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    I can't remember actually but agent is okay, no issues with communication.
    Review by for Jacqueline Farag from Elders
    This agent was very proactive and supportive, keeping us in the loop with every step. She persisted in spite of all difficulties, including a very challenging tenant in the house and a less than helpful property manager to achieve a quick sale at at price we were happy with.
    Review by for Jacqueline Farag from Elders
    This agent is an excellent sales agent, friendly very knowledgeable about Hervey Bay and the market. Very hardworking, always on the ball and can close a sale. Highly recommend her to anyone thinking of selling or buying.
    Review by Christine and Peter for Jacqueline Farag from Elders
    This agent was so dedicated to our cause and saw to it to have our house sold in fast time. Thanks so much.
    Review by Terry for Jacqueline Farag from Elders
    We are pleased to recommend this agent as you next real estate agent for the following reasons 1. Her knowledge of the local market helped us choose the location that would suit us 2. We were instantly at ease with her as she communicated her knowledge of trends and local interests. 3. I am good at picking someone's values in life and they aligned with ours. 4. While we tried to negotiate the best price for us she also protected the sellers position also. 5. We have had several dealings with Real Estaters some not so pleasant but we have no hesitation in saying that we are 100% satisfied with this agent.
    Review by Ken for Jacqueline Farag from Elders
    Just wanted to say a big thank you for selling our house for us. We were with another agent for 12 months who said they were trying to sell our property, and being in Melbourne, weren't really sure what was going on with them. After we changed agents to you and Elders, you managed to sell the house in 10 days. Your commitment to work with us and constant communication, no matter what time of the day, proves you are a great agent. We are very grateful for everything you have done for us. My sister and brother-in-law are also selling their investment property in Urangan and I have given them your name as I know you will be able to help them too. Thank you again.
    Review by Karen and Warren Stewart for Jacqueline Farag from Elders
    Thank you for helping us purchase our first family home. This agent helped us every step of the way. She showed fantastic communication skills through out the process. She made buying our first home very special and memorable, all the way down to the big bow on our front door as we enter our home for the first time. Thank you.
    Review by Alyson and Brad for Jacqueline Farag from Elders
    This agent sold our house only a few months ago. I found her to have a lot of knowledge and understanding of the area surrounding our property and over town knowledge. She was prompt, professional and courteous. I would not hesitate to have her as our agent again.
    Review by Rita for Jacqueline Farag from Elders
    I found this agent very amenable and easy to get along with. She was very up with the market and knew what she was talking about. Thanks.
    Review by Erin for Jacqueline Farag from Elders
    We found this agent to be upfront and honest (Not misleading). Fortunately, for us the buyer happened to choose this agent at Elders Real Estate. Our home was off the market at the time (after being on the market for some months with another agent). At the time I was at a business asking some questions when the prospective buyer happened to walk in the same office I was attending. He asked me the question, "Is your house still for sale?" ( I had remembered his face from somewhere or he had looked at our home previously). My immediate answer was, "At the right price." No further conversation was entered into. Probably two or three days later, this agent telephoned us and said she had a buyer that was interested in looking at our home. We signed new documents with this agent. Sometime later, this agent arranged for her prospective buyer to look at our home. To my surprise, it was the same gentleman that I had the brief conversation a few days earlier with. The circumstances of the new contract gave us a slightly better deal than before.
    Review by Peter for Jacqueline Farag from Elders
    We would highly recommend this agent, she set a target to sell property in one month and achieved goal. Very professional and great communication.
    Review by Yale and Tasha for Jacqueline Farag from Elders
    We found this agent a hardworking and honest salesperson and kept in touch with us at all times with progress updates along with comments made about the property from prospective buyers. We are more than happy with Jaqueline's efforts to get a positive result sometimes under difficult conditions. Yes we would not hesitate to recommend this agent to anyone who wants to sell.
    Review by David & Chris for Jacqueline Farag from Elders
    We have no hesitation in recommending this agent to market your property. This agent will go above and beyond in her commitment and dedication to selling your property. In the recent sale of our property in Pialba, this agent showed enthusiastic commitment and ongoing feedback which brought us a successful sale.
