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    He is very professional and hardworking. Good communicator, no problems encountered.
    Review by for Will Torres from Place
    He was good in doing all the open homes and in giving me feedback from buyers. No problems with communication. Very professional and I'd recommend him to people.
    Review by for Will Torres from Place
    I met this agent while buying my first home. He was the seller's agent and all throughout the process, I observed him as an honest and committed gentleman. Punctual and highly organized person. His friendly and helpful approach was the most admirable quality our whole family valued. If not for his professionalism and decency during negotiation stage of the purchase, we would have missed this house. I have not seen many professionals with such big hearts in Australia. I wish him all the very best in his carrier and family life.
    Review by for Steve Condon from Place
    This agent is a very genuine and hardworking agent. No request was too much to ask. He was very flexible to work around our availability and needs. As first home buyers, he was willing to walk us through the process very thoroughly and answered any questions very promptly without hesitation and at any time we needed. He made the whole sale process very easy for us. If any issue did occur, he was always on top of it and sorted it out with very minimal fuss. We always felt that we were in good and capable hands with this agent as our agent. He has great communication skills which we found very important throughout the process. We would not hesitate to recommend this agent to anyone in need of an agent.
    Review by for Steve Condon from Place
    This agent was a pleasure to deal with when he sold my apartment. He acts with integrity which I find rare in real estate agents. I would recommend this agent to anyone wanting an agent in the top 10%.
    Review by for Steve Condon from Place
    When I was buying this property, I thought to myself here we go another sales person after one thing money, well this agent proved me wrong. He is about results and getting a good result for both seller and buyer and the outcome is everyone's happy and I was. He has good negotiation and communicating skills, always keeping you updated with process. I was very happy with my purchase and this agent's service made it very easy. This agent is very good at what he does and I will be doing business with this agent again in the future.
    Review by for Steve Condon from Place
    There is no question about it this agent is one of the best agents. With his great knowledge of the real estate market he gets the job done. Throughout the journey, he went above and beyond expectation, he has great negotiation skills which made the process very easy. He provided me with market reports and is always very clear on whats happening in the market. I had full confidence in this agent to achieve my goal, not only did he achieve it, he exceeded the market and achieved a great result. I will be doing business with this agent again and if you're looking for a great agent who is results-driven then don't look any further I found him for you.
    Review by Memo K. for Steve Condon from Place
    This agent kept us up to date all the way through the buying process, I never had to chase for information or where the contract was at. He followed up all requests through the conditional stage and was always highly professional.
    Review by for Steve Condon from Place
    Good agent did a great job. Nice guy, what you see is what you get. Doesn't beat around the bush.
    Review by for Steve Condon from Place
    This agent has been very approachable and friendly since the first moment we met him. He guided us through the whole process and was very informative and supportive. We felt we have been listened and respected and according to that we were confident to ask any kind of questions and seek advice. This agent is a great agent and we would recommend him to our friends.
    Review by for Steve Condon from Place
    This agent was extremely helpful and professional. He said his goal was to match the right person with the right property, and he was true to his word. He was there for us throughout the whole process and made things flow smoothly and simply from pre-contract negotiations through to settlement. I can highly recommend this agent.
    Review by for Steve Condon from Place
    This agent is an extremely personable and professional agent. He has excellent communication skills with both seller and buyer as well as attending to details promptly and efficiently. Our daughter purchased a property with him and we sold a property with him, so we experienced his expertise from both sides.
    Review by for Steve Condon from Place
    This agent has a good rapport and a very good knowledge of the market.
    Review by for Will Torres from Place
    Best agent I have never met before. Would like to buy another one through him.
    Review by Saiwuhu for Kevin Chiu from Place
    When I first spoke about selling my home in Algester, this agent was referred to me through a personal contact. At that point I was doing renovations to the home and for one reason or another, the timeframe grew longer and longer taking almost a year to complete. During this time this agent made phone contact to keep in touch without applying any pressure. I thought he would give up but he was so patient. When the time came to meet to sell, he presented as a true professional, impeccably dressed and well spoken. He was very well-prepared with information about my property and market trends, his role and my role including our obligations, examples of how he planned to market my home with costings and advice on how best to present my home for sale. From the outset, there was a transparency which left no doubt about his integrity and honesty and I felt so comfortable with this agent's presentation and overall professionalism that I did not consult with any other agent. There was no need. This agent made me feel that my property was as important to him as it was to me. Throughout the selling process, nothing changed. What he said would be done was done always. This agent was always extremely friendly, polite, available and punctual. His effective negotiation skills saw me obtain the best possible price for my home. During the sales process this agent's bilingual skills aided negotiations and even after settlement, this agent made himself available to act as translator to ensure the new owners were familiar with the operating of features in the house eg pool, security alarms. I highly recommend this agent to anyone wishing to buy or sell a property and I will have no hesitation in appointing this agent my agent when next I am in the market to buy or sell a property. Many thanks again to this agent for a job very well done.
