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    Ths agent was very professional and helpful.
    Review by for Jeanette Catalano from Hinternoosa Real Estate
    This agent from Hinternoosa was great. His recommendations were taken on board and definitely helped get the sale. We had a signed contract within three days of listing, excellent work.
    Review by Tanja & Mal for Robert Farley from Hinternoosa Real Estate
    Very happy with the level of service this agent and Hinternoosa supplied me. The whole process was very open and honest the whole way. This agent was always available for any questions. Communication was great. Very happy in my new house. Highly Recommended.
    Review by Craig for Lisa Jones from Hinternoosa Real Estate
    Coming from Sydney, we have been pleasantly surprised by the real estate agents we have dealt with here in Queensland and this agent has stood out even among those. My father-in-law passed away while we were house hunting, at such a difficult time this agent was sympathetic and kind. He truly has made the process of buying a pleasure. We are more than happy to recommend his services to anyone.
    Review by Gillian & Tony for Graham Smith from Hinternoosa Real Estate
    We have been building, buying and renovating real estate for 50 years and during this time we have been associated with many real estate agents. The experience we have had over these years has in the main been harrowing with many of our requests going unanswered and we providing most of the go-forward marketing proposals and ideas. This sale has been different, this agent with his wealth of real estate experience and his professional acumen has made this campaign exciting and far from the dreaded " selling blues" often experienced. He provided: . Marketing with a time and budget plan, which was strictly adhered to. Followed up every lead and reported back to us almost daily advising the progress of any earlier leads. Provided a written report weekly formalising discussions with clients together with a reminder of upcoming advertising or Open Home Inspections. He made himself available for private inspections at any time or day of the week as required. Did not pressure us to reduce the asking price when enquiries slowed down. We did reduce the asking price once at our request. With the help of the back-up team at Hinternoosa he provided us with professional services for photography, videos etc necessary to lift the standard of the advertising and maximise desire. This agent has an affable personality and product knowledge who easily gained the respect of prospective buyers. His positive approach at our meetings made us confident that should a good prospect appear he would not let them off the hook until the flame flickered to an end.
    Review by Allan and Eve for Graham Smith from Hinternoosa Real Estate
    We have dealt with this agent on a number of occasions & have found him to be very good to deal with. His attitude, honesty & professionalism is refreshing. This agent works very hard for his clients to get the best results.
    Review by Rhonda & Rolly for Graham Smith from Hinternoosa Real Estate
    Sufficient time has passed since the sale of our home of 12 years in Eumundi to enable us to now reflect with objectivity. “Downsizing” is sobering as you confront the reality of your mortality and acknowledge that you are no longer as capable as you once were. Against this background, preparing your precious home for sale while purchasing another to fulfill the next stage of your life as well as determining how to remove your possessions to that next home are major confrontations experienced simultaneously – there is no respite. Added to all of this reality is the anxiety of will your home sell and how close to what you expect or need your buyer will pay. It is a time almost unparalled in one’s life for the high level of emotion. So Mary and I felt blessed to have met and then engaged this agent at Hinternoosa for our sale. We had faith in Hinternoosa and even greater faith in this agent – both were well-founded. This agent is sophisticated, honest and frank but who has a demeanour which encourages belief in him. He read our needs expertly and one Saturday afternoon during our campaign, asked, with his customary politeness, if he could call in. It was a visit to go through where we were, what to expect – it was a visit to inform us, to reassure us. It was so timely and so valuable, just what and when we needed. The rest is history. Our auction felt like a Capricorn Court street party and, the following Monday, our buyers inspected and bought. To you both and your great team, a very special thank you for the sale of our home and for this agent for his professionalism and his quality – we have made a new friend.
    Review by Mary & Sam for Graham Smith from Hinternoosa Real Estate
