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    This agent came recommended and I can now understand why. This was one of the best real estate expereiences I have every had and I have already recommended her on to friends. From the day I was introduced to her she was on the ball, she had a buyer for my property on her books and the whole process was done and dusted in 30 days. Even though the it was quick it wasn't easy, there were some issues with the property that needed to be worked through with the buyer. These were worked through in the most professional way not allowing anyone to get stressed, she was incredible through all facets of the sale process. I would use here again in a heart beat and recommend her to anyone looking to sell or buy. Thank you so much.
    Review by Linda Sayers for Jutti Jeffrey from Real Estate Central
    I have never met this agent in person however over the last six months I have had hundreds of emails, texts and phone calls from her. I feel you need to know about this agent and her conduct towards me. I write this long letter with admiration and relief with honestly and the highest regard for this agent . this agent entered my life through Coralie and amazing conveyancer. I approached this agent . At this stage, this agent was dealing with an extremely emotional female who needed answers. My respect for this agent ’s chosen profession has always been one that I approach with caution - far from the behaviour this agent experienced with me. My first phone call to this agent was full of tears, anger, resentment and hate. On the other end I received nothing but tenderness, empathy and a willingness to help. I honestly don’t know how she got through this call. Having a discussion with a person in a town that I once loved and now fear was a huge hurdle for me yet she promised confidentiality. I had to trust someone in Darwin. To date, she has been true to her promise and was the person to fit the bill. To start working with me, she was dealing with a dysfunctional adult who couldn’t give a straight answer let alone a decision. In the first month with patients and no understanding of the trauma I had and was experiencing, she persevered. this agent ’s positive and optimistic outlook helped me sign a contract to allow her to sell a house I once loved and maintained. this agent has gone well and truly beyond anything I have ever experienced or expected from a real estate sales agent. She would work well into the night, I know this because she’d text very late - this made me wonder if she ever slept at home. this agent would text when she entered my house, she’d turn fans on to freshen up the house, put the sprinklers on to invigorate neglected gardens and grass areas, she’d call in every time she was in Palmerston to check the house, she’d call to say the pool people needed to fix the pool. this agent called her contacts as the pool needed major repairs. She was on site to issue work orders, check the work was completed then call the contractors back as the pool wasn’t fixed properly. This is not the action of a sales agent this is the action of a dedicated professional who sensed I needed this extra help at this time. I don’t know what I would have done without her honesty and dedication. this agent managed to get a buyer to sign a sales contract. More problems, the pool wasn’t to Australian standards so more phone calls were made by her and more contractors to juggle. The buyers are using a government funded scheme problem after problem, question after question, she sorted them all out. Again, I have no idea where this dedication to me has come from. this agent not only dedicated her time to me she has also helped me with marketing. She knows all our money has dried up yet she continued to advertise our house using her own money. She won’t tell me where this money has come from. She helped me pay for a pool fencing bill again refuses to tell me where this money comes from. She believes karma will play its part here. All these situations bought more tears from me trying to work out why a sales agent would do this for me. this agent is now passing the sale of my house to Tevy as she is going on holidays. Again I don’t know what I would have done without her. this agent doesn’t take thanks well she states she has a great team behind her, however she deserves all my admiration and words. I can’t put together enough words to and for her because the words won’t describe what a person and professional this agent is. She will be recommended to anyone I know looking to sell their house in Darwin. She is not only a sales agent she is an amazing person. Thank you this agent for everything you have done for me. - Kerri
    Review by for Jutti Jeffrey from Real Estate Central