    Review by Judith for Kevin Chiu from Place
    I found this agent to be very professional and very knowledgeable in his profession. He kept me well-informed. I would not hesitate to recommend his services to others.
    Review by William for Kevin Chiu from Place
    Our experience with this agent was a bit unsteady at first, but once he understood all our needs in getting the right price for our house he was up for the challenge. His negotiation skills are amazing as he kept coming back to us with offers and counter offers until the desired price was reached. He also explained the whole process step by step and we were able to contact him at any time and he always returned our phone calls promptly. We would recommend this agent to family and friends in need of a real estate agent in the future.
    Review by Sandra for Kevin Chiu from Place
    This agent was well-prepared, well-researched and very credible.
    Review by Lyn for Kevin Chiu from Place
    We first came across this agent more than six months ago door knocking in our area trying to drum up some business. At that stage, we were renovating with the intention to sell down the track. This agent called in at least once a month after that never pushy but just to see how we were going. We had intended to use our last agent but wanted to keep an open mind before we went to market. Once we were ready, we interviewed three agents to try and get a different perspective on how we were going to achieve what we wanted. The other agents were only interested in telling us how much we were likely to get considering our area. This agent was very different. He realised we had gone over and above with our renovations and that should attract a premium price. He sat down and went through a game plan not once mentioning what sort of price we may achieve. It was very refreshing to get a completely different viewpoint from everyone else and I knew he had the passion to get the results we needed. We never put a price on the house and the plan was to go to Auction after four open houses. The marketing plan seemed spot on. After the first open house, we had 18 couples through and three offers. This agent's plans had worked and he was the complete professional all the way through. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to sell their property.
    Review by Merlb for Kevin Chiu from Place
    This agent is a good real estate agent who provided prompt accurate information. He also arranged times for us to view homes that fit into our busy shift work schedules.
    Review by Craig H. for Kevin Chiu from Place
    I bought this property from this agent because I trust him. Trust is very important to me in dealing with real estate agents and I would say that I may not have purchased the property if I didn't feel safe in my dealings with this agent.
    Review by Peter for Kevin Chiu from Place
    My husband and I had almost 20 years of experience in buying and selling properties. This agent is probably the best agent. We had a very smooth and quick process of selling our investment property. We found that he is very hard working and truly provided great customer service through keeping us informed all the time, always making himself available to suit our busy schedules and act in a professional manner when interacting with us. We also notice the pricing strategy and advice provided by this agent are different from other agents and it impressively achieved a really good price for us at the end. We very much appreciate his hard work of continuously running open inspections and private inspection even when the property was under contract. We are aware that not many agents are willing to be so hardworking for sellers. That's why we think this agent should be the best agent we have ever experienced. The only minor problem was that occasionally I didn't receive certain emails from Place's contracts and marketing departments. Fortunately, my husband was able to pass those emails to me for action. We're aware that this minor problem is Place's headquarter problem and had nothing to do this agent. Overall we rate this agent highly and we thank him for everything sincerely. We very much appreciate it.
    Review by Mavis Y. for Kevin Chiu from Place
    He was the best agent I had ever met. Never late. Never gave an excuse, never pushed me. Most of all, he made the good result to sell my townhouse.
    Review by Jenny for Kevin Chiu from Place
    This agent is down to earth with great local property knowledge, dealing with him during the process has been a great joy. He is polite and always reply phone calls and messages, answers queries. We can see him do extra work to promote the properties he sells. His videos are also very interesting to watch. He has great passion in what he does, and is proud of what he does. I highly recommend this agent as an agent.
    Review by Paula for Kevin Chiu from Place
    I would most certainly recommend this agent as an agent to my family and friends. He is very professional and knowledgeable and guided us through the complex journey of selling our house. This agent worked very hard throughout the entire market campaign and provided invaluable advice on how to prepare the property to maximise the price. He is very enthusiastic and always a pleasure to deal with.
    Review by Ken W. for Kevin Chiu from Place
    We would without hesitation, recommend this agent (Place Estate Agents - Coorparoo) if you are considering selling your property. This agent's ultimate aim was to obtain a premium price for our home, using his experience and a comprehensive process. It wasn't just about getting another sale and moving on to the next property. This agent and his team (from his videographer Dave Dwyer through to his Auctioneer Phil Broom) were truly dedicated to achieving the best possible outcome for us. From our initial meeting right through until after the sale, this agent has provided advice, support and knowledge. He made what we thought was going to be a daunting process of going to auction, a seamless process where we as the sellers and he as the Agent, were in control. Thanks to this agent. We truly appreciate your dedication and hard work to achieve our goal.