    I had a vacant block of land that I had held for over 10 years that I wanted to sell. I live interstate and needed an agent I could trust. The first agent was very honest and upfront with me after he viewed the block and told me it would be very hard to sell and he wasn’t interested. I then contacted this agent from Hinternoosa. She was more optimistic and gave me a realistic valuation based on its zoning and level or overgrowth. This agent provided me with a quote explaining all the advertising she would conduct which was very reasonable. She suggested improvements that I could make to improve its appeal and recommended a local earthmoving company to do the work at a very reasonable cost. This agent organised the photographer to take shots for advertising purposes and it went on real estate.com. Within two weeks there was an offer on the table. All throughout the process, this agent was extremely helpful and informative particularly in regards to the Hinternoosa area in which she has remarkable knowledge. After the offer was accepted, this agent referred two local law agencies to handle the settlement details and Conveyancing. All in all the process was smoother and easier than I anticipated thanks to this agent's knowledge and contacts. Quotation / Preliminary Information – easy to read and understand and pricing was upfront and clearly indicated. 10/10 Communication – Excellent – this agent emailed and phoned me whenever any new information became available. I always felt like I knew what was happening. 10/10 Manner – this agent is very friendly and helpful and I always felt that she had my best interests in mind and not just concerned about getting her commission. She was never pushy and always allowed me adequate time to make my decisions. – 10/10 After Sales Service – this agent phoned me on the day of settlement to congratulate me on the sale. A letter soon arrived with a refund for monies that had not been spent on advertising. Soon after that a bottle of champagne arrived at my house. I couldn’t recommend this agent enough for her friendliness, local knowledge, contacts and the manner in which she delivers her service.
    Review by William for Jeanette Catalano from Hinternoosa Real Estate
    Selling my home turned out to be a wonderful experience. When I first thought of selling, I managed to contact this agent while she was on holiday. She answered all my questions and before I knew it, I had signed up to sell. Before marketing had even begun and 3 days later I had sold. I believe this was some sort of record – both time and price wise. I couldn’t speak highly enough of both Mario and this agent.
    Review by Virginia for Jeanette Catalano from Hinternoosa Real Estate
    Hinternoosa Real Estate to be extremely professional. The principal Murray Brown was most courteous, we also found this agent & Mario Catalano & the office staff most helpful. Ken & myself would have no hesitation recommending Hinternoosa Real Estate to any of our friends who are looking to purchase property in this area.
    Review by Ken & fran for Jeanette Catalano from Hinternoosa Real Estate
    We met this agent at an open house. Her open and frank approach decided us on using Hinternoosa to sell our property. The professional approach of this agent and her organisation constantly confirmed to us the correctness of the decision. Within 4 weeks our house was sold at a figure well above the one quoted by other agencies. Within a day we were in a position to purchase another property suited to our specification. Both of these transactions were a tribute to this agent and her organisation and their attention to our requirements. Each of us would both be happy to confirm these thoughts to anyone who asked us for an opinion.
    Review by Merv & Janey for Kess Prior from Hinternoosa Real Estate
    This agent handled the sale of our property in a very efficient and professional manner. Always very direct and honest in her comments and analysis following open house & inspections etc. We would have no hesitation in recommending this agent & Hinternoosa to anyone considering selling or buying real estate in this area.
    Review by Peter for Kess Prior from Hinternoosa Real Estate
    Our chance meeting with this agent sealed our fate. She understood exactly what we were after and helped us find our dream home. Thanks so much to this agent for helping us understand the house buying process and guiding us on a very stress-free purchase.
    Review by Mark & Jo for Kess Prior from Hinternoosa Real Estate
    As always this agent has been simply brilliant. All questions and requests are answered correctly and in a timely manner. The office support staff are efficient and courteous. This agent is personable, knowledgeable, calm, professional and well presented. Whenever possible I would choose to have this agent represent us in any property transaction.
    Review by Jenny & David for Kess Prior from Hinternoosa Real Estate
    This agent has a very professional attitude and seems to be an extremely competent agent. Would definitely utilize her services in the future.
    Review by for Kess Prior from Hinternoosa Real Estate

Recent Sold Properties From Hinternoosa Real Estate - Cooroy

    4 Wilkes Court , Tinbeerwah 6 Bedroom House
    SOLD 24/11/2017
    7 Oak Street, Cooroy 4 Bedroom House
    SOLD 25/10/2017
    1 Pines Avenue, Cooroibah 4 Bedroom House
    SOLD 18/10/2017
    83 Tunba Court, Cooroy Mountain 3 Bedroom House
    SOLD 16/10/2017
    142 Duke Road, Doonan 4 Bedroom House
    SOLD 05/10/2017
    5/13 Wattle Street, Cooroy 3 Bedroom House
    SOLD 03/10/2017
    236 Gumboil Road, Tinbeerwah 3 Bedroom House
    SOLD 03/10/2017
    177 Black Mountain Range Road, Black Mountain 4 Bedroom House
    SOLD 30/09/2017
    158 Wust Rd, Cooroy 4 Bedroom House
    SOLD 29/09/2017
    108 Tallowwood Place, Black Mountain 3 Bedroom House
    SOLD 26/09/2017

30 Maple Street
QLD, 4563

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