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Professionals Narellan has 0 agent listed on OpenAgent. Over the last 12 months, they have received 2 verified reviews and have sold 25 properties in the Narellan area.

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    As a home owner, rental property owner and home renovator over the last 25 years, I have had short term and long term investments. When I buy and sell properties in the short term, my aim is to maximise profits while minimising costs. To do this, one of my strategies is a quick turn over and achieve the maximum sale price. I needed a real estate agent that was going to work for me, listened to what I wanted, had excellent communication skills, is proactive, client motivated and was more than willing to adapt to my needs. When I started in property, I interviewed 7 or 8 real estate agents, we found this agent to fit the criteria we were after. Although I still interview other agents, this agent still qualifies and fits the criteria that is needed in a real estate agent that is essential to a good client/agent relationship. Throughout all our sales, this agent maintained contact and updated us on market expectations and surrounding sales of other properties. This agent has an extensive knowledge of the Narellan / Camden district. If you are in need of a high-quality real estate agent, I would recommend this agent as an agent to sell your property. If you are need further confirmation or authentication of this letter, this agent has my phone numbers. I will be more than happy to talk to you. I would also like to assure you that I am totally independent of this agent and Professionals Narellan & District. Any association with this agent and his Real Estate business.
    Review by Steve for Steve Diggins from Professionals
    This agent, Susan and the team at Professionals Narellan did a great job in selling my property after one open home, they help us realise our dream of purchasing a rural property with the successful sale of our home. Not only did this agent sell our place, he also assist me by attending the purchase Auction, his knowledge was a instrumental part of us being successful at the Auction. Thank you to this agent and Susan.
    Review by Michael B. for Steve Diggins from Professionals

Recent Sold Properties From Professionals - Narellan

    18 Craven Place , Mount Annan 4 Bedroom House
    SOLD 17/11/2017
    10 Pippen Street, Harrington Park 3 Bedroom House
    SOLD 10/11/2017
    10 Pippen Street , Harrington Park 3 Bedroom House
    SOLD 10/11/2017
    8 Matthew Close, Mount Annan 3 Bedroom House
    SOLD 19/10/2017
    8 Matthew Close , Mount Annan 3 Bedroom House
    SOLD 19/10/2017
    18 Hines Place , Mount Annan 3 Bedroom House
    SOLD 29/09/2017
    66 Milky Way, Campbelltown 4 Bedroom House
    SOLD 01/09/2017
    6 Claudius Place, Rosemeadow 3 Bedroom House
    SOLD 31/08/2017
    6 Moore Place, Currans Hill 4 Bedroom House
    SOLD 14/08/2017
    26 Farmhouse Place, Currans Hill 3 Bedroom House
    SOLD 04/08/2017