    Review by Chris and Donna for Kevin Chiu from Place
    This agent's professional knowledge. Hard work, determination and personal support during the sale of our property in Sunnybank Hills was nothing short of wonderful. He provided us with valuable advise from beginning to end and followed through on everything we asked of him. I would highly recommend this agent and his team.
    Review by Sophia for Kevin Chiu from Place
    He is an excellent real estate sales consultant being well versed with market conditions. He is dedicated, honest and efficient in his work. He is committed to obtain the best possible market price for the owner of the property.
    Review by Alan L. for Kevin Chiu from Place
    This agent went out of his way to make sure he delivered the best results for us and our property and he did. Not having sold before in Australia, he made the selling process clear and simple. He shared his knowledge of the industry allowing us to maximise our results. His support team are also a pleasure to work with, right through to completion. We have no hesitations in recommending this agent as a sales agent in Sunnybank Hills.
    Review by Sonia for Kevin Chiu from Place
    I appreciate this agent excitement for real estate. Even before our house went on the market, he often popped in to see how the renovations were going and providing valuable advice with regards to presentation of the rooms and living areas. As our agent this agent was fully engaged throughout the sales process of our house. He was reliable and always backed his words up with actions. He fully explained the process driven sales procedure that his agency adopts to get the best results. To our delight, this agent sold our house pre-auction for a price very much in our favour. I fully recommend this agent as your agent. As the sellers agent, he will work hard to get you the result you require.
    Review by Robi S. for Kevin Chiu from Place
    We are pleased that we chose this agent as our selling agent. He exceeded our expectations with his high work ethic - market knowledge - excellent feedback and general communication accompanied by his professional appearance. We developed a friendship with this agent over the past 6 months as we considered our future housing requirements. His feedback and market guidance enabled us to implement our plans. He has established an excellent support group that undertake the various building inspections etc. We would strongly recommend this agent to our friends.
    Review by Peter W. for Kevin Chiu from Place
    This agent is one of the rarer real estate agents who would do his best for the sellers and always go the extra mile. With a deep understanding of the local market, he always provides useful advice on the marketing strategy and timely feedback. He is committed, working hard, and is prompt to respond to enquiries even outside business hours. This agent presents and communicates very well throughout the selling process. He and his team is effective, approachable and helpful. As he said, a successful sale needs both the vendor and agent work closely and diligently. So he said, and he did.
    Review by Hermit for Kevin Chiu from Place
    Our selling experience with this agent was very good. He is caring agent not just from the very beginning, when we have decided to appoint him for the job, but during the whole selling process. This agent treats potential buyers equally with respect and trust. He is working around the clock and results are pretty obvious. One of the most successful real estate agents in our area. We would always recommend this agent to any potential seller or buyer. Well done.
    Review by Gordana for Kevin Chiu from Place
    This agent showed us several properties as purchasers. This agent is very professional and most importantly 100% trustworthy. Although he obviously acted for the vendors and at all times acted in their best interests, he showed considerable empathy and guidance to us as purchasers. This is our first purchase of real estate in Queensland as we are resident interstate. The process in Queensland is very different to that in our home State. This agent enabled us to have peace of mind in submitting bids before auction dates. We were not successful with some but in the end we were successful. Whether as a vendor or as a purchaser, I would have no hesitation in recommending this agent. I purchased my first property interstate over 50 years ago and have had experience with many agents over the intervening years. This agent is by far the best that I have dealt with on every level.
    Review by Darryl for Kevin Chiu from Place
    This agent was very skilled and professional. He worked hard to achieve a speedy sale with a good result. I'd certainly recommend him.
    Review by for Will Torres from Place
    This agent was always available and realistic with what to expect. He is very engaging and honest.
    Review by for Scott Hay from Place
    This agent is wonderful to deal with. Fast, efficient and get things done quickly. I am very happy with the property that I purchased through him.
    Review by Ingres Yap for Will Torres from Place
    It was a pleasure having this agent as our agent. He was not only a brilliant real estate agent for the sale of our home but a genuine guy. He provided us with confidence from the beginning and worked all hours on delivering what we would call the best possible result for us.
    Review by Katy Haralampou for Will Torres from Place
    This agent is such a great salesman, very positive, truth telling and accepting, works hard to satisfy both party. Believe in a win-win situation. Thanks for the help and guide through all the process to achieve our new own house.
    Review by Puja Patel for Will Torres from Place
    We have used this agent two times now with selling our home. His knowledge with the area we are in is second to none. No matter what time it is, this agent makes himself available. We sold both of our properties within two weeks. Would I use this agent and his team again? Yes. 10/10.
    Review by Michael Hatzifotis for Will Torres from Place
    I sold my property with this agent and I couldn't speak highly enough of him and his team. They were all superb and provided us the confidence needed during those stressful days. To our surprise, the process went quite smoothly and the sale was done in a couple of weeks after putting the place up for sale. The entire team was with us throughout the process from first contact until the settlement, informing us of every single step and providing feedback every week of the interest received from visitors and potential buyers. I can't not recommend a better agent than this agent, he is knowledgeable and will take all the worries with him to provide with the best possible outcome. Thanks to this agent and your team.
