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Real Estate Agents in Northern Territory

While the Northern Territory (NT) is Australias third largest federal division, it happens to be the least populated. With around 250,000 people over 1.4 million square kilometres of land, there are just 0.17 people per square kilometre.

Real estate agents in the Northern Territory

It is essential to find an agent that you trust with your most valuable financial asset. The best person for the job will have local knowledge of the Northern Territory and proven experience in selling a property similar to yours. Doing some research online should reveal reviews and testimonials that are crucial in determining the most suitable real estate agent. There are currently 101 active real estate agents in the Northern Territory who could help you to get the best price for your property.

You need to find an agent who has relevant local experience, who knows the market well, understands the buyers and what your property is truly worth. The very best Northern Territory real estate agents will be able to negotiate with buyers to make sure you get the best possible price for your property.

If you want to sell your property for the highest price possible, it is important to find the best real estate agent to work with. There are over 101 real estate agents in the Northern Territory. We have 352 customer reviews on 54 of these real estate agents and can help you find out who is the best agent for you and your property OpenAgent ranks agents based on their sales and reviews, making it easy to choose the right real estate agent in the Northern Territory region.

Real estate agent fees in the Northern Territory

The average real estate agent commission in the Northern Territory is 2.78%, which is just over the national average. However, it is important to know that a lower commission rate may not take into account extra fees such as the costs of marketing and advertising.

Currently, there are no national guidelines governing real estate agent fees and subsequently, most agents are open to negotiation, particularly with commission structures. A tiered commission can be an excellent way to incentivise your agent and could result in a better sale price.


Top real estate agents in the Northern Territory

Over 2869 recently sold properties in the Northern Territory have been assessed by OpenAgent to identify the top agents in the region. OpenAgent has 352 reviews on 54 real estate agents that helped us to determine the Home Sellers Choice Award winners in the Northern Territory.

Gabby Sawyer

Reviews in the last 12 months: 7

Gabby Sawyer - Home Seller Choice Awards Winner

Gabby Sawyer recently sold a 0 bedroom land at 12 Gunbar Street, NT 0820 Bayview

Nick Scaturchio

Reviews in the last 12 months: 6

Nick Scaturchio - Home Seller Choice Awards Winner

Nick Scaturchio recently sold a 4 bedroom house at 22 Parkside Crescent, NT 0812 Leanyer

Giulio (Julio) Leschi

Reviews in the last 12 months: 6

Giulio (Julio) Leschi - Home Seller Choice Awards Winner

Giulio (Julio) Leschi recently sold a 5 bedroom house at 37 Waters Street, NT 0810 Rapid Creek

Derek Hart

Reviews in the last 12 months: 4

Derek Hart - Home Seller Choice Awards Winner

Derek Hart recently sold a 3 bedroom house at 41 Rosella Crescent, NT 0812 Wulagi

Stewie Martin

Reviews in the last 12 months: 4

Stewie Martin - Home Seller Choice Awards Winner

Stewie Martin recently sold a 4 bedroom rural at 85 Mahaffey Road, NT 0835 Howard Springs

Lenny Holt

Reviews in the last 12 months: 3

Lenny Holt - Home Seller Choice Awards Winner

We have no recorded previous sales for Lenny Holt

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Northern Territory property market

Like many regions around the country, the Northern Territory is seeing a cooling in its real estate market; however, the trend differs significantly between apartments and houses, with most free-standing dwellings holding their value slightly better. Those looking to enter the housing market will rejoice in the fact that now is a better time than ever to enter the housing market.

What’s it like living in the Northern Territory?

Most of the Northern Territory’s population is centred around the capital city of Darwin. In fact, half of the territory’s population calls this city home. The city is home to a diverse tourism industry, lively bars, clubs and a rich food market culture, such as the Mindil Beach Sunset Markets, held every Thursday and Sunday during the dry season.

The region encapsulates a postcard image of wild Australia, from long stretches of tropical beach to sunbaked desert. It’s no surprise that Darwin relies heavily on tourism to drive its economy.

Arnhem land is a celebration of Indigenous Australian culture, with many of the nation's first people living traditionally on the land. Kakadu is a highlight of the region, a sprawling wetland dotted with hot springs, waterfalls and gorges. Kakadu is home to a tremendously diverse number of flora and fauna species. Further south is Alice Springs, an Oasis in the outback, and the perfect vantage point for reaching Uluru and its neighbour the Olgas.

In addition to tourism, the economy is driven by mining, with substantial projects significantly shaking up the property markets in nearby areas and often facilitating growth.