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    And yes this is my Real Estate Agent. Having bought, renovated and sold many properties over the last 30 years, I didn't have great expectations of Agents any more, however, this young man has changed my view completely. His honest and friendly approach is a breath of fresh air. His manner is lovely - not the “I'm the Agent you know nothing” type. He talks with you not at you when deciding on various aspects of selling your home. He was as enthusiastic as us about getting our home ready and if we said no to an idea that was fine - no harping. He kept us well-informed on how viewings were proceeding so we were always totally up to date. Oh and I challenged him to sell our house in 3 weeks and he did. - I was joking trying to put the pressure on but it clearly worked. The Purchaser had never bought before and he was very patient telling them what they had to do to tick all their boxed before the settlement date. I would honestly refer my friends or anyone reading this to this agent if they want someone with honesty, integrity, a sense of humour, efficiency (yes he returns phone calls), does what he says he will while taking the best possible care to make selling your home feel easy - all this and he doesn't forget the bottom line is to sell your home but so much more pleasant way of approaching the job not like the many agents who have come before him did. He made me feel like my home was the only house he was selling. He has a big future ahead.
    Review by Lynette for Rob Missenden from Ray White
    To be upfront this agent is a family member and when we offered him our two properties to sell, we had initially planned to “give him a go” before opening it up to other agents. We have to say we were pleasantly surprised and delighted in how well he managed and negotiated the sales. This agent acted, as our sole agent, executed his duties with passion and true professionalism. His attention to detail was thorough from the first consultation to the last settlement on the second property. But what was the most refreshing and so unusual in today's business economy was this agent’s commitment to respond quickly to every, inquiry, question and request. With continual updates, clear and accurate communication decision-making was a breeze and excellent results achieved. He worked very hard behind the scenes to bring it all together totally taking the stress out of it for us. Thank you so much to this agent and the Ray White Team at Alderley for a job well done.
    Review by Dan & Jen for Rob Missenden from Ray White
    We were introduced to this agent by Jan Cowan (principal at Ray White Alderley), who we had sold through previously. Although our heart was set on Jan for the sale of our Mitchelton home, within a few minutes of meeting this agent, we were thoroughly impressed with his personality and enthusiasm. Unlike many other agents who just spout the usual clichéd rhetoric and sales person spin, this agent brought a refreshingly honest and enthusiastic approach that we felt would be equally appreciated by prospective buyers. This certainly turned out to be the case, with our house selling after less than a week on the market with multiple offers, for a price that was at the very top of our expected range. What we appreciated about this agent was his ability to listen and understand our requirements, whilst also having the ability to talk with confidence and a genuine appreciation of our home and its individual merits. We knew that this agent’s passion and talent for applying a positive lens to our home would be conveyed to buyers and engender a level of excitement and competition among them. We got the impression from hearing this agent outline our marketing campaign that there really were no downsides to our home and we knew that this perspective would be experienced equally by buyers. At the same time, this agent was realistic and measured in his approach and very savvy in terms of the e-Commerce and marketing side. We knew we had a great chance of a good result. Lastly, this agent was very much our partner in the sales process. He was extremely pro-active and highly responsive, both to our requests, and those of buyers. We always felt as though we were part of a team in dealing with this agent. The bottom line is that this agent is such a genuine and likeable person and he sets a standard that other agents should aspire to, both in terms of personal and professional qualities. We would recommend this agent to anyone looking to sell their home and would not hesitate to use his services again in the future.
    Review by Julian & Veronica for Rob Missenden from Ray White
    This agent was able to handle a difficult negotiation associated with the sale of an upmarket property. He went out of his way to ensure the sale went through and was able to work a way through the issues.
    Review by Lawrie for Rob Missenden from Ray White
    Very pleased with performance from this agent and would recommend him highly.
    Review by Mike for Rob Missenden from Ray White
    A pleasure to deal with him. The easiest selling of a house. And for a much higher price than was estimated by another agent. He dealt with all the little problems quickly and efficiently. Can highly recommend him.
    Review by Ruth & Peter for Rob Missenden from Ray White
    We recently bought a property from this agent. I have to acknowledge how pleased I was with this agent's communication skills and ability to quickly resolve any problems or concerns that typically occur throughout a house purchase. He took the stress away from buying a house to make sure that we as the buyer were happy along the way, and to ensure a smooth settlement for the seller. Will certainly be staying in contact with this agent for our next property. Thanks again.
    Review by Gerard and Jade for Rob Missenden from Ray White
    I found this agent a pleasure to deal with, he is very personable and has an easy manner. He has great knowledge of the real estate industry and is full of advice, this agent went the extra mile when he climbed into the ceiling with me to stem my worries.
