the first home we viewed with this agent . She showed us many and worked with us for well over a year until we found the one. this agent 's tireless efforts to match us with our dream home and her patience in doing so were remarkable. She never gave up and would call us the moment she learned of a home that may suit us whether it was her own listing or not. We had our Horsfield Bay home on the market for some time with a local agent but in frustration turned to this agent for help. Although it was not in her area and was some distance for her to travel, she took the listing on willingly and had it sold for us in 5 weeks. We were able to experience this agent 's services from both buying and selling perspectives and she is a brilliant agent and a credit to the industry.
    Review by for Paula Taylor from One Agency
    We were referred to this agent through a mutual friend after we had our home on the market for an extended period of time. this agent had our home sold in 5 weeks which was a feat compared to the attempts of agents before her. We were ecstatic with the result this agent achieved for us and the negotiation skills she displayed to get us to that point. this agent 's service levels were second to none and we have since recommended this agent to friends and family and would continue to do so. this agent is great at her job and is passionate about what she does. It's refreshing to work with people who truly love what they do and it was an absolute pleasure working with this agent .
    Review by for Paula Taylor from One Agency
    Despite the fact that I haven't found yet a suitable property through One Agency, I would really like to give feedback in regards to the staff at One Agency that I have met today. Kylee Jones, this agent and Sharron Tucker, you should be commended on your professionalism and willingness to assist both purchaser and vendor following my experiences today. I have met with 4 different agencies in total today and I have to say that none had managed to follow up after the inspections like all of you have. Nor have they approached me as a purchaser with such enthusiasm about each of the properties. There were at times purchasers in large numbers and you all managed to assist everyone. Well done! I have no reservation in saying that I would be pleased to deal with One Agency in the future to market my property.
    Review by for Paula Taylor from One Agency
    Thank you, this agent , for being the uplifting personality that you are. I shall always remember you and your kindness. As I stumble towards my twilight years, I shall have you to thank for my comfortable surroundings! Best wishes to you always. - Gillian
    Review by for Paula Taylor from One Agency

Recent Sold Properties From One Agency - Erina

    15 Irwin Place , Green Point 4 Bedroom House
    SOLD 30/10/2017
    3 Silky Oak Close, Green Point 4 Bedroom House
    SOLD 05/10/2017
    24 Water Street, Kincumber 3 Bedroom House
    SOLD 12/09/2017
    53 Brush Road, Ourimbah 0 Bedroom Land
    SOLD 07/09/2017
    321A Avoca Drive, Green Point 3 Bedroom House
    SOLD 21/08/2017
    321A Avoca Drive, Green Point 3 Bedroom House
    SOLD 21/08/2017
    28 Sandpiper Place, Green Point 3 Bedroom House
    SOLD 09/08/2017
    2 Henzel Road, Wendouree 4 Bedroom House
    SOLD 11/07/2017
    9/3-7 Wharf Street, East Gosford 3 Bedroom Apartment
    SOLD 11/07/2017
    35 Kookaburra Street, Wendouree 4 Bedroom House
    SOLD 29/06/2017