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All Properties Group Browns Plains has 6 agents listed on OpenAgent. Over the last 12 months, they have received 64 verified reviews and have sold 386 properties in the Browns Plains area.

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    This agent was amazing, she was open and honest right from the first meeting. She clearly explained what her strategy would be and stuck to it. She sold the house within the first week of it being listed and obtained a price we are very happy with. This agent has a great support team that all exhibit the same can-do attitude and are a credit to this agent.
    Review by for Jess Nguyen from All Properties Group
    This agent took great care of myself and the seller when I was buying my house. She worked as a no pressure professional and gave great advice during the purchase process which made the transaction smooth and hassle-free. I would recommend this agent to any buyer or seller looking to make a smooth uncomplicated transaction in the property market and wish this agent all the best in the future.
    Review by Gary R. for Jess Nguyen from All Properties Group
    This agent came to us full of enthusiasm and with a sound knowledge of the market in our area. She was like a whirlwind and had a contract on our property within 17 days. The marketing was very professional and this agent convinced us to proceed with open houses even though we were not in favour. This turned out to be very successful.
    Review by Elaine & Bruce H. for Jess Nguyen from All Properties Group
    From day one of meeting this agent she was professional in her approach whilst also showing her bright and bubbly personality. Her arranging of open houses and her marketing skills in dealing with potential buyers was excellent and I am sure these people too appreciated her openness and friendly demeanour. All in all this agent was fantastic to deal with from day one and We would highly recommend her to anyone considering selling or buying a home, a pleasure to deal with.
    Review by Tom & Tina for Jess Nguyen from All Properties Group
    I have just bought an investment property from this agent and was completely satisfied with the professionalism I received from her. Qualities I look for in a salesperson are availability, genuineness, extensive knowledge of the area and after-sales care. This agent has demonstrated all these qualities in her sales process. She patiently explained the features, pros and cons without coercion and I never felt obligated. As an interstate buyer, I was always hesitant to look outside of NSW and especially when I am not familiar with the area. The whole experience was a seamless transaction. With this agent, even though the sale has been completed, she still offered continued service, and always available to answer questions I had. I have already recommended my family and friends to this agent who are eager to invest in Brisbane.
    Review by Thai H. for Jess Nguyen from All Properties Group
    After doing our research, we selected All Properties Group to market out house. The manager introduced us to this agent and we couldn't have been happier. We would highly recommend her as she is not only professional and knowledgeable, but importantly, a great communicator who appreciates the importance of good listening skills. We will continue to keep in touch with this agent and wish her well in her career.
    Review by Roger & Jeanette W. for Jess Nguyen from All Properties Group
    Thanks for a great result. You rock.
    Review by R. Lukies for Jess Nguyen from All Properties Group
    We were extremely happy with the results this agent managed to achieve for us with the sale of our house. This agent was always readily available to contact and fantastic with communication. She was always willing to answer questions for us and guide us through the process as this was our first sale - we never felt out of our depth with this agent. Would definitely recommend this agent as an agent for future sales. She's friendly, prompt and knows her stuff.
    Review by Leah J. for Jess Nguyen from All Properties Group
    This agent was friendly and supportive throughout the process of purchasing our new home. She was clear with her communication and genuinely interested in fulfilling our requirements as a purchaser. As there was more than one buyer interested in the property, this agent explained the process very clearly so that all parties understood exactly what the final process was going to be and this made for a easy process for us to make an acceptable offer to purchase the property. This agent also maintained close contact right up until the sale was finalised and even thereafter. She proved to be a very valuable member of All Properties Group. This agent understands the local market and we were confident of the advice she provided us. We will be recommending this agent to anyone we hear that may be looking to sell or buy a property in the local area.
    Review by Andrew and Barbara for Jess Nguyen from All Properties Group
    I would recommend this agent for your real estate agent. She was very professional and courteous at all times. This agent found buyers for my house and sold it very quickly. So if you are thinking of selling, this agent would do a great job for you.
    Review by Valda W. for Jess Nguyen from All Properties Group
    Being well-known for selling properties in the Heritage Park area, I approached this agent to sell my property. This agent helped by promptly acting on my request and placing the property on market in two to three days. The result was astonishing as the property was sold in just 3 days and for the price as expected. One thing I liked the most was her approach in dealing with clients. She was very professional and her enthusiasm and optimism to achieve client expectations was worth commendation. I found the experience very pleasant and I am up for having this agent to look after the sale of my other property. I would definitely recommend this agent to people who need excellent professional service for selling their home in Heritage Park and surrounding suburbs.