    Review by Rick for Rob Missenden from Ray White
    We met with several real estate agents when we were looking to sell our house. This agent stood out as he came across as very knowledgeable within the real estate market and was also very personable with great communication skills. We had a price in mind as to what we wanted for our property and this agent listened and took that on board. Had we listened to other agents, we would have ended up with a lot less than what we wanted. This agent has done a fantastic job and sold our property within 2 weeks. Highly recommended.
    Review by Kylee & Lou for Rob Missenden from Ray White
    The property had been with another agent for several months before this agent was given the property. This agent worked closely with us, giving us appropriate feedback to ensure the property was sold.
    Review by Rob C. for Rob Missenden from Ray White
    This agent was always available to speak with me & returned phone calls promptly. He negotiated a higher price than I was expecting even when I felt ok with the offer. In the end, it was most appreciated. Have recommended him to few people. He kept in touch with me during the period that I was deciding what to do & during spruce up. Thanks.
    Review by Helen for Rob Missenden from Ray White
    This agent was fantastic to deal with and would recommend him to anyone.
    Review by Russell & Julie for Rob Missenden from Ray White
    This agent was friendly and good to deal with and made a relatively quick sale. Thanks.
    Review by Darrin for Rob Missenden from Ray White
    This agent was informative but not pushy. We felt comfortable to ask questions and also to put our views forward. This agent listened and acted when requested to do so.
    Review by Carmel & Kim for Rob Missenden from Ray White
    We had our property in Mitchelton listed with a local agent, for 9 months and during that time we had not received much feedback or the service we were promised. A few months after we took the house off realestate.com. We met this agent when he put the house next door up for sale. He came over and introduced himself and invited us to the open for inspection. After having our house on the market for so long, we were beginning to think our price wasn’t out there. This agent came in and gave us lots of great recommendations and with his marketing strategy was able to get more buyers though in 4 weeks than the previous agent in 9 months. He brought us an offer which was well above the other agent’s asking price. We felt really comfortable dealing with this agent throughout the whole process. There was never a time we didn’t know what was going on. He is very knowledgeable and has plenty of energy and enthusiasm. Everything you need for ease of mind and getting the best price. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this agent to family or friends.
    Review by Tune U. for Rob Missenden from Ray White
    Service was good. Always knew what was happening with respect to offers. Good feedback regarding open homes.
    Review by Ian C. for Rob Missenden from Ray White
    This agent is a professional, reliable and confident agent. We felt very comfortable with this agent and his ability to get the best out of the market for us. We were over the moon with how quickly this agent worked to get us the best possible outcome. We couldn't recommend him enough to any other prospective buyer or seller.
    Review by Rob and Claire for Rob Missenden from Ray White
    This agent was most helpful in the purchase of our property. This agent went out of his way to help us with things in the lead up to hand over. Thanks for being so helpful and making our first purchase such a breeze.
    Review by Brian C. for Rob Missenden from Ray White
    Thank you very much for all your services during the purchase of my property in Mitchelton. During the process of ownership transfer, there were some issues which put me on a high level of stress for some time. Eventually it was all over and the purchase went ahead, so a big 'thank you'.
    Review by Noore for Rob Missenden from Ray White
    I recently purchased from this agent and found him to be very professional but also very approachable and friendly. The purchase went smoothly with good feedback at each stage. I believe that this agent would also be very efficient at selling property quickly for a good market price as he presents well, knows the market and follows up for feedback. He also has good knowledge of what buyers prefer and really understands what things people are looking for in different property types. I can see why this agent is one of the top sales agents for the local area.
    Review by Daniel & Amanda for Rob Missenden from Ray White
    We would recommend this agent to anyone looking to sell their home. He was hardworking and easy to communicate with. This agent got us the price that we wanted for our home. This agent marketed our property well and was happy to work with us and discuss the right strategy and adjust things as necessary. We found this agent to be honest and reliable.
    Review by Liz & Tim for Rob Missenden from Ray White
    I engaged this agent to sell my small cottage in Mitchelton and he went above and beyond from the word go. He is always friendly, professional and can assist any seller or buyer based on their individual needs in the market. The sale was quick, pain-free and he handled everything all while keeping me informed and communicating on the daily. I would definitely recommend this agent as one of the great local agents.
    Review by Janice for Rob Missenden from Ray White
    Throughout the entire process, we found this agent to have excellent communication. ie. always keeping us up to date with feedback from prospective buyers. Found him to be open to suggestions with regards to the preparation and the sale of the property and his estimates of the properties' sale price was realistic proved to be correct on the day of the sale. Given that he had several family members to communicate with he was courteous and cooperative to all requests. We would not hesitate in using his services again whether that be ourselves or passing on his details to other family or friends.