    Review by Debra for Jacqueline Farag from Elders
    I found this agent to be completely professional and was always able to get in touch with her if I had any questions.
    Review by Kathy for Jacqueline Farag from Elders
    This agent has sold two of our properties and we purchased a property through her, I could not recommend her highly enough. She got us more than other agents had quoted in final price and worked very hard to get people through the property, the feedback and communication was instant and I was always kept up to date with the on goings of the property. Thanks to this agent.
    Review by Kelsey for Jacqueline Farag from Elders
    This agent was excellent in her work and I was very happy, as my property sold extremely quickly and at a great price.
    Review by Joe for Jacqueline Farag from Elders
    This agent was a breath of fresh air for us. She was bubbly, efficient, and very accessible during the whole buying and selling periods. You feel part of the family as she is so contactable day or night. This agent's knowledge of the real estate market in Hervey Bay and even what other agents clients were looking for was amazing and she was more than happy to conjunct with another agency if it meant a sale for us. Not many others would have considered it we are sure. Her Personal Assistants are both very efficient and easy to deal with and they are a credit to this agent. Would be more than happy to recommend her to anyone looking at buying or selling real estate in Hervey Bay.
    Review by RRca for Jacqueline Farag from Elders
    From the first day we met this agent and we signed contract to sell, she worked very hard, and within the first week we had about 10 inspections and she sold it in 3 weeks. We found her very professional, honest, reliable, and always keeps us informed of what was happening. We have bought and sold many houses but found this agent to be one of the best, and we would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone, and would definitely use her again if we sell, many thanks to this agent.
    Review by Diane and Peter for Jacqueline Farag from Elders
    We found this agent to be a very professional and hardworking sales agent throughout the whole process of selling our home. Prior to listing, during the brief marketing campaign, and right up until settlement, this agent kept us well-informed. Her communication and feedback were excellent. That we were able to achieve the sale of our property in less than one week, was due, in part, to this agent's negotiating skills. The valuation she gave us on our property was, initially, above our expectations. However, we put our trust in her and were very happy with the result.
    Review by Gail and John G. for Jacqueline Farag from Elders
    This agent seemed to qualify the viewings very well as most of the viewings were in the mind that this was the type and style they were looking for in there price bracket. Managed the viewings very well making sure to point out all the benefits and advantage's that our property had. Doing this enabled a very quick sale that satisfied all parties, this agent has all the skills to be the best agent in the Bay and probably is now. We thank this agent and wish you well in the future.
    Review by Linda and Paul for Jacqueline Farag from Elders
    Had heard from others selling properties that she was good, they were right. Meeting and dealing with Jacqui was definitely a good decision, all thru the selling of our home she was there for us. No phone call went unanswered or returned, she kept us in the loop on every detail, I would recommend her highly and if we were to ever sell again I would definitely call her. Thank you Jacqui for everything.
    Review by Vicki and Mick for Jacqueline Farag from Elders
    Our agent was thorough and kept us informed on a regular basis.
    Review by Yvonne and Brendan for Jacqueline Farag from Elders
    We couldn't be happier with the service we received from this agent. Such a smooth process from start to end and not to mention she got a contract for our property in 1 week. Thanks again from 2 very happy clients.
    Review by Lauren for Jacqueline Farag from Elders
    This agent gets the job done and the property sold. She is dedicated and her feedback is invaluable. I would unreservedly recommend her to sell your property.
    Review by Alan B. for Jacqueline Farag from Elders
    This agent worked very hard to sell my property and provide feedback and support to myself.
    Review by Tina for Jacqueline Farag from Elders
    Displays positive aura during conversation and positively conveys the sale of the property will happen the soonest though she came in late in two occasions.
    Review by Jim for Jacqueline Farag from Elders
    From day one of taking over the marketing of our property, we were impressed with the ongoing communication and determination to get a good result for us, after our previous agent had let us down. This agent worked extremely hard and we have no hesitation in recommending her or using her again.