    I would like to bring to your attention that I have nothing but praise for this agent , who acted as our real estate agent with the recent sale of our house in Leanyer. Her understanding nature, patience and professionalism are outstanding. this agent would be an asset to whom ever she worked for and I can not praise her enough. - Sandre
    Review by for Jutti Jeffrey from Real Estate Central
    We were leaving Darwin and putting our house up for sale. this agent and Tevy from Parap LJ Hooker were recommended to us to sell our home. Individually and as a team they presented as very professional, friendly and enthusiastic people. Communication is outstanding. this agent and Tevy are in touch with us and available for our questions and requests seven days a week. We had already left Darwin so this agent and Tevy prepared and presented our house each opening day. Our neighbours reported this was beautifully done. Security-wise it was very reassuring to have two agents on site each opening day. With the this agent and Tevy team you have two exceptionally capable real estate agents for the price of one. The process of the sale of our house from start to settlement has been faultless. Due to their professionalism, we have no hesitation in recommending this agent and Tevy for your real estate deals. Our thanks to this agent and Tevy for the speedy successful outcome. - Henry and Barbara
    Review by for Jutti Jeffrey from Real Estate Central
    this agent was referred to me via a friend. I made contact with her via telephone, as at the time of selling our home we were based in the ACT and our home was in Darwin. From our very first conversation, I felt comfortable with this agent . She had that Territorian way and although we have never met, by the end of our short association, I felt like I really got to know her. She was obviously experienced in sales, friendly and genuinely interested in our home and cause. Nothing appeared to be too difficult for this agent to handle. She managed our long term tenants with ease and dealt with them professionally on each occasion. Very promptly she conducted a drive by of our old home, she called me within twenty-four hours of making that initial contact to advise me that the process of selling our loved home had commenced. We negotiated a price and before I knew it, this agent was calling us with an offer. We gratefully accepted this first offer and were very pleased with the sale price. The further exchanging of contracts and paperwork was a breeze and there were no delays whatsoever, this was due to the highly organized and professional approach this agent took with all aspects of this sale. It is without hesitation that I recommend this agent to anyone looking to buy or sell a home, particularly in a remote situation as we were. Thank you this agent and all the very best. - Libby
    Review by for Jutti Jeffrey from Real Estate Central
    We are writing to thank you very much, this agent and Tevy, for the great support you have given us in our endeavour to sell our wonderful unit. From the very beginning you were so helpful and kind and so enthusiastic about the unit and its potential. In our experience, enthusiasm is what helps sell property and you both have an amazing amount and a wonderful attitude to your clients. Thank you for your persistence and assistance over the long period of the sales campaign and the purchaser's delays with finance - you showed great professionalism over the whole period. We were particularly pleased with the way you negotiated the three-way agreement which pleased us, the buyers and our valued tenant - many thanks for building such good relationships. We are feeling a bit sad as we did love the unit however we plan to visit Darwin regularly so will give you a call on our next trip. Good luck with your sales and hope you will have lots of buyers. - John and Barbara
    Review by for Jutti Jeffrey from Real Estate Central
    Both Ron and I have lived in Darwin for over 21 years, having bought and sold units and houses six times in that period so we have had good, bad and indifferent levels of service given to us for the last 20 years. We interviewed several real estate agents and different companies who appraised our home with varying prices and strategies on how to market our home. We were leaving Darwin to relocate to Perth WA, so there was still quite a lot of emotional attachment to our Durack home. Our decision to list and sell with this agent and Tevy, was an easy one. We both felt comfortable in their approach to marketing the home to achieve the best possible price so we could move onto our next chapter in our lives in WA. this agent and Tevy’s professionalism was top notch. Their can-do attitude is nothing short of amazing. Everything they said they were going to do, they did, nothing was too much trouble, and to top it all off, they sold our home in the first open and at a fantastic price and favourable conditions that suited us both. Like I said we have