    Review by M. Patel for Jess Nguyen from All Properties Group
    I was seeking for an investment property and noticed that this agent was very dominant in Heritage Park, so it was a logic decision to contact her for assistance. I found her to be very helpful, she asked detailed questions regarding the type of home I was seeking to purchase. What amazed me was although she didn’t have anything suitable on her books at the time, it was only a matter of days for her find exactly what I wanted. This agent was extremely efficient, honest and knowledgeable, answering my questions, provided me with assistance and advice on all matters. Furthermore, I would highly recommend this agent to anyone seeking for a property in Heritage Park. She is such a joy to work with. Warm, friendly and extremely professional at all time, First Class Service. I could not thank her enough for everything she has done, she is best agent by far.
    Review by Ebony for Jess Nguyen from All Properties Group
    This agent was always professional and very knowledgeable about Heritage park and the real estate marker and easy to talk about to about any issues. She gave us some excellent advise about mortgage brokers that allowed us to ultimately purchase the property.
    Review by Donna S. for Jess Nguyen from All Properties Group
    This agent was awesome, amazing and great all in one. She was friendly and helped with everything we needed to get our home, I would highly recommend this agent.
    Review by Kendall A. for Jess Nguyen from All Properties Group
    I was recommended to this agent from a colleague when I was looking for an agent to sell my investment property. I found this agent to be extremely sufficient, friendly and knowledgeable. This agent gave me a great strategy that seemed rather interesting and I trusted she knew what she was doing due to her confidence with the market place, buyers and the area. She proved herself quickly by getting 4 offers and sold it more than I expected to achieve and she did it all in just three days, I couldn't believe it, it was amazing, this agent is amazing.
    Review by T. Ferguson for Jess Nguyen from All Properties Group
    We achieved 79 internet hits, 36 phone enquiries and sold $25,000 over listed price, All in 1 day. Impressive marketing, structured strategy and unbelievable results, this agent is simply electrifying.
    Review by T. Ferguson for Jess Nguyen from All Properties Group
    Wayne and I would like to say a special thank you for all the time and effort you put into selling our property. In our time of need you really stepped up and helped us immensely and had our property sold within two weeks. That was quite remarkable and we will be forever grateful. Not only were you extremely efficient, you did it with such a caring and friendly manner that we felt like friends and not just clients. We were never left in the dark about the progress of the sale as you kept us up to date at all times and we trusted you totally. This is something that neither of us has ever experienced from any other Estate Agent. We will never forget what you did for us and we will be recommending you to everyone we know in Queensland. If there was a prize for the best Agent in Australia, you would definitely win. We know that you will do brilliantly in your career as you are such a wonderful, honest, friendly and trustworthy person and you are very valuable asset to your Employer. Once again, thank you so very, very much and we wish you great success and happiness in your life’s journey.
    Review by Gail and Wayne for Jess Nguyen from All Properties Group
    I wanted to send my compliments to team at All Properties Group for their outstanding ability to go the extra mile when it comes to the selling process. We recently purchased an investment property and it is not every month we buy a property without walking through many decision making steps to justify the purchase. In particular this agent who I was referred to and it was refreshing to see the same high level of customer satisfaction being produced across the board to Paula Snow in the Property Management team. I found this agent to be very efficient and very knowledgeable of the area and would not hesitate to referrer her any prospective buyer. I look forward to buying my next investment property from this agent.
    Review by Thai H. for Jess Nguyen from All Properties Group
    I honestly cannot recommend this agent enough to anyone or should I say EVERYONE. I have only sold 2 homes in my life and this agent made it easy explaining everything as we went along. My house was with another real estate company for 3 months. I changed to this agent after no offers came in. She made a few suggestions and yes you guessed it sold three days later. Thanks to this agent, we will recommend you to anyone who wants to sell their home.
    Review by Kate and Jerome for Jess Nguyen from All Properties Group
    We asked this agent to support us through our sale of the property after seeing a number of homes being sold by this agent in our neighbourhood. The challenge was to have "Street Record & Sold" on a sign outside of our home as quickly & smoothly as possible. This agent was able to share with us how to present our home and suggestions on minor, inexpensive alterations to do. This agent suggested a private open home based on a number of clients and potential buyers she new, the following week after our initial meet & greet we had our first private viewing, the following week post a secondary viewing by two interested families we had an offer. Throughout the 30 days this agent kept in contact with us and informed. This agent is professional and knows her market, I would have no hesitation in recommending this agent to anyone looking to sell, purchase or seeking local advice on the market. Thanks to this agent (and challenge met, sold in two weeks and a new street record).