    Review by Neville for Jacqueline Farag from Elders
    Before I engaged this agent, I had tried for several years to sell my unit in Hervey Bay through some other high profile local agents. Almost without exception these previous agents gladly accepted my listing but then ran out of ideas after the first month or so. The local market was tough but these agents just seemed to sit and wait in hope for a buyer to turn up rather than actively think of possible strategies. Every now and then I would get a phone call or a standard weekly email update, but never any suggestions as to what other approaches we might take to find potential buyers. In contrast, this agent was full of energy and enthusiasm. This agent regularly tried different approaches and she would call me at least weekly to personally update me on the latest market news and potential buyers. This agent easily brought in far more potential buyers than all the previous agents combined. In the end, it still took about 9 months to actually sell the unit in the tough market at Hervey Bay, but I have no doubt it was only this agent's persistence, enthusiasm and pro-activity that got us there in the end. If you're looking for an honest agent with these qualities, I thoroughly recommend this agent to you.
    Review by Graham for Jacqueline Farag from Elders
    I had a property for sale in Hervey Bay Qld on and off for a period of close to 6 years. I had dealt with various agents in the area with zero success. In fact some other agents didn't even receive an enquiry and they were put off by the previous and current on-site managers of the complex where my property was located. Within less than 4 months this agent not only had numerous enquiries, on-site showings etc and handled the on-site management (who could be quite difficult to communicate with) with a very high professional standard. As a result of her professionalism and diligence, I have exchanged contracts and am expecting settlement to occur within the next week. I highly recommend this agent to anyone considering selling their property. In fact I have another property closer to Brisbane that I am also trying to sell. This agent thought that I was joking when I asked if she could handle the sale of it as well. We agreed that the distance from her area (Hervey Bay to Brisbane) would not make it a viable proposition. If anyone would like a personal endorsement of this agent's real estate sales experience and ability, I am more than happy to offer it.
    Review by Ken for Jacqueline Farag from Elders
    This agent is confident in her ability & so she should be. Sold my property in 37 days. Had a great strategy to market, present & create interest in my property. Kept me informed on progress at every step as she promised. Best real estate agent I have had in 24 years of buying /selling/ renting property. A pleasure to have done business with. Can't recommend her highly enough.
    Review by Rick for Jacqueline Farag from Elders
    This agent is polite and professional, easy to work with, and always accountable for her actions and words. All communications were timely and accurate, and this agent was also very supportive with the process from A to Z, given we were first home buyers. We would absolutely recommend this agent to anyone who is looking to sell or buy property.
    Review by Chris for Jacqueline Farag from Elders
    This agent and her team did a wonderful job. They were all very professional and gave us instant communication and follow-up. Our property was sold in a very short period of time. We would highly recommend this agent's services to anyone looking to buy or sell their property.
    Review by Simone for Jacqueline Farag from Elders
    This agent recently sold us a property in Hervey Bay QLD. From the beginning, this agent came across as a well-presented, knowledgeable, friendly professional in this field. Continually in contact with us, to offer assistance throughout. Easy to see this agent takes her job seriously, and gives it 110% effort. We have been more than pleased with this agent's service, and would highly recommend her to anyone.
    Review by Karen for Jacqueline Farag from Elders
    Appointed this agent after no luck with another agency. She has a great understanding of the market, and the way real estate work. A confident agent with good communication enabled us to sell our home and buy another through her also.
    Review by Mark and Emma for Jacqueline Farag from Elders
    I found this agent to be motivated and tenacious. Her expertise in the region is second to none and her willingness to follow up on leads is admirable. All my dealings with this agent were positive and ended with a great outcome.
    Review by Ray for Jacqueline Farag from Elders
    This agent sold our property after seven months. This was an achievement that two other agents and an attempt to sell privately did not achieve. Although the contract price was $59,000 below the list price that this agent recommended, it made sense to us to accept the offer. This agent dealt with buyers who were difficult and demanding to work with. She made herself available to the buyers at all hours, seven days a week to ensure that the sale was completed - and this required considerable effort. This agent is a closer - a skill that many agents seem to have lost. Thank you, Jacqeline.
    Review by Les for Jacqueline Farag from Elders
    This agent recently sold my parents property in Urangan. I could not have been happier with her professionalism throughout the entire process. She constantly kept my elderly parents up to date at all times and was very patient with communicating with them despite their hearing disabilities. I highly recommend this agent to anyone who is looking to sell their home.