bought and sold properties in Darwin over 20 years and never on the first open and for very nearly advertised price. this agent was adamant she would sell our home for more than we bought it for 3 years earlier or she would eat her favourite pair of shoes. True to their nature, both this agent and Tevy didn’t have to succumb to eating their favourite shoes. They both communicate and negotiate effectively with all types of buyers whether they are dealing with first home buyers, investors, Gen Y, Gen X, Baby Boomers and they are a credit to LJ Hooker Darwin. I would thoroughly recommend this agent and Tevy to any prospective vendor. They made the sale of our home so easy, a seamless process and such a pleasure to deal with. Thank you this agent and Tevy again. - Rachel and Ron
    Review by for Jutti Jeffrey from Real Estate Central
    We chose this agent and Tevy Hok of LJ Hooker Darwin to market our townhouse at Leanyer. Through advertising and weekly open house inspections they created a lot of interest and quite quickly had a contract in place. Unfortunately the potential purchaser was unable to secure suitable finance and the contract failed during the Christmas break. After the break, this agent and Tevy resumed marketing that property again with the same energy and enthusiasm but unfortunately the property market was slowing down and another buyer could not be found. Most sales people, under these conditions, would forget about our Leanyer townhouse and concentrate on their other listings that may be easier to sell but this agent and Tevy did not. They kept the property tidy and persisted with their marketing campaign until they finally found the person who wanted that townhouse. The sale has now been finalised. Thank you this agent and Tevy. - Phillip
    Review by for Jutti Jeffrey from Real Estate Central
    I recently had the good fortune to have the team of this agent and Tevy Hok from LJ Hooker's, Darwin Office, recommended to me to sell my home. As the home needed a lot of work to renovate it, it was not going to be an easy sell and I was particularly interested to here that the team were very positive and upbeat with heaps of energy. My source was right on the money. The team turned up and I was immediately taken with the calm professionalism and the willigness to listen to what my requirements were. At this point Tevy needed, after the introduction, to be somewhere else and this agent and I sat and had a long discussion wherein with her detailed knowledgeable explanation of the benefits for me in an auction she turned my thinking around and we went this way. As this was the only meaningful discussion obtained from any agent that visited me and so helpful it was easy to engage the team. During the process I had constant contact with the team, all paperwork was sent to me immediately and the whole process was made easy with their attention to detail. When items at the house needed to be addressed it was requested in the most professional courteous way and with their explanations it always felt very in hand as we were always on the same page in regard to the sale and outcome. The house was sold in about five weeks, which was great, and I am now interstate. Even on my last day with a mad rush to get on a plane, Tevy came at short notice and assisted me, great service with humour and a smile. Having spent the last forty years dealing with the public I have a good idea what is required with customer service and I can't rate the girls highly enough other than to say that if I was doing anything with real estate at the moment and they were near me, I would ring them immediately without a second thought. It is fantastic, in usually a stressful situation of selling your home, to have quality back up in your agent and the girls did an exceptional job of that for me. Their infectious positive outlook along with a sense of humour was icing on the cake. I would be more than happy to reiterate their worth if anyone would like to speak to a very satisfied client. - Mark
    Review by for Jutti Jeffrey from Real Estate Central

Recent Sold Properties From Real Estate Central - Darwin

    103 Lee Point Road, Wagaman 3 Bedroom House
    SOLD 02/09/2017
    47 Glencoe Crescent, Tiwi 3 Bedroom House
    SOLD 31/08/2017
    Lot 3722 Launceston Road, Dundee Beach 0 Bedroom Land
    SOLD 10/08/2017
    70 Manunda Terrace, Karama 4 Bedroom House
    SOLD 01/08/2017
    Lot 3268 Andreas Avenue, Dundee Beach 1 Bedroom House
    SOLD 21/07/2017
    236 Beddington Road, Herbert 3 Bedroom House
    SOLD 19/07/2017
    3596 Namarada Drive, Dundee Beach 0 Bedroom Land
    SOLD 26/06/2017
    21 Moray Street , Karama 3 Bedroom House
    SOLD 01/06/2017
    3 Greenhide Road , Marlow Lagoon 5 Bedroom House
    SOLD 17/05/2017
    9 Kintore Place, Gunn 4 Bedroom House
    SOLD 19/04/2017

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