    Review by Joe for Rob Missenden from Ray White
    This agent was always friendly, accessible and very easy to deal with throughout the process.
    Review by Blair for Rob Missenden from Ray White
    This agent was fantastic. I would highly recommend him to anyone interested in buying or selling!
    Review by for Andy Cowan from Ray White
    "In our dealings with this agent we found him to be punctual, professional and very honest in his appraisal of our home, not losing sight of the fact that we needed to sell quickly and get a good result. He gave us the confidence that we would sell fast & for a good price which is what we needed with a speedy move to another city. this agent lived up to all of our expectations as an agent, he was efficient, interactive, included us in all decisions & negotiations and imparted years of local experience which led to a sale contract within 5 days of our house going on the market. We would highly recommend this agent to any sellers for his genuine interest in your home, his unrivaled knowledge of the area of Stafford & surrounds, and his ability to deliver without compromise."
    Review by Sacha Donaldson for John Ritchie from Ray White
    "Sally and I recently sold our house at Stafford through this agent . this agent has the qualifications of (PPP) after his name. We now know why. PROFESSIONAL.- We found in all of our dealings this agent was very professional, acting with integrity and was working to secure the best outcome for both Sally and Myself. this agent attended our property a month prior to listing so we could obtain his recommendations for listing which were implemented. PROACTIVE- It was clearly evident to both of us there were cars driving past the property 2 weeks prior to listing. Whilst an offer was received at the first opening on Thursday night this agent recommended we wait until the Saturday open house as he had more prospective buyers attending. PERFORMANCE - The house was listed for 5 days when this agent presented us with 2 contracts well above the listing price. 2 other offers had been discounted by this agent . On his recommendation we accepted his advice and signed his preferred contract which was unconditional 7 days later. Both Sally and I would commend this agent to any person wishing to sell their property for all of the above reasons."
    Review by Sally and Mike for John Ritchie from Ray White
    "When it came to selling, this agent handled the sale of Barellan St Stafford on behalf of Ray White Alderley. I can only say that he managed this in a professional manner, making all offers known to me without trying to force the sale. Additionally this agent , provided a wardrobe and other furniture items to ensure that the property presented well during open days. That he managed to convince the tenants ( 3 young men) to participate in this endeavor, without upsetting anyone, is a complement to his negotiating skills. The recent sale of my property in Byth St Stafford is another fine example by this agent of managing and presenting a property for sale. I can only express my deep gratitude to this agent for placing dropped fronds from ferns and twigs from branches into one location, which helped to present the property at its best aesthetically (I was located in Melbourne on this occasion, therefore unable to manage these tasks myself). The constant follow up and email advice was well appreciated particularly as it was sent or conveyed promptly. As a result of the services and assistance I personally received from all Staff at Ray White Alderley I have no hesitation in recommending Ray White Alderley to prospective buyers, sellers or developers."
    Review by Wlad Kocz for John Ritchie from Ray White
    “We approached this agent of Ray White Alderley to sell our home at Stafford because we noticed his impressive sales track record in our suburb. We were more than satisfied with this agent 's care and attention to our needs as vendors. this agent provided lots of ideas for presenting the property, which we took on board. But that's not the end of the story. this agent was on hand every step of the way in the marketing of the property. He supervised the photography so that the pictures would display the property in the best possible light. He was engaging and welcoming to prospective buyers and actively chased down leads. this agent even pitched in for that mad rush prior to an open house, operating the blower/vac which let us get on with other last-minute tweaks! And this agent was always in attendance for building and pest inspections and when second inspections were organized. If you want an agent who will work tirelessly to sell your property, who is courteous, knowledgeable, understanding and helpful, you don't need to look any further than this agent . Thanks ever so much, this agent .”
    Review by Mick and Donna Spring for John Ritchie from Ray White
    "We just wanted to extend a very warm thank you for your assistance and tenacity throughout our purchase and property settlement period for our first home at Stafford. Your flexibility, punctuality and willingness to help during this time certainly made this an easy and stress free experience! Thanks again,"
    Review by Tom and Adrienne for John Ritchie from Ray White
    "We would like to extend our warmest thanks and appreciation to you for all your hard work and dedication that you have shown us over the last few months. You have been an absolute pleasure to deal with and we are both so grateful for your inside knowledge and your warm approach. We both fell very looked after, and although the process can be a bit daunting particularly for first home buyers, you kept us in high spirits. We have already started recommending you and your team at Ray White Alderley, and you must be commended on the way you and your team conduct themselves.”
