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6 Allchurch Avenue, North Plympton SA 5037

  • Floor Size 936m2

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  • Air Condition Features: Airconditioning
  • Air Conditioned: Yes
  • Architectural Style: Convenl
  • Condition: Average
  • Development Zone: Residential
  • Dining Rooms: 1
  • Equivalent Building Area: 100
  • Lounge Rooms: 1
  • M2 Total In Floor Area: 98
  • Main Rooms: 5
  • Materials in External Walls: Brick
  • Materials in Roof: Other
  • Property Improvements: H Rm Ig Cp
  • Year Built: 1954

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  • $462K LOW
  • $498K* MID
  • $534K HIGH
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Gary J Smith We'Re Home - Plympton (Rla 150557)

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