    Review by Jo A. for Jess Nguyen from All Properties Group
    Selling your own home that has been part of your life for a many years can be a major event in your life. I decided to move on and needed to downsize and looked around to find a good agent who could complete the task ahead, I found that person “this agent ” of All Properties Group. Well, what I can say about my agent. After a few discussions with this agent on how she would approach the sale, this agent made my mind up that she was the best suited person to use to sell my home so I decided to go with this agent . I now know that I had made the correct choice. this agent was professional in her whole approach and always made sure I was at ease with her arrangements on how to attract buyers for the home, she is a very open person and advises you on what the buyers had to say about my home. this agent hides nothing about the property she is selling for you, which is something you need, an open and trusting agent who is prepare to put in the time an effort to help you sell your home. this agent is enthusiastic and passionate in what she does. If I ever need to purchase a property again, I’d call this agent , you are a truly positive person with regards to selling, keep it up and all the best, I’m sure you will remain number one in the area for some time. Thank you
    Review by Sheridan W. for Jess Nguyen from All Properties Group
    This agent talked me through the whole sales process and it was an easy decision to go with her. Her local knowledge is brilliant and she found a buyer within weeks. We ended up selling prior to market for a great price. I would highly recommend this agent for your next sale.
    Review by Honey for Jess Nguyen from All Properties Group
    Just wanted to say thank you for the work you did to sell our house. You organised everything from having photos taken inside and outside our house and advertising on the internet. You bought 3 potential buyers through our house, you vetted buyers well so didn't get any people through that didn't want to buy our house for what we were asking for it. We like how enthusiastically you are always positive and smiling. Everyone in the area should sell their house with All Properties Group and you as their agent. We appreciate what you did for us.
    Review by Lynda & Ian B. for Jess Nguyen from All Properties Group
    Just a few words to say thank you for all the hard work, dedication, care and attention you displayed in selling our house. From day one you were in a class above the other agents we’d consulted. Enthusiasm, professionalism, a solid well thought out and proven strategy saw us give you the job immediately. As it turned out, it was a good choice. Due to several factors, ours was not one of the “first week” easy sales, but you never wavered in your resolve to get the job done. In fact you doubled your efforts, time and attention. You went about the whole process with honesty and integrity and everything you said proved to be accurate. Your knowledge of your job and the market is excellent and a true credit to you. You also went above and beyond in several ways to help both the new buyers and us in the final negotiations which saw both parties happy and satisfied, a skill I’m sure has taken a lot of time and hard work to hone, but can only be achieved by someone who genuinely has the best interests of their clients at heart. Thank you also for the patience you showed with our work load and always getting things done a day later than they were supposed to be, you even tidied up a few times when we didn’t have time. You made a difficult time much easier than it would have otherwise been. As long as you’re in the business, you’ll be the only agent we use for any real estate transactions. Thanks again.
    Review by Peter & Valeria C. for Jess Nguyen from All Properties Group
    I had my home on sale for about 4 months with another agent without a single offer. When I listed with this agent from AllPropertiesGroup she had an offer/contract after the first week. This agent was an absolute delight to deal with and so savvy, professional and knowledgeable. She is direct, honest, engaging, intelligent and really made the whole process so easy and stress-free. If anyone asks me to recommend an agent, this agent is Number One.
    Review by Melinda for Jess Nguyen from All Properties Group
    Our first impression after meeting this agent was Wow she could sell ice to an Eskimo and we knew right away she was the agent for us. However after dealing with this agent for the last few months (even after our sale) we have found her to not only be remarkable at her job but she is now someone we class as a friend. She is generous, kind and truly a lovely person who goes the extra mile to make everyone happy. We got over $10,000 more for our sale then other real estate agents quoted us and with all the extra time she takes to go through strategies and house presentation it is easy to see why. We can’t recommend this agent enough to anyone looking to buy or sell their property as she has been nothing short of amazing.
    Review by Dani for Jess Nguyen from All Properties Group
    This agent did a great job in assisting with the sale to me of a recent purchase in Heritage Park. Was helpful all the way through the process to settlement was achieved. Thanks this to agent.