    Review by Rene Rosales for Will Torres from Place
    I would certainly recommend this agent to anybody who wants their house sold in the most professional manner. This agent and his staff kept us informed on every person that showed any interest in our home on a daily and weekly basis. This agent and his staff were a delight to work with and in the end this agent was true to his word and sold our home within the given timeframe and for the best price we could get in the market.
    Review by Jim Georgiou for Will Torres from Place
    This agent and his team appealed to us initially by the warm and friendly approach of his staff at an open house we visited, not with a view to buy, but to select an agent to sell our own home and to determine price levels. It gave us an opportunity to see Team Torres on the job and in action in their working environment. The this agent's team sent a clear message that they believed in the value of their product. This agent showed professionalism in his communication and in delivering his detailed plan to sell our home. Our decision to accept this agent had nothing to do with Place Estate Agents, but this did not disappoint as a brand. This agent specifically led us to believe that he could achieve what I thought was an ambitious price for our home. We cannot stress the importance of being able to see and trust in your agents’ belief that the value is there in the product, even if you may have some doubts about the price yourself. Even our own research of recent sales had suggested what we believed was a realistic good price. It was easy to dismiss other agents that clearly did not have the faith that a higher price could be achieved. This agent’s team gave us detailed advice on presenting our home and arranged professional photography to portrait our home in the best light. This agent worked his magic in improving the price with interested buyers, until he had not one, but two buyers at a 5 - 10% premium. Our advice to any seller is to determine your own valuation based on recent sales in your suburb, but do not nominate a price which you would accept. Most importantly, present your home well and do not skimp on advertising, as your best chance to sell is in the first week. Interest momentum in your home will fall off rapidly after the first open for inspection. Finally, chose an energetic and enthusiastic team that believes in their own ability to sell at a price that other agents think is just a dream.
    Review by Noel and Janis for Will Torres from Place
    The service this agent and his team offered was excellent. Whilst all selling experiences involve some stress, this was definitely reduced by using such a professional agent. I am happy to recommend them and commend their local knowledge and efficiency.
    Review by Jo and Andrew Fox for Will Torres from Place
    This agent has been a fantastic agent to deal with. He had the house ready for market in a very short timeframe and coordinated inspections to minimise their impact on me, while maximising exposure and access to interested parties. This agent and his team always responded to all of my queries quickly and considerately. It has been an entirely fantastic experience due to this agent and his great team.
    Review by Mardi Blazley for Will Torres from Place
    This agent provided a great and honest service, practicing great work ethic, good values and Integrity and was always considerate of our needs. We highly recommend this agent's services as he has proven to us to be an outstanding agent achieving outstanding results.
    Review by James and Anastasia K for Will Torres from Place
    This agent was very knowledgeable about our property and provided all information we requested very promptly. His mannerism and overall follow up throughout the buying process were impeccable. I would certainly use this agent again, and recommend him to friends and family. Thanks to this agent.
    Review by Cheryl Deen for Will Torres from Place
    This agent listened to what I wanted and got it. Persistence does pay off.
    Review by Shauna and Kelly for Will Torres from Place
    I am happy to provide a recommendation for this agent based on his recent sale of my unit in Camp Hill. This agent gave me upfront advice as to its value and also outlined his plan for its sale. His valuation was accurate based on my previous research and his sale strategy provided the opportunity to achieve the price target that I had set. I chose this agent over other agents based on his high profile in the Camp Hill/Carindale property market. I had also previously purchased property through him and had seen his attention to detail first hand. He displays integrity in his dealings and follows up on his commitments. This agent also has the ability to relate to clients across all demographics and has a very personal approach which along with his energy makes him very skilled at his profession. The outcome achieved for my unit actually exceeded the target and the property sold within a week of being on the market. However, this agent’s service did not stop with the first contract and he continued to ensure the normal contract risks were covered. This agent kept me fully informed and his communications were clear and precise. His service was outstanding. I will certainly be looking for this agent’s assistance with my next property sale.
    Review by Rod Arthur for Will Torres from Place
    I attended several Open Days conducted by this agent and got to know him and he got to know what I was looking for. When such a property came on the market, this agent ensured that I was aware and kept me in the loop regarding the opportunity. He negotiated successfully with the owner on my behalf despite a large number of offers. This agent displayed thoroughness and was highly driven to achieve a positive outcome for both seller and buyer. He displayed strong customer service skills to the extent that I then asked him to sell my existing property. He has a high profile in the market and follows this up with a great service. I have no hesitation in recommending him.
    Review by Rod Arthur for Will Torres from Place

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