    Review by Madelyn Prowse for John Ritchie from Ray White
    "I would like to thank the Ray White Alderley team for their professionalism and all the little extra details that they took care of during the time my Townhouse was on the market and during the sale. I would personal like to make special mention to this agent who went beyond the call of duty with assisting in all the extras for the sale. Thank you so very much this agent ."
    Review by Narelle Beaton for John Ritchie from Ray White
    "I would like to thank the Ray White Alderley team for their professionalism and all the little extra details that they took care of during the time my Townhouse was on the market and during the sale. I would personal like to make special mention to this agent who went beyond the call of duty with assisting in all the extras for the sale. Thank you so very much this agent ."
    Review by Narelle Beaton for John Ritchie from Ray White
    "Many thanks for all your efforts in the sale of Toni's house at 113 Wilgarning St Stafford Heights and the personal attention you gave and considerations you showed Toni and she has asked me to pass on her thanks and appreciation , as we do ours. After 50 odd years in Brisbane and at that address the move to Sydney was quite daunting."
    Review by Erik for John Ritchie from Ray White
    "We recently sold an investment property in Stafford Heights through your agent this agent . We are very pleased with the result, and are writing to express our delight in the service provided by your agency. this agent was courteous and helpful throughout the process. He provided excellent advice on several occasions, including some delicate negotiations to with the tenants. His considered advice about the market and pricing reflected his personal judgement and long experience in the area. We ended up selling the property for a price well above what another agent had suggested we should aim for, and this sale was achieved within days of listing. We will heartily recommend this agent to any of our acquaintances looking for an agent in your area, and look forward ourselves to working with him again."
    Review by Rachel and Rupert Hoskin for John Ritchie from Ray White
    "As I was from interstate I needed to engage a professional agent who I could trust and who could deal with the competing demands of multiple remote stakeholders within the family as well as managing the relationship with the actual owner. I spoke with around 10 agents over the phone prior to arriving and met with 3. this agent seemed straight forward, honest and intelligent enough to manage a complex situation. We also needed a quick sale and the right price. this agent delivered on every front, we hit our target price in 4 weeks and everyone enjoyed dealing with this agent as we never felt pressured. We didn’t feel we needed to manage him as he provided regular communication. So if you’re interstate or just looking to sell a house without being pressured, this agent is the man for the job."
    Review by Paul Foster for John Ritchie from Ray White
    "this agent is a true professional with an in depth knowledge of the market he deals with. His experience is very obvious and certainly kept us informed in all aspects when negotiating the sale of our property. A pleasure to deal with in a business and personal manner."
    Review by Veronika & Malcolm Johnson for John Ritchie from Ray White
    "I really appreciated everything that this agent & his team at Ray White Alderley, for the hassle free sale of our investment property at 15 Sheehy Street, STAFFORD. The sale of our property, from start to finish, has been not only professional & quick but the level of care & communication was exceedingly brilliant. We have no hesitation in recommending you & your team to our friends and family, should they be selling."
    Review by Nicole Falabella for John Ritchie from Ray White
    "I would like to thank you for all your hard work in selling my home. I was particularly impressed by your knowledge of the market, realistic pricing and commitment to ensuring that I get the best possible price. Your professional manner and attention to detail with all aspects of the marketing and open house times was yet another example of what a great sales person you are. With all aspects of the sales process I was extremely satisfied with your diligence, willingness to go that extra mile and your ongoing helpful communication in giving me feedback on the progress of the inquires and interested parties. I have dealt with many real-estate agents in the past, I would like you to know that your skills and professionalism surpasses them all. Please know that I will enthusiastically refer you to my friends and family knowing that they will receive an outstanding service just as I have."
    Review by Helen Murray for John Ritchie from Ray White
    "I wanted to write to say thank you for the personalized and efficient service you extended in the handling of the sale of my home in Stafford Heights. From the first meeting to discuss my expectations, to the successful sale of the home. At a sale price which I was very happy with, your service has been excellent. I particularly appreciated your personal attention to presenting the home and to following through quickly with any questions I had and you taking a close interest like it was the sale of your 'own' home."
    Review by Theresa Thomson for John Ritchie from Ray White
    "Alexis and I want to thank you for your great service in the purchase of our home at 3 Webb St, Stafford. You have made yourself available to meet with me at the property a number of times prior to settlement and ensured that we could meet with the owner to discuss various things, which enabled us to move forward with confidence. I was particularly impressed by your honest approach to the transaction, in terms of what the client was looking for – it allowed us to submit an offer we were happy with and have confidence in securing the property – which happened. I was also impressed by the way you had contracted up the initial contract offer. I did not have to change/extend B & P or Finance terms you had initiated in the contract, which showed you didn’t just want to stitch me into a deal as fast as you could, to me that showed genuine consideration of me as a buyer."