    Review by Nigel for Jess Nguyen from All Properties Group
    Joe, myself and our family would like to sincerely thank you for your efficiency and professionalism during the sale of our late mother's house. It was a very difficult time for our family but you made everything stress-free and we appreciate that very much. We still cannot believe how quickly it all happened from Joe calling you on the Tuesday asking you to come around to view the house and chat about putting it on the market to then hearing just four days later that it was sold and for a price that we were more than happy with. We would 100% recommend you to our family and friends as you are very dedicated and obviously extremely efficient. When we drive around the area we take note at the houses you have up for sale and also how quickly they are sold. Keep up the good work, you are definitely an asset to All Properties Group. Again, immense thanks to you.
    Review by Karen and Joe P. for Jess Nguyen from All Properties Group
    When we were looking for an agent to sell our house, the one agent we agreed upon was this agent. As soon as I met her, I knew we had made the right decision. This agent is upfront and honest, she took onboard our situation and within 8 days, we had multiple offers and a contract. This agent is very easy to talk to and was always ready to answer questions and give advice. I highly recommend this agent andwould also like to thank this agent's assistant David who was extremely helpful through the whole process.
    Review by Sonia & Chris for Jess Nguyen from All Properties Group
    We would like to say a special thank you to you and your team for helping us along the way with the recent purchase of our house in Heritage Park. We met you many months ago during the early stages of our house search. We immediately noticed your professionalism coupled with your friendly personality, exceptional marketing strategy and outstanding knowledge of the area were your strong points that left us thinking that if we were to ever to sell a house we would want you as our realtor. During our long search, we met many agents and I couldn’t help comparing them all to you - needless to say that they didn’t come close. We spent many hours attending open homes and searching the internet and were immediately excited to see a house that met our particular criteria that had you as their agent. We decided to attend the open home and from the moment we walked in you made us feel at ease. From taking the time out of your busy schedule and listening to what we had to say to interacting with our children nothing seemed too much trouble. I feel that once we decided to make an offer you displayed more of your exceptional talents and represented your vendors exceptionally, not only negotiating a price that we were all happy with but also arranging further inspections and continuing with your outstanding communication. Needless to say that you ensured that the settlement went smoothly and was hassle-free. We have recommended you to friends and in time to come should we decide to sell you would most certainly be the first agent we would call. Thanks again.
    Review by Danny and Tracy K. for Jess Nguyen from All Properties Group
    I would like to thank you on the way you conducted the sale of my house. I have sold several houses over the last 10 years and have to say you are probably the best agent I have worked with. I like your strategies, especially the open house after a contract was signed, if that move isn't compulsory in real estate, it certainly should be. I would recommend you to anyone wanting to buy or sell a house. Thanks, and all the best for the future.
    Review by Margaret for Jess Nguyen from All Properties Group
    From the word go this agent has been super. Not only was she prompt in replying but made us feel as we were here priority. She was a pro and knew what she was talking about. Delivered beyond expectation. Sold in under 1 week with the record high for the street. That is absolutely WOW. Some properties will be on the market for weeks but if you want results fast you better get this agent. She also gave us valuable advice on what to do for the house to be ready for the market which proved that it works. So easy to deal with, "user friendly". All I can say is if you want to achieve the best possible results then you must go with this agent coz she is the best. I would strongly recommend her anytime and would be happy for her to help us in the future.
    Review by Roy for Jess Nguyen from All Properties Group
    We were so impressed with this agent at our first meeting that we cancelled the appointment we had made with another agent. This agent was very honest and direct and extremely efficient about selling our home in Heritage Park, she asked us if we were ready to move quickly. Very quick as it turned out, after our first viewing, we had multiple offers and a signed contract. This agent was always available and returned our calls same day and was able to answer any questions we might have had. She made us feel as if we were special to her, although she would have been so busy with other clients. We would be only too happy to recommend this agent to anyone wanting to sell.
    Review by Lesley and Robyn E. for Jess Nguyen from All Properties Group
    Job well done and quick.
    Review by Liyo for Jess Nguyen from All Properties Group
    We appreciate this agent's help and hard work. She was very professional and friendly.
    Review by Luke & Sarah for Jess Nguyen from All Properties Group
    I would like to pay tribute to you for the sale of our house in Heritage Park. You were like a terrier riding the highs and lows of the open homes with not real interest, but you persisted until you finally had a buyer. Everything fell into place perfectly for us, thank you so much for everything.
