Drakesbrook Realty - Waroona

Drakesbrook Realty - Waroona Head Office 50 South West Hwy, Waroona, 6215

Drakesbrook Realty - Waroona is located in Waroona, there are 3 active real estate agents currently working for Drakesbrook Realty - Waroona. In the last 12 months, they have received 0 verified reviews, and sold 19 properties.

Agents working at Drakesbrook Realty - Waroona

Annee Smith

Reviews in the last 12 months - 0

We have no recorded previous sales for Annee Smith

Deb Clancy

Reviews in the last 12 months - 0

Deb Clancy recently sold a 4 bedroom house at 3A Fitzpatrick Place, WA 6215 Waroona

Kathie Halfyard

Reviews in the last 12 months - 0

Kathie Halfyard recently sold a 1 bedroom house at 847 Nanga Brook Road, WA 6215 Waroona