    Review by Patrick and Alexis Morrisey for John Ritchie from Ray White
    "We recently bought our lovely home through this agent of Ray White Alderley. We were unable to see the home at the listed Open Home times, but this agent always made himself, and the house, available for our inspection. He was courteous, friendly and very knowledgeable about the area. We were very happy to work with this agent throughout the process of procuring our home.”
    Review by Gabriel and Martin Holmes for John Ritchie from Ray White
    "Thank you this agent for getting our house sold. After trying a different agent with not much luck after 3 months, this agent provided excellent and professional advice as to what we needed to do to sell our house – it sold within 2 weeks. The presentation of the house was excellent, he kept us up to date on all inspections and prospects and his after sales service is great. We would highly recommend this agent to any sellers for his long standing local knowledge of Stafford & surrounds, and his ability to deliver without compromise."
    Review by Alex & Kirsten Macdowel for John Ritchie from Ray White
    "this agent and the team at Ray White were very helpful with all aspects of the sale. There was a level of professionalism and customer care which I think some other Real Estates just don’t get. I would happily endorse this agent for any of your Real Estate needs."
    Review by Paul Cross for John Ritchie from Ray White
    "If you’re planning to sell your property in the Stafford area, I recommend you contact this agent . this agent impressed us with his professional, but personable, approach and intimate knowledge of the local area property sales. His advise about how to present the property for sale was spot on and saved us considerable time, effort and money. He provided a realistic assessment of the property’s value, securing an attractive sale price in under a week. Thanks this agent , for a job well done!"
    Review by Sue and Geoff for John Ritchie from Ray White
    "We have been very happy with the service provided by this agent from your office. He has successfully sold another property for us a few years ago and has been marvelous again this time. We have nothing but praise for him and his professionalism and would recommend him as an agent to any prospective clients."
    Review by Christopher and Margaret Mooney for John Ritchie from Ray White
    "I would like to take the opportunity to thank this agent for the successful sale of my house. His extensive knowledge of the area and understanding of the market meant that his advice was spot-on. He was patient and understanding in what can be a difficult process and I never felt pressured which was greatly appreciated. The marketing of the house was handled so professionally that the sale was achieved after only one open home. It has been a pleasure to work with this agent and I would recommend him to anyone looking to sell their home."
    Review by Monica Pattison for John Ritchie from Ray White
    "My Wife and I recently sold our home at Stafford under the guidance of your sales consultant this agent . this agent set out a marketing plan for our property which produced a sale after only 3 open homes. We found this agent easy to talk with and enthusiastic at all times and the result was the price achieved was above expectation. We could not be happier with the results, our heartfelt thanks to this agent and Ray White Alderley for the professional sale of our biggest asset."
    Review by Fred and Delma Warner for John Ritchie from Ray White
    "I would like to say how much i appreciated your help and pleasing attitude in the sale of my house. I would also like to thank this agent for his patience and kindness to me and my family. I would certainly recommend your company to anyone entering the property market. With thanks"
    Review by Daphne O’Brien for John Ritchie from Ray White
    "PJ & Andrew Cowan provided me with a clearly delineated marketing strategy and campaign that delivered high interest in the property that I was selling. This enabled the property to be sold quickly at a satisfactory price and I found their staff to be both knowledgeable and professional during this process."
    Review by Glenn Sherritt for Peter Cowan from Ray White

Recent Sold Properties From Ray White - Alderley

    62 Alderley Avenue, Alderley 2 Bedroom House
    SOLD 01/11/2017
    75 Hay Street , Mitchelton 3 Bedroom House
    SOLD 25/10/2017
    13 Elfreda Street, Alderley 4 Bedroom House
    SOLD 19/10/2017
    16 Beatson Terrace , Alderley 3 Bedroom House
    SOLD 22/09/2017
    39 Ashbourne Street , Ashgrove 4 Bedroom House
    SOLD 07/09/2017
    52 Tel-El-Kebir Street, Mitchelton 0 Bedroom Land
    SOLD 01/09/2017
    8 Longsight Street, Alderley 3 Bedroom House
    SOLD 29/08/2017
    6/94 Boyd Road , Nundah 3 Bedroom Apartment
    SOLD 25/08/2017
    39/74 Prospect Road , Gaythorne 3 Bedroom Apartment
    SOLD 23/08/2017
    10/15 Camborne Street, Alderley 3 Bedroom House
    SOLD 22/08/2017