    Review by Rod & Charlotte R. for Jess Nguyen from All Properties Group
    Great effort, thanks again.
    Review by Nigel C. for Jess Nguyen from All Properties Group
    We purchased a property from this agent and was impressed with the smooth handling of what turned out to be a difficult sale. As a result, we decided to also list our property for sale with this agent and before it hit the market she already had potential buyers for us, selling my property in a remarkable 24 hours and for a much better price than I expected. This agent communicated frequently, giving us feedback and updates along the way, she knew the market and the buyers, and this knowledge really paid off for us. This agent provided an exceptional and professional service all the way - thank you. I highly recommend All Properties Group and the this agent team at Browns Plains.
    Review by Cassandra for Jess Nguyen from All Properties Group
    Just wanted to say thanks for the effort you made in getting the job done quickly for me, appreciate it thanks.
    Review by John for Jess Nguyen from All Properties Group
    She's the best and works hard for you.
    Review by for Tracey Child from All Properties Group
    This agent is a 5/5 agent. She got $10,000 more than what I asked for. She worked so well with the tenants that even they couldn't praise her enough. She communicated exceptionally well and sold my property within a week before it went to the market. She also goes the extra mile. She bought us wine and chocolates and thank you gifts for the tenants because we all worked so well with her. She also kept the young ones occupied by giving them lollies in her office. That way, we could properly plan the sale without being interrupted. It's the little things that makes the difference. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her.
    Review by Linda for Jess Nguyen from All Properties Group
    I remember when I originally bought the property in Forest Lake. It was seven and a half years ago and I was walking past the real estate that this agent was working for at the time. I saw the photo in the window and this agent 's number and I rang her straight away to see if I could look at it the next day. To my surprise, she was still in the office after hours and she invited me in and I put a contract on it the next day. Today it doesn't surprise me that this agent was still in the office. this agent is a hardworking real estate agent who knows her stuff, properties and areas. She is always contactable and if not will get back to you or even if away has her daughter deal with her clients. this agent has always put her clients first and is extremely helpful and explains things in normal terms and not business terms. I cannot thank this agent and her team enough for what she or they have done for me over the last seven or eight years. Not only is it the big things this agent does like negotiating etc. but it is also the little things like getting a card at every anniversary for the last seven years of me buying the house. I would highly recommend this agent and her team if you are planning on selling your property. - Kate and Rory
    Review by Kate for Tracey Child from All Properties Group
    We have had the pleasure of having this agent as our agent on a number of occasions, having decided to sell three of our rental properties and also our own home. The whole process was made exceptionally easy for us, due to the fact that this agent sold all our properties within a one to four week period, thus eliminating the stress that can come with having a property on the market for a lengthy period of time. We found this agent to be very knowledgeable and helpful in all aspects of the sale process. On every occasion she has not only shared her expertise and offered her help to us, but she also offered the same to the prospective buyer, so as to obtain a contract that we were happy with and also create a smooth and satisfactory transition for both parties. We really appreciated the way everything was handled, this agent works all sorts of strange hours to do whatever it takes to get a successful result. She always kept us up to date with all enquiries and gave us regular feedback from the open homes. We really appreciated all her hard work, and the fact that she goes over and above what you would expect from an agent. We would happily recommend her to anyone looking for a professional, highly competent agent.