    Review by Fiona for Jacqueline Farag from Elders
    Nothing was a problem for Jackie, always gave honest feedback, on time for open houses, rang to let me know what time she was showing people through my home when I was at work. GREAT saleswoman.
    Review by Terry for Jacqueline Farag from Elders
    This agent is a very experienced sale person with a big knowledge of the business. She sold my property within 1 month and did everything to make the sale go through smoothly. She also kept in touch with me to keep me informed about the progress.
    Review by Gerrit for Jacqueline Farag from Elders
    This agent worked tirelessly to sell my home. She always kept me informed and was great to deal with. I can honestly say she is one of the hardest working people I know and she was always extremely pleasant to deal with. My property was not an easy one to sell but this agent didn't give up and got me a really great price.
    Review by Diana for Jacqueline Farag from Elders
    This agent was a friendly and amicable person, who showed our property to prospective purchasers displaying knowledge and communicated well to all. I would highly recommend her to any future clientele.
    Review by John for Jacqueline Farag from Elders
    This agent constantly kept us informed in relation to enquiries, open houses, possible follow-ups and so on. She discussed and explained why one small reduction in asking price could bring more attention from buyers, which it did. She sold our property for an acceptable amount given the depressed market. Thank you, Jacqui.
    Review by Michael and Brenda for Jacqueline Farag from Elders
    Unlike agents who wait for clients to show up, Jacqui actively searches out buyers. She is realistic and doesn't just tell you what you want to hear.
    Review by Ryan for Jacqueline Farag from Elders
    Great communication, excellent market knowledge. Would recommend to others. Thank you very much.
    Review by Lana for Jacqueline Farag from Elders
    I would recommend this agent to other people selling. She got the results I was looking for in a quick time. Congratulations and best wishes for your future sales.
    Review by Elaine for Jacqueline Farag from Elders
    I have been trying to sell my property for almost 7 years without luck. Within 3 months of it being on the market with this agent, it sold.
    Review by for Jacqueline Farag from Elders
    This agent was patient and persistent which enabled her to make the sale against the odds. Good work.
    Review by for Jacqueline Farag from Elders
    This agent got the job done, after the property was on the market for 6 years.
    Review by for Jacqueline Farag from Elders
    This agent was really good. Not living in the area, we didn't know many local agents. We made the mistake of going with another agent first and he was hopeless. When this agent rang me, though, she just seemed to know everything and was spot on. This agent came in saying she could get us a good price and she she did, and she sold it 2 weeks. We were really happy with her.
    Review by for Jacqueline Farag from Elders
    Unbelievably, I purchased my current home in Hervey Bay within one and a half hour of me starting to look. I met her for the first time and she asked me all the relevant questions about what I wanted in a property and the price I was prepared to pay. She immediately took me to a house which I loved and commenced purchase. She listened and made my purchase very quick and easy. No fuss, all done and dusted with 100% satisfaction. Thanks a lot. I would highly recommend her. She is a very competent and professional lady and listens.
    Review by Karen for Jacqueline Farag from Elders

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    7 Coles Ct , Toogoom 4 Bedroom House
    SOLD 03/11/2017
    7 Coles Ct , Toogoom 4 Bedroom House
    SOLD 03/11/2017
    2 Whimbrel Grove, Eli Waters 4 Bedroom House
    SOLD 01/11/2017
    20 Sewell Court, Booral 0 Bedroom Land
    SOLD 27/10/2017
    47 Shell St , Urangan 2 Bedroom House
    SOLD 10/10/2017
    15 Sandy View Court, Nikenbah 0 Bedroom Land
    SOLD 09/10/2017
    4 Ivybird Court, Torquay 3 Bedroom House
    SOLD 04/10/2017
    133 River Heads Road, Booral 4 Bedroom House
    SOLD 20/09/2017
    29 Anchorage Cct, Point Vernon 4 Bedroom House
    SOLD 31/08/2017
    20 Sealink Drive, Point Vernon 1 Bedroom House
    SOLD 21/08/2017