    Review by Lynn for Tracey Child from All Properties Group
    We have just sold and purchased through this agent of All Properties Group. Selling and moving for most people is quite stressful. We found this agent and her team to be well-informed, efficient, friendly and just so incredibly easy to get along with - nothing was too much trouble no matter how small the detail. this agent welcomed us into her real estate world giving us easy, concise and accurate information for both selling and buying properties. We would have no hesitation recommending this agent and her team. - Helen and Ron
    Review by Helen for Tracey Child from All Properties Group
    What can we say? Want your property sold fast. this agent will get it sold. After meeting with many agents and getting sick and tired of hearing the same things from them over and over again and thinking we were never going to find the right one. Then, we found this agent and what can we say, from the minute we met him, we knew this would be the agent to sell our property. this agent was professional and had a wealth of knowledge but at the same time could have a good laugh and a chat which made us feel more relaxed about the whole process as this was our first property we were selling, we were very nervous at times and new to it all. this agent made us not only feel confident and reassured us that he could and would sell our property even in the slow market at the time and well, this agent delivered on his promise and had our property sold in six hours yes you heard it six hours within six hours of the listing going live we had a contract signed. Over the whole time of our contract, up until settlement this agent was always in contact with us. Updating on every bit of information he had never left us out of the loop which again reassured us we had chosen the right agent. If you are looking for a professional, very knowledgeable agent but who also knows how to have a good chat and a laugh give this agent a call he is your man. this agent , thank you again so much for selling our property and letting us begin the next chapter of our lives. - Casey and Jake
    Review by for Brad Scott from All Properties Group
    Trying to sell on and off for years. My wife and I have just been through the process of selling a family home of some twenty years. We had been trying to sell on and off for a number of years using an array of agents. We met this agent originally when we were looking at open homes one weekend and were impressed with the way he marketed and attempted to sell a property to us. We did sign a contract to buy that home but it didn't work out for us at that time. We thought maybe we should give this agent a chance to sell our home, which we did. Our home sold in a reasonable amount of time for a price we were happy with. Sharyn and I have been on both sides of the real estate equation with this agent and have been impressed with his professionalism, friendly manner and good old fashion common sense when it comes to buying or selling a home. Sharyn and I have no hesitation in recommending this agent of All Properties Group to anyone intending to buy or sell a property. You may contact me if required. - Jason
    Review by for Brad Scott from All Properties Group
    This was the best thing we could have done. Having had the house listed with another agent, with little correspondence regarding feed back from inspections, we thought we would try this agent 's team from All Properties Group as we had been receiving his flyers on a weekly basis. This was the best thing we could have done. From the moment this agent enter the home, we could tell he was a level above the previous agent. His approach to listing the property was excellent, the information he provided in his listing package was invaluable and his professionalism in the way he conducted business was impeccable. From his weekly open homes to his pre-arranged inspections, he conducted himself with the utmost professionalism and respect for both us and the home. He was unrelenting in his effort to try and obtain the best result for us in the sale of our home. I would recommend this agent and his team to anyone looking at listing their home for sale. - Kevin and Jacquie
    Review by for Brad Scott from All Properties Group
    There is no doubt in our mind. We are writing to acknowledge and express our thanks to you on the splendid work you have been doing for us over the last few months. It goes without saying that the residential property market is going through a very tough time in Queensland at present. During such times, we require our selling agents to raise the bar and step up to another level to overcome and meet the challenges of today. In this this agent , you have shown us, some great results recently by selling two of our Investment Properties and getting two blocks of vacant land under contract. What makes us happy are results and your consistency to deliver that on a regular basis to us. this agent , there is no doubt in our mind that we have selected the right agent to do our selling for us. In you, we believe that you show leadership qualities and an in depth knowledge of real estate and are an expert in the Logan area. We would have no hesitation in recommending you services, having already done so to several business associates and friends to anyone looking to sell or buy. After all, it is the results and the final sold sign on your property that really counts. They should contact this agent and his team for proven success results in real estate. - Neale and Christine
    Review by for Brad Scott from All Properties Group
    As soon as I drove past this magnificent home, I knew it was one that I just had to inspect, the for sale sign jumped out at me as I was driving down the road. I rang this agent immediately and booked an inspection for the following day. That night, I went online and found the property and it was confirmed this Munruben Forest Charmer, as what the advertisement called it, was something I have always dreamed of having. It reminded me of a doll house I had as a little girl and I knew by the way the description was written and the photos that this was not just a house but a home and I had to act fast or someone else would buy it. My husband was not able to make the inspection but I knew time was not in our favor so I inspected it and fell in love. After discussions with my husband, this agent came to our home late at night and we submitted an offer to purchase our first home. It truly was my dream home absolutely amazing, one I could just picture my family growing up in and enjoying. this agent acts professional and quickly and we were always kept informed and in contact with at all times. Some people have said buying a home can be a nightmare. Well, I can tell you it has been one of the best days of my life, when this agent of All Properties Group handed me the keys. The longest forty-five days of my life was the waiting to move in. - Bernie
    Review by for Brad Scott from All Properties Group
    Thanks again for making our dream a reality. I just have to say that never have we been so thrilled with an agent from the first phone call to the handshake as we were given our keys by this agent . Also, the pictures shown on the net was exactly what we seen therefore, we felt it was worth paying the asking price for the house, and for that, we won't hesitate recommending this agent to all our friends. Thanks again, this agent and All Properties Group for making our dream a reality. - Donna and Gary
    Review by for Brad Scott from